Tourism Diplomacy Workshop

  • "Diplomacy Construction Industry"
It is required to organize activities that bring sector representatives, bureaucrats, diplomats and academicians all together in the solution of problems related with tourism diplomacy. In this context, we hope the Studies of Tourism Diplomacy, which will be held in the content of Civil Global 2015-2023-2053 “Development Program of Global Civil Diplomacy”, will provide multilateral profits and important contributions on the development of cooperation opportunities in the national and international area by the proactive approaches.
Main Theme
Development of Sectoral Diplomacy
Sub Themes
Public Diplomacy, Culture Diplomacy and Tourism Diplomacy
Fourth Dimension of Tourism and Human Source
Academy and Tourism Diplomacy
Foreign Policy and Tourism Diplomacy
Economic Targets and Tourism Diplomacy
Multi-National Tourism Firms and Tourism Diplomacy
Regional Problems, Integration Activities and Tourism Diplomacy
Technology, Strategic Communication and Tourism Diplomacy
Non-State Actors and Tourism Diplomacy