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Security Risks Caused by the War in Ukraine

Although after the war ends, Ukraine will most certainly keep its status of an independent state, the final quality of its statehood and nationhood is undefined. Russia’s ongoing destruction of Ukraine has already changed its demographic, economic and social structure with the most severe long-term consequences. After the war, Ukraine will still exist, but it will be a different Ukraine with all consequences for its immediate and broader international environment.

In the Middle of a Clash Zone

Although during the Russian war in Ukraine, Belarus may be qualified as a Russian proxy, paradoxically, it can be as well perceived as a country struggling to save the rest of its independence from Moscow.

Wagner Group and Russian Hybrid War: Expectations and Limits

The physical elimination of Evgeni Prigozhin and the commandment of the Wagner Group opens the question of the further use of mercenaries, not only in Ukraine but in wider regional context. Designed as a non-conventional solution of ‘delicate’ tasks abroad, Wagner and its leader turned into a ‘delicate’ question of Russian internal politics.

Türkiye - Yemen Strategic Dialogue Program | TASAM & MOKHA

In order for Türkiye - Yemen relations to be carried to an ideal point in today’s multi-dimensional world order; every parameter should be taken into consideration. The aims of the Program are to prepare a civil, institutional and intellectual strategic base to improve and strengthened the Türkiye - Yemen Relations.

East Mediterranean Program - Security Workshop

The ‘Security in East Mediterranean’ Workshop, the first event within the scope of the East Mediterranean Program initiated by the TASAM National Defence and Security Institute and the Near East South Asia Strategic Studies Center (NESA) affiliated to the US Ministry of Defense, is held at Sheraton Istanbul City Center on 17-19 July 2023 with institutional participation of invited official and civil think tanks from the countries of the region.

6th Türkiye - Gulf Defence and Security Forum | 2022 Declaration

6th Türkiye - Gulf Defence and Security Forum whose main theme ““New Balances, New Roles, New Alliances“ was held by TASAM National Defence and Security Institute, together with the 8th Istanbul Security Conference on the date of 04 November 2022 in Ramada Hotel & Suites by Wyndham Istanbul Merter, simultaneously as a sub-event.

8th TGF Vision Document Red Apple for Security Partnership

Despite a strong historical and cultural background, the relations between Türkiye and the Middle East, or more narrowly, Türkiye and the Gulf Countries, where strategic dialogue is still evolving, need to transform from a fragile axis into a cooperation axis that adapts to new balances, roles, and alliances. When viewed with vision and sagacity, this has been tested in various crises that the spirit of history and time has reminded us of for a long time.

7th TAF Vision Document Africa 2063 Vision Security Partnership

Concerns should be taken into account about how comprehensive international military strategies contribute to regional security crises on the continent of Africa. There are views suggesting that Africa's inability to properly strengthen its military capacity due to existing problems in both the industry in general and the defense industry in particular creates a ground for overly interventionist and neo-colonial tendencies.

6th MSF 2024 Vision Document Turkish Maritime Vision 2053

Humanity lives on rising or falling land masses (lithosphere) in the middle of the water sphere that makes up 72% of the Earth's surface, shaped by various terrestrial dynamics. The land masses forming the natural habitat of humanity constitute only a small part of the Earth's surface. The fundamental commonality of all these land masses is that they each have the nature of an "island." The size of islands varies. Some islands are continental, hosting multiple states and nations.

9th Istanbul Security Conference Starts Tomorrow

In the 100th year of the Republic, on 23-24 November 2023, the 9th Istanbul Security Conference titled as "Strategic Transformation in the Ecosystem" will be held by TASAM-NDSI with global participation at Istanbul Kent University Kağıthane Campus. Last day to register is today, and the Participants of the conference and its co-events will be given certificates and conference books.

2nd Istanbul Cyber-Security Forum | Registrations Started

2nd Istanbul Cyber-Security Forum titled as “New Cyber Economy and Turkish Products“ will be held as a co-activity in the first day of the 9th Istanbul Security Conference to be held on 23-24 November 2023 at Istanbul Kent University Kağıthane Campus by TASAM - NDSI. The deadline to register is November 21 and the events' participants will be given certificates and conference books.

9th Istanbul Security Conference | Registrations Started

9th Istanbul Security Conference titled as "Strategic Transformation in the Ecosystem" will be held by TASAM-NDSI with participation on a global scale at Istanbul Kent University Kağıthane Campus. The deadline to apply for participation is November 21. The conference participants will be given certificates and conference books.

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