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Humanitarian intervention, which is argued to originate in the XIX-th century, is today one of the most controversial topics in the field of international

Economic Vision 2022 For Balkan Countries

In contemplating future regional cooperation/integration for Balkans the following order could be observed:


Financial integration considered as a process of individual country’s linkages to international financial markets, and financial globalization defined as a process

9TH International Balkan Forum | “Future of the Balkans Economy and Turkey”

Hence, the countries in the Region are required to keep the intellectual infrastructure regarding their future fit, and develop such policies that are appropriate to their interests. The 9th International Balkan Forum, which is organized under the main theme of the “Future of the Balkans Economy and Turkey“ aims at contributing to this field.

Eu Enlargement Perspectives

Enlargement Reasons and Effects The EU has been created to generate business opportunities and to foster development, improving its future prospects. Specific European mechanisms have been

7th Balkan Forum | Edirne Declaration

7th International Balkan Forum Edirne Declaration

Global Spring And Forward Decade

Very precious Deputy Prime Minister of ally and friend Kosovo, Mrs. Edita Tahiri, Very precious Governor of Edirne, Very precious Mayor, Honorable Ambassadors, Journalist Friends, Estimable Academicians, Ladies and Gentlemen.

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