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The geopolitical panorama created by the similarities of African countries as well as their differences provides crucial data both for their integration and for their potential for conflict. Both intra-continental and international defence and security strategies need to be determined in a way that does not exploit these qualities of Africa and that primarily treats them as gains in favor of the continent....

The Future Security Ecosystem and Partnership for Strategic Transformation

( 03-04 November 2022, Harbiye Military Museum and Cultural Site - Istanbul )

The geopolitical panorama created by the similarities of African countries as well as their differences provides crucial data both for their integration and for their potential for conflict. Both intra-continental and international defence and security strategies need to be determined in a way that does not exploit these qualities of Africa and that primarily treats them as gains in favor of the continent.

Africa comprehensive international military strategies which are feeding the concern that regional security crises on the Continent need to be taken into account. There are views that Africa's inability to properly strengthen its military capacity due to the current problems both in industry in narrow scope and in defence industry in general, provides groundwork for extreme “intrusive“ and New “colonialist“ tendencies. It is understood that the concept of “terror“ will continue to be used as a “pressure factor of systematic manipulation tool of competing states.“ Policies that prioritize “structural compatibility“ towards development and security issues, which are also the main causes of the migration problem, can be considered to have the opposite effect and to feed the political and economic crises. Socioeconomic transformation is not independent of security; neither is it independent of science, technology and innovation. In the field of defense, security, it and space exploration, Turkey has a high potential for new strategic projects that are compatible with the Continent's future vision and will contribute to mutual capacity development.

Developments of the last decade (including the pandemic), that have had equivalent effects of a century have been a critical milestone for the change of production, consumption, growth and conventional power standards, including security and defense. Again, scenarios and preparations for national and international reinterpretation of the immune system and strategic transformation have become a top priority. In this context, “Security, Defence, Space Ecosystem of the Future and its Strategic Transformation“ for the work to be done and cooperation for each country has become a locomotive priority.

In the relations that have reached the“ strategic partnership " stage, it is important for Turkey to observe the activities of actors such as the USA and EU, especially China, in the continent with sensitivity and to develop its strategic policies with an open reflex to multilateral negotiations. The fifth of Turkey - Africa Defence Security and Aerospace Forum, where representatives from the defence, security, space sectors and institutions of Turkey and African countries will come together, will be held simultaneously with the Istanbul Security Conference which has been institutionalized as a global brand. The Forum; will continue to contribute strategically to mutual capacity building and strategic cooperation, respond to inventory and ecosystem needs by strengthening its institutionalization.

Sub-Themes | Cooperation Areas

Third Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit and New Dynamics

New Global Regional Dynamics and Africa

Rethinking Priorities and their Management

New Pandemics; Cyber Security, Food Scarcity, Production-Consumption Security

Co-Existence in the Future Security and Defence Ecosystem
Defence Industry | Land | Sea | Air | Space | Police | Gendarme | Intelligence | Strategic Sectors


If you are interested in submitting a paper in order to attend at the 5th Turkey - Africa Defence Security And Aerospace Forum as a speaker, you need to submit via onatmendil@tasam.org with an MS Word document which includes following items:

- Title of your paper

- 300 words abstract, 5 keywords

- Your Institutional Connection and Curriculum Vitae

- Your Cell Phone Number (if not written in the CV)

Important Dates

Deadline for submission of abstract : 30 April 2022

Successful authors will be notified by : 31 May 2022

Final texts shall be delivered by : 30 September 2022

Conference Date : 03-04 November 2022

Required Information

- Abstract/article acceptance process is conducted by using the blind review method by our referee board.

- All full texts complying with the abstract and accepted as scientific proficiency will be published as a compilation book.

- There is no charge for the submitted abstract and presentation of accepted papers.

- Transportation, accommodation and local expenses are provided by the participants.

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