Turkey - USA Strategic Dialogue Thinking Diplomacy: New World New Horizons


On the other hand, USA is a recognized power in global arena with its acreage, population of over 330 million, development in industrialization and technology, growing economy, natural resources, demographic structure,veto power in the United Nations, position in IMF and NATO. ...

Turkey - USA Strategic Dialogue
“Thinking Diplomacy: New World New Horizons“

When we look at the main trends in the world, global competition in the age of new economy based on "information and knowledge-based products" following "soil and machinery" is developing through "micro-nationalism", "integration" and "unpredictability’’. Challenges that determine the new nature of life and state; such as " crisis in resource and sharing ", unsustainability of production-consumption-growth formula, purge of the middle class with Chinese leverage, energy, water, and food insecurity, transition to the 4th dimension, liquidation of human resources in the workforce, transition from hard power to soft and smart power on the basis of the very changing state nature and anticipation management, can be formed as the basic references.

Within all these fundamental parameters, the transformations in technology are prone to change the whole human life and nature by developing with artificial intelligence, virtual/enhanced reality and mobility centered. It is obvious that the concepts of "Industry 4.0" and "Society 5.0" are important topics for managing the transformation of the world within the dimensions of industry and society. Another contributive factor is the turbulence that China creates as it begins to become intensively dominant on the world stage day to day. The New Silk Road project, "One Belt and One Road Initiative"; is shaped as a global integration project involving more than hundred countries, both on land and at sea, permanently changing the distribution of economic shares. In countries with no middle class, authoritarian regimes or chaos stands as two options in the fore-seeable future. How to make the division of labor in terms of regional and global security and how to share the costs is also a point of discussion in the coming period.

The development of new alliances on security can be read from the risks and the initiatives undertaken by dominant countries. The quality of the concepts of property and power, and the business model change historically. The future of the EU with the "Failure in Success" syndrome will be determined by the results of the polarization which revived in the West after the Brexit. Along with all these developments, "Ecosystem of safety" changes with the law. The "Security - Democracy" dilemma will be experienced much more after that. Because, for the democracy, it is difficult to survive in countries where the middle class is melting and security leans to a sophisticated ground. The question "Will security bring us authoritarian regimes" needs to be discussed further.

Turkey distinguishes itself with an 84-million inhabitants, growing economy and geo-strategic status in the center of Afro-Eurasia. Turkey's historical, political and cultural ties between Europe, Black Sea, Caucasus, Asia, Middle East and African countries, rising activity in the international arena, especially in the United Nations, being an important member of organizations such as NATO, OSCE and CICA and with active foreign policy, it has become an increasingly important actor on the global platform.

On the other hand, USA is a recognized power in global arena with its acreage, population of over 330 million, development in industrialization and technology, growing economy, natural resources, demographic structure,veto power in the United Nations, position in IMF and NATO.

The first contacts between the Ottoman Empire and the USA started and developed in the late 18th century with the maritime trade carried out in Turkish ports in the Mediterranean. Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Turkey and the USA started in 1927 and expanded and deepened rapidly, especially after the 2nd World War.

Between Turkey and the USA; there is intense relationship and visit traffic at all levels on many bilateral, regional and global issues. In addition to bilateral relations, the fight against terrorism, developments in Syria, Libya and Iraq, the threat of PYD/YPG/PKK and DAESH came to the fore in the meetings, but also Issues such as the Cyprus issue and the Eastern Mediterranean, Iran, Caucasus, Venezuela and NATO issues, energy security and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction are also discussed.

After the coup attempt of 15 July 2016 in Turkey, the relations between the wo countries have entered into a delicate period. In this context, the fight against Fetullahist Terrorist Organisation and the extradition of the FETO ringleader have been on the top of the bilateral agenda. Mutual high-level contacts and visits allow both countries to regularly address the challenges and opportunities affecting their bilateral relations.

The legal framework of economic and commercial relations between Turkey and USA is based on the Agreement on Reciprocal Promotion and Protection of Investments of 1990; the Treaty On Avoiding Double Taxation of 1997 and the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) of 2000.

USA is one of Turkey's most important trading partners. The bilateral trade volume between Turkey and USA stood at near 22.1 billion dollars in 2020 and trade gap weigh against Turkey was approximately 1.8 billion dollars. In 2020, USA was the 3rd among the countries to which Turkey exported most, and the 5th among the countries from which Turkey imported most. The main products exported by Turkey to USA are motor vehicles, boilers, machinery and parts, iron and steel, carpets, mineral fuels and oils. The main products exported by USA to Turkey are aircraft, iron and steel, mineral fuels and oils, boilers, machinery and mechanical devices, and optical, medical and surgical devices. Both of the countries aim to increase the bilateral trade volume by 5 times.

There are 1,874 American companies operating in Turkey.. 585,303 American tourists visited Turkey in 2019.

Democracy, secularism, World Trade Organization membership and developmental economies are common feature of the two countries. Turkey gives the necessary importance to USA which is an effective power in the global arena by its growing economy, wide market, military power and superiority in information technology.

Turkey, continues to be a key ally for the USA, and still sees the US as a highly important partner. These two countries share mutual interests regarding areas such as supporting peace and consistency in the Middle East, fighting against terrorism and fundamentalism, to promote an open and global economy, to provide with secure energy transportation, to provide the Black Sea, the Caucasus and the Middle East with security, and the sustainability of useful cooperation with the United Nations. Such a coincidence of interests, provides a possibility of a spectrum that is promising for the future regarding beneficial mutual cooperation.

But today, Turkey - US relations are absent the strategic quality they used to possess before. Besides the expectations of a “Model Partnership“; both sides support the idea that it is difficult to approach subjects beyond daily events, and they are having difficulty forming effective bonds between their real interests and their political objectives. This structure of relationship, must be extended and deepened in order for it to contribute into wider strategic interests of both countries. In this context, the results of the last NATO Summit held in June 2021 and the meeting held at the level of Heads of State are a new milestone for role sharing and redefinition of priorities. Future developments; will confirm whether a process based on sustainable, realpolitik and mutual priorities will develop or not.

The basis tendency coming with globalization and multidimensionality which gained momentum after the end of the Cold War, aims to strengthen the countries not by themselves but through certain regional cooperation and trans-regional partnerships. Countries are now moving towards an open structure based on dialogue and cooperation in economic, political and cultural terms, while those who cannot adapt are experiencing serious instability.

It is being deeply felt that there is an urgent necessity for collaborative works of the two countries so that the solutions for the regional issues can be found. Now it is required that the two countries head towards a future structure, in order to bring the Turkey - USA relations the characteristics of a “model partnership“ within a world power schema which takes its form in a multi-dimensional way, by creating a mutual deepening not only in political and strategic basis but also in its each parameter. History offers both the two countries opportunities for deepening their interdependency. In this regard, the Turkey - USA Strategic Dialogue, which will bring together the representatives of the related sectors in a comprehensive way that includes the strategic dimension of the relations, will play a significant role.

Main Theme
Thinking Diplomacy: New World New Horizons

Sub Themes
New Balances New Economy
Turkey - USA Economic Relations: Opportunities and Obstacles
The Future of NATO and the USA - Turkey

Energy Policies: Geopolitical and Security Cooperation
Technology Sharing, Academic and Cultural Cooperation
Social, Economic and Political Developments
The Future of Turkish-American Relations
Middle East, Mediterranean, Africa, Central Asia Countries and Turkey - USA
Relations with the Russia, China, EU and New Partners and Regional Strategies
Rising Powers in the Multipolar World and Adaptation to Global Management Structures

Priority Sectors
Public Diplomacy, Education and Language
Culture and Tourism
Construction, Contracting and Infrastructure
Health and Health Tourism
Energy, Petrochemicals and Investments
Logistics, Transportation and Telecommunication
Banking and Finance (Strategic Investment Fund)
Economy and Trade
Media and Communication
Science and Technology
Brand Cities and Environment
Defense and Space Industry



Inductive Reasoning, Participation and Economic Deepening

Turkey - USA Committee of Wise Persons Meetings Workshop

Building Capacity and Ecosystem Inventory

Preparation of Research Projects and their Reports

Development of Pro-active Policy Recommendations

Round-Table Meetings/Workshops

Multilateral Workshops/Studies

Sector Workshops/Activities

Applied Interactive Modelings

Strategic Reports

Publication of sector studies as strategic reports for decision makers, private sector, media and public opinion of the two countries. Providing literature and memory support.

Media Conferences

Other Academic Studies

Strategic Reports, Books, Articles, Thesis and so on Academic Studies

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