Turkey - United Kingdom Strategic Dialogue | “Thinking Diplomacy: New World New Horizons”


In this regard, the Turkey - United Kingdom Strategic Dialogue, which will bring together the representatives of the related sectors in a comprehensive way that includes the strategic dimension of the relations, will play a significant role. ...

“Thinking Diplomacy: New World New Horizons“
( Turkey - United Kingdom )

Turkey distinguishes itself with a 80-million inhabitants, growing economy and geo-strategic status in the center of Afro-Eurasia main land. Depending on its historical and cultural ties between Europe, Black Sea, Caucasus, Asia, Middle East and Africa, and rising activities in international organizational areas particularly in the United Nations, and leading membership of the international organizations such as NATO, AGIT, and CICA, and recent efficiently developed foreign policy, Turkey has become an actor, which has been gaining importance in global scene.

The United Kingdom played a pioneering role in Europe and the rest of the world with its concept of financial accumulation, which is unique to the Modern Era, the Industrial Revolution, the development of new approaches to domestic and foreign policies and advancements in art, science and technology. Having been a global power from the 17th century onwards, the UK lost some of its influence in the global arena after the Second World War. However, with a population of 66 million and a GDP of 2.716 trillion dollars, the UK still maintains its position as a significant global actor thanks to its rich financial, industrial, historical, cultural and political heritage and expertise.

The UK was one of the first countries the Ottoman Empire established regular diplomatic relations with. The two countries have a history marked with periods of extended friendly relations as well as periods of war and confrontation in varies alliances, prior to the foundation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923.. The deep-rooted ties between Turkey and the UK are based on shared values and have continuously been improving through high-profile state visits. Both governments share the political will to enhance cooperation in every field. United Kingdom is one of the strongest supporters of Turkey’s EU accession process. Turkey and the UK share similar views on and consult each other for the resolution of regional and international issues. For example, both countries work closely together on issues such as the Syrian conflict, Iran’s nuclear capabilities and intentions, Somalia, Afghanistan and the West Balkans.

The “2010 Strategic Partnership Document“, which was signed during Prime Minister Cameron’s visit to Turkey in July 2010, constitutes a road map of a wide range of concrete areas of cooperation to strengthen their partnership. The “Turkish-British Sweet Tongue (Tatlı Dil) Forum“ was founded consisting of various politicians, academics, media representatives and artists from both sides with the aim of strengthening and institutionalizing the dialogue between both countries. The first meeting of this forum was held in 2011 and the seventh and latest meeting was held in 2018. By taking into account the developments regarding the epidemic, efforts to held the eighth meeting that could not be held in 2019 due to the "Brexit" process and in 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak, hosted by Turkey are underway. . In 2019, Turkey was visited by over 2.5 million tourists from the UK.

The bilateral trade volume between Turkey and UK stood at 16.297 billion dollars in 2019 and trade gap weigh against UK was approximately 5.444 billion dollars. In 2019, UK took the 2nd place among Turkey's exporting countries and the 9th place among its imports. The main products exported by Turkey to UK are gold, textile and apparel products, electrical and non-electrical machinery, motor vehicles and parts, iron and steel products, insulated wires, cables and other electrical conductors. The main products exported by UK to Turkey are diesel, semi-diesel engines, automobiles, iron/steel waste and scraps and their ingots, medicines for use in treatment and protection. Between 2002-2019; Turkish investments in the UK was 2,969 billion dollars and UK investment realized in Turkey was 11.120 billion dollars.

The main elements of Turkish-British relations are trade volumes exceeding 16 billion dollars, shared vision and interests in international affairs, Turkey’s EU membership bid and tourism. In addition to bilateral and institutional relations between the two countries, Turkey is also an important partner of the UK in many security and political organizations such as NATO, the OSCE and European Council. Both countries have strong commitment to democracy, human rights and the rule of law, and are both members of the G20 and the World Trade Organization.

The basis tendency coming with globalization and multidimensionality which gained momentum after the end of the Cold War, aims to strengthen the countries not by themselves but through certain regional cooperation and trans-regional partnerships. Countries are now moving towards an open structure based on dialogue and cooperation in economic, political and cultural terms, while those who cannot adapt are experiencing serious instability.

It is being deeply felt that there is an urgent necessity for collaborative works of the two countries so that the solutions for the regional issues can be found. Now it is required that the two countries head towards a future structure, in order to uplift the Turkey - United Kingdom relations an ideal point within a world power schema which takes its form in a multi-dimensional way, by creating a mutual deepening not only in political and strategic basis but also in its each parameters. History offers both the two countries opportunities for deepening their interdependency. In this regard, the Turkey - United Kingdom Strategic Dialogue, which will bring together the representatives of the related sectors in a comprehensive way that includes the strategic dimension of the relations, will play a significant role.
Main Theme
Thinking Diplomacy: New World New Horizons

Sub Themes
New Balances New Economy
Turkey - United Kingdom Economic Relations: Opportunities and Threats
Energy Policies: Geopolitics and Security
Cooperation in Technology, Academia and Culture
Social, Political and Economic Developments
Turkey’s EU Accession Process and Turkey-United Kingdom Relations
Cooperation Opportunities in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and South Asian
Relations with the USA and New Partners: Regional Strategies

Primary Sectors
Public Diplomacy, Education and Language
Culture and Tourism
Construction, Construction Business and Infrastructure
Health and Health Tourism
Energy, Petro-chemistry and Investments
Logistics, Transportation and Communication
Banking and Finance (Strategic Investment Fund)
Economy and Trade
Media and Communication
Science and Technology
Brand Cities and Environment
Defence and Space Industry


Inductive Reasoning, Participation and Economic Deepening

Turkey - UK Committee of Wise Persons Meetings Workshop

Building Capacity and Ecosystem Inventory

Preparation of Research Projects and their Reports

Development of Pro-active Policy Recommendations

Round-Table Meetings/Workshops

Multilateral Workshops/Studies

Sector Workshops/Activities

Applied Interactive Modelings

Strategic Reports
Publication of sector studies as strategic reports for decision makers, private sector, media and public opinion of the two countries. Providing literature and memory support.

Media Conferences

Other Academic Studies

Strategic Reports, Books, Articles, Thesis and so on Academic Studies

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There has been a slight recovery from global environmental crisis depending on the relative decrease in industrial activities and transportation services and as a positive result of the world wide-ranging restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected the whole world since 2020.;

On the other hand, USA is a recognized power in global arena with its acreage, population of over 330 million, development in industrialization and technology, growing economy, natural resources, demographic structure,veto power in the United Nations, position in IMF and NATO. ;

Mexico with its area of near 2 million km², strategic position in Central America, population of approximately 124 million, human resources, GDP of 1,223 trillion dollars and developing economy is a prominent country. Mexico also is a notable member and observer to many international organizations ...;

Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, is a country that attracts the attention of the world with its strategic location connecting Asia to Africa and Mediterranean to Indian Ocean, its leading role in the Arab and Islamic world, 34 million dynamic population, natural resources, 20% share in the proven oi...;

On the other hand, Brazil, which is the sixth country with its population of over 213 million and the fifth largest country with its surface area of over 8.5 million km², is an important political and economic power in Latin America and is one of the major players at the global level.;

The biggest problem in trade between Russia and Turkey is that; this relation has begun to shape in favor of Russia. In long term; this situation may cause political and economical problems with regards to sustainment of relations. Turkey’s growing need for energy and high energy prices are some of ...;

People's Republic of China has become the largest trade partner of Turkey, among Japan and South Korea and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. In parallel with the increase in trade volume, the relations between the two countries have gained momentum.;

Turkey is attempting to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR), of which Argentina is a member. The "FTA Framework Agreement" signed in 2008 to determine the framework of FTA negotiations between Turkey and MERCOSUR entered into force in 2019. ;