Turkey - Horn Of Africa Strategic Dialogue | “Thinking Diplomacy: New World New Horizons”


In this regard, with the approach of laying emphasize on the strategic dimension of Turkey-Horn of Africa relations as a key point, the Turkey - Horn of Africa Strategic Dialogue, which will bring together the representatives of the related sectors through bilateral and multilateral activities, will play a significant role....

“Thinking Diplomacy: New World New Horizons“
( Turkey - Horn of Africa [Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti] )

“Strategic dialogue“ can be described as a set of bilateral or multilateral diplomatic relations devoted to mid-term and long-term strategic vision of partners. The developments between Turkey and Africa, particularly during the last 20 years, which are often diplomatically active and among the part of the main themes in the agenda of international academic groups, have a tendency to achieve a level making capacity building available in harmony with the meaning of this description.

On the one hand this consequence comes from Turkey’s multi-level and multi-dimensional attempts depending on a shift in its foreign policy following the announcement of a comprehensive set of initiatives beginning with the Africa Action Plan (1998) for opening policy towards Africa and subsequently declaration of the year of 2005 as the “Year of Africa“; but on the other hand it also comes from the international policies and equilibrium evolving into a different way, which can make Africa available to create an outward-looking domestic-dynamics originating from the energy of its own human resources against all the obstacles. It is also possible to observe the effects of this process, which refers to the beginning of a new period, in relations between Turkey and Horn of Africa.

Turkey distinguishes itself with an 84-million inhabitants, growing economy and geo-strategic status in the center of Afro-Eurasia. Turkey's historical, political and cultural ties between Europe, Black Sea, Caucasus, Asia, Middle East and African countries, rising activity in the international arena, especially in the United Nations, being an important member of organizations such as NATO, OSCE and CICA and with active foreign policy, it has become an increasingly important actor on the global platform.

Having awareness of the strategic importance of the Horn of Africa, which comprises the countries of Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea and Djibouti; and may not be easily understood without considering its neighbor countries such as Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda, and its adjacent zone the river Nile, Red Sea, Arabian Peninsula, Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean, many influential powers have had a tendency to make their presence felt either politically and economically or even militarily throughout region’s history. It still continues to be the focus of attention and struggles with the destabilizing consequences of the international and inter-regional issues.

Recently, as one of the consequences of the growth targets of governments and international economic relations, interdependent relations is increasingly deepening in a global scale. Therefore, sophisticated efforts, which include the factors such as the necessity to develop interdependent economic relations in a multi-dimensional way; to ensure global energy security; and to fight against various and increasing terrorist activities and illegal-trade, have gradually become inevitable. Solutions for the problems hindering the peace and security have also become a primary mission both for the countries of the region and regional, continental and international organizations in the Horn of Africa where stability, peace and security strictly depend on economic, social and political interactions across the region.

In this process, Turkey and the Horn of Africa countries can develop an efficient strategic relationship, which is vital in terms of sustainability of long-term interests and capacity building. At this critical point; to achieve wider political, economic, diplomatic and geo-strategic approaches has exceedingly been necessary.

The level, which has been accomplished by Turkey and Horn of Africa, is being described as “strategic cooperation“. Also it is being deeply felt that there is an urgent necessity for collaborative works of Turkey and the region’s countries in the hope of getting solutions of the regional issues. By strengthening political, economic and social solidarity throughout the region, to expand and to deepen the cooperation in related fields, in favor of stability, development and establishment of peace, is of great importance.

These issues included within the objectives of the organizations such as the African Union and the East African Community, in which Turkey contributes its activities either as a strategic partner or an observer, should be carefully assessed in strategic dialogue and mutual capacity building.

Now it is required that of Turkey and region’s countries head towards a future structure, in order to uplift the Turkey-Horn of Africa relations as an ideal point within a world power schema which takes its form in a multi-dimensional way, by creating a mutual deepening not only in political and strategic basis but also in its each parameters. History offers Turkey and Region strategic opportunities for deepening interdependence.

In this regard, with the approach of laying emphasize on the strategic dimension of Turkey-Horn of Africa relations as a key point, the Turkey - Horn of Africa Strategic Dialogue, which will bring together the representatives of the related sectors through bilateral and multilateral activities, will play a significant role.

The targets of the Dialog are as follows:
  • To identify the circumstances in all its aspects of the Region through the academic studies by the experts both from Turkey and the Region.
  • As a contribution to the problem solving process, to provide experts, academicians and think-tanks, from both parts, with information about the Region, the regional relations and the problems faced by the Region’s countries.
  • To draw attention of the decision makers, from both parts, about the strategic importance of the region and to suggest bilateral and multilateral policies.
  • To contribute to make Turkey available to make mutually beneficial and strong investments in each country of the Region and to develop strong and mutual commercial relations with the Region of which its countries need support concerning infrastructure development and utilization of the resources, by paying regard mutual benefit.

Main Theme
Thinking Diplomacy: New World New Horizons
Primary Zones
Ethiopia - Turkey
Somalia - Turkey
Eritrea - Turkey
Djibouti - Turkey

Strategic Interaction Zones
South Sudan
River Nile Basin
Arabian Peninsula
Gulf of Aden
Indian Ocean

Primary Sectors
Public Diplomacy, Education and Language
Culture and Tourism
Construction, Construction Business and Infrastructure
Health and Health Tourism
Energy, Petro-chemistry and Investments
Logistics, Transportation and Communication
Banking and Finance (Strategic Investment Fund)
Economy and Trade
Media and Communication
Science and Technology
Brand Cities and Environment
Defense and Space Industry


Inductive Reasoning, Participation and Economic Deepening

Turkey - African Horn Committee of Wise Persons Meetings Workshop

Building Capacity and Ecosystem Inventory

Preparation of Research Projects and their Reports

Development of Pro-active Policy Recommendations

Round-Table Meetings/Workshops

Multilateral Workshops/Studies

Sector Workshops/Activities

Applied Interactive Modelings

Strategic Reports
Publication of sector studies as strategic reports for decision makers, private sector, media and public opinion of the sides. Providing literature and memory support.

Media Conferences

Other Academic Studies

Strategic Reports, Books, Articles, Thesis and so on Academic Studies

Event Page
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