New Iran and New Turkey


New Iran and New Turkey...

 ( Anatolia Agency Interview | Ahmet Dursun | 14 October 2014 )
Süleyman Şensoy, the Chairman of TASAM ( Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies ) said that West gave up the policy of isolation in Iran, and Turkey should have an active role by analyzing the opportunities and threats carefully, in this process.
Şensoy pointed out in the interview with the reporter of AA that Turkey should get a share in from “the great economic expansion” in the new process in West and closer Iran in terms of its national and economic benefits.
By expressing that Turkey will face with risks in medium-term and long-term in the condition of not taking the necessary positions in the process of variation experienced in Iran, Şensoy explained as:
“The West gives up the isolation policy in Iran. There was a serious preparation before Hasan Ruhani ( The President of Iran Republic ) and continuous nuclear negotiations have been keeping on successful. If there isn’t a road accident, it will be completed by an agreement. Even the softening in the latest year, have had an extraordinary effect in the society and economy of Iran. Turkey should have an active role during the process of normalization the relations of Iran with the West. There should be formed a depth that can create a mutual addiction between two countries. Also this deepening of mutual addiction will provide a solution to the problems and competition in the region. Turkey should analyze carefully the opportunities and threats in the new process of Iran. Two countries have to bring high competition and cooperation together.”
“Iran doesn’t index its foreign policy to Esed”
By expressing that foreign policy of Tehran has been always pragmatic and that Beşşar Esed hasn’t been indispensable for Iran in the Syria matter, Şensoy kept on his sentences as Iran gave up Nuri Maliki, the previous Prime Minister of Iraq, easily and it can also give up Beşşar Esed in the case of transformation that can protect its privileges.
Şensoy used the expression of “Iran doesn’t index its foreign policy to Beşşar Esed”.
“Ibadi government is an opportunity"
By emphasizing that the government founded in Iraq by the prime ministry of Haydar El Ibadi is an important opportunity for repairing the Turkey - Iraq relations, which had wounded in the Maliki period, Şensoy continued as:
“Ibadi government is an opportunity in Turkey - Iraq relations. We have been observing also its traces in the meetings traffic made between Turkey and Iraq governments with different ways. The fact that Sunni members have been in the new founded government has presented that Ibadi will be more balanced from Maliki, but at the moment there is a great chaos in Iraq because of the IŞİD threat. Primarily, they should get away from this problem, first of all.”
3 suggestions for Iran
By expressing that he had meetings with Iranian senior statesmen in Tehran between the dates of 11 - 12 October, within the 9th Turkey - Iran Roundtable Meeting, which had started with the cooperation of TASAM and Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Institute of Political and International Studies; and by making 3 suggestions in the meeting; Şensoy, the TASAM Chairman, added as:
“I suggested that mutual special representatives should be assigned for developing more fertile process in the case of crisis in the region, especially in Syria and Iraq; that the aid, which Iran would like to send to Kobani, should be sent to Turkey because the Kobani community took refuge in Turkey; and that a new acceleration should be brought by opening the discussion for institutional structure and especially the budget of the activity plan, in the first summit of Economic Cooperation Organization, whose center has been in Tehran.”
And Şensoy added his sentences that the mentioned suggestions were warmly received by Iran.

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