Al-Aqsa Mosque is the Redline for Islamic World


Al-Aqsa Mosque is the Redline for Islamic World...

Süleyman Şensoy, the Chairman of TASAM ( Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies ), said that; “Al-Aqsa Mosque is a redline for both Palestinians and Islamic World! The recent events can trigger the Intifada, but that can cause the extinction of the present gains of Palestinians.”
Şensoy pointed out in his explanation that the Region of MENA ( Middle East - North Africa ), which contains the Middle East and North Africa ), has been in a great chaos.
By expressing that chaos, confusions and domestic wars in the Region suits the Israel’s book, Şensoy said as:
“Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey have their own matters such as refugees. There is an administration, which came to the power with the coup and then the election in Egypt. There is a domestic war in Lebanon. So, the Region of MENA is highly complicated. Of course, that is a good opportunity for Israel. On the other hand, even if there is not a binding, the recognition of Palestine by governments in some countries and parliaments beginning from England, has created an atmosphere of panic in Israel. Even if the negotiations have been continuing, they haven’t been supporting the Palestine. Eventually, that has been expected to be a new provocative process. Both the reaction of Palestinians and Western countries with countries such as Turkey, Iran and Egypt are important.”
Şensoy emphasized that OIC should produce strong initiatives against the events for solving the crisis before it has been deepened.
“A good policy should be produced”
Şensoy emphasized that it is important to respond to provocations of Israel with correct reflexes instead of emotional reflexes.
By emphasizing the importance of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Şensoy kept on his sentences as:
“Al-Aqsa Mosque is a redline for both Palestinians and Islamic World! The recent events can trigger the Intifada, but that can cause the extinction of the present gains of Palestinians. The recognitions in Western flank, has made Israel very anxious. And so to speak, Israel will try to attack and destroy the present gains in a conflict by provoking the Palestine. Eventually, all factors should produce a good policy and reflex without acting so emotional.”
Şensoy also emphasized that local and international pressures that will invite Israel to real policies, are highly important.
By expressing that world is a global system managed among synchronizes and the USA has been in the first place among synchronizes, he said that:
“ Israel - USA relations have always been very good even if it is relative. Namely, it is necessary not to give importance to periodic fights. And it is also necessary to say that there is a ground loss for Israel in the view of both Europe and the USA. It is clear that all is just a provocation in the point of taking the present gains of Palestinians back from them by Israelis. It is necessary to avoid that, namely it is necessary to protect the present gains of Palestinians, and even if it is weak and relative, to provide to strengthen their state orders. Very sudden emotional reactions can serve the possible plans of Israel.”

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