New Turkey and Forward Decade


The developments occurred in the recent decade at the global level in comparison with previous periods have left an impression, worth of century, behind. While the change and transformation have been happening, developments in the next decade will be determinant for 21st century. So, what we will do in the next decade will define where we will be in the rest of century....

The developments occurred in the recent decade at the global level in comparison with previous periods have left an impression, worth of century, behind. While the change and transformation have been happening, developments in the next decade will be determinant for 21st century. So, what we will do in the next decade will define where we will be in the rest of century.

International Relations have been continuing on the basic of multidimensional competition. The nature of the governments has been changing; while the role of government has been dropping back till 10% level in the success of domestic and foreign policy, different efforts to seek a solution among the governmental and capitalist/liberal approaches has been continuing, new applications such as public diplomacy has been connecting to the line, roles of think tanks, NGOs, universities, local authorities, sportive formations, private sector with the similar institutions and constructions has been increasing in the condition of staying the gold share in itself which forms the law and takes the last decision. The concept of “Expectation Management“ has been shaped as a newest phenomenon that is necessary to be discussed according to the governments. Defensive reflexes/institutions of the countries that couldn’t perceive the nature of a changing government has became increasingly functionless.

Even if the factors such as language, religion, history and geography in the point of being started completely to move soft and hard power capacities of the countries maintain their importance, being a local or global power will be possible only with getting a qualified share from the international business section as having an economy and ownership which have been producing high added value based on a qualified human source.

The success of this process depends on constructing multidimensional constructions in the base of reciprocal dependence and proportional risk in all aimed regions and countries. It is essential to have official and civil institutional equipments that can construct reciprocal dependence and capacity and to mobilize all present institutions without externalizing them with ideological prejudices. Major discourses produced without a program of a capacity construction can not give any permanent result except mobilizing pre-warning systems. The necessity of Turkey about concept approaches which includes also spiritual elements by well analyzing the rivals that Turkey compete in both economy and foreign policy has priority for protecting the capacity constructed outside till recently. In this confrontation, the next mental step is a sectoral, financial and strategic deepening.

Dynamics of the 21st century which depends on the multipolar Global Spring that has been developing around the frame of parameters of Micro-nationality, Integration and Unpredictability have pointed out that balance share between East and West won’t be “very easy and painless“. The history experience rejects to think West-centered governments, which succeed their financial systems (collapsed verbally in 2008) to live with some tools that can create a risk for their own existences, to share a role easily. After a hundred years, the world has been divided again as “the countries to compete and the countries to be competed“. The regions to be competed between Western countries, which accelerate the economic and politic integration in Transatlantic and Transpacific, and new power candidates in East and South have been shaping as North Africa, Middle East, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Middle Asia. The exit of the countries, where are in these zones, to out of this heavy turbulence -without coming inside of this chaos- depends on a highly important wisdom of management levels and a transformation of institutional infrastructure. So, chaos spiral, in which lots of Countries that don’t have conditions have been almost in order, has confirmed the situation. According to our Country, which haven’t gone out of the situation of being a “Limes“ line between the fields that have been rivaled and not, yet; multidimensional world system makes the unique color choice impossible with its multicolored structure as there hasn’t been an alternative that will change our foreign policy priorities centered the Western Bloc and NATO. Moreover the strategic exterritoriality of Turkey will also be in risk in case of staying out of the economic and politic integration that has been developing in Transatlantic and Transpacific.

The position, which have taken/will be taken in developments that accepts our region as a center and that is formed as starting center of discussion that has been continuing with sophisticated instruments unseen in history and in an existence - absence axis, will be decisive in terms of interior and exterior peace. Instruments of a dangerous competition, which accepts the Islamic World as a center on a large scale, have achieved to split lots of country into the opposite groups in Shiite-Sunni axis and have deepened differences. The success or failure of policy, which have thought to provide an economic expansion by the hand of governments that will apply the security and liberal policies over occurring separation by deepening differences, and to surround Russia and China all in all, means more or less “pain“ for the Region.

The formula of “public finance funded with taxes taken from consumption, growth that has been provided from consumption, and consumption and export based on the current account deficit“ makes the multidimensional ownership transfer obligatory in sustainable extent. In the end of process, that has to transform the economy and human source as structural by paying the great prices if necessary for not to be transformed from neighboring country to satellite country. In this context, it is expected from a country, which have approximately 7% tourism profitability and approximately 4% export profitability, and which doesn’t have an exchange earning except these two items, to revise its targets according to quality parameters that will produce technology and civilization by providing the transformation of human source rapidly.

It has to be told persistently that being one of the first 10 economies of the world or being “regional power - global actor“ will be able to be moved to the certain distance only with an overall mobilization and at least in 10 years. In the industries of energy, water and nutrition security, defense and space, the subjects such as increasing the debt of internal and external capacity construction including the private sector, turning the current account deficit and the budget deficit to positive, being in first 20 countries on human advance, fair and qualified national income distribution, focusing into the sectors and niche areas, having brand cities and international brands and having nuclear energy and nuclear technology with peaceful aims, will be determinant in the point of whether we will be in first 10 economies or not.

Social policies need the rehabilitation of the policies in this field for not to be formed as the most important obstacle in front of the quality of competition and education, and not to be a center of social explosion in the moment of a crisis.

The excessive generosity of government in social policies has been bringing the capacity of civil society back in ordinary. To deepen the social policy instruments with the hand/cooperation of civil society is a vital field according to the “development of values“.

The parameters of being a government and a nation are the other point that should be underlined in domestic policy. Since the transition from the Ottoman to Republic, it has been obvious that the supporting pillars of the State memory and reflexes built on three institutions.

Strengthening of institutional structures and capacities of the Armed Forces, National Intelligence Organization and Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the base of the structuring of Government and the other following institutions. If the nation means the fusion of internal integrity; it is possible with gathering/uniting in the base of common identity inside and dividing according to the priorities of the Country in positive meaning outside.

The prosperity without the Development of Values means degeneration for all of us. So, to manage the prosperity of today/future without the Development of Values is a more difficult task from bringing the prosperity aspired. To accomplish moral values/institutions and representation that will be presented in the base of institutionalized morality in every level, is not only difficult but also the most necessary mental threshold.

Turkey has a special place among the rare countries that have the capability to carry the ancient wisdom of the East and the tradition of rational thought of the West with the economical productivity of the North and the search of global justice of the South on the stage by assimilating all together. This status can provide Turkey to be a Pioneer of an important evolution in the context of civilization. To understand this dynamic transformation process correct, then to comment and to be able to direct it, different methods and strategies should be developed. Correct management of this process will uncover the Turkey, which moves up advanced standards in all generic titles such as democracy, human rights, women and children rights and environment.

Consequently, the development of a living area, which people all around the world can say that “I Want to Live in Turkey“, whose public administration, companies, cities, social and cultural fabrics have been branded in base of strength and justice with a nonstop innovation produced by a strong critical thought dynamics, by being a pioneer country at human advance, should be a main reference.

To use accumulated risks of Turkey with various occasions is the basic mission of actors described as external forces and is a building stone of international rivalry even if it is wrong. Also, the mind of Government and the memory of Nation are the most important antidote of these risks. Also, the antidote is the only way for Turkey to reach the intended targets to arrive and to represent in the base of “power and justice“. “Power“ that is reached in a legal way and the saving of this power with “justice“ are the main reference of our history and civilization.
Süleyman ŞENSOY | Chairman of TASAM
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