Taiwan Visit of the TASAM Committee


TASAM Chairman Mr. Süleyman Sensoy and Dr. Ramazan Altinok visited to Taipei with special invitation of Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the coordination of Taiwan Ankara Delegate Mr. Yasir Cheng, between the dates of 24-28 August 2014. ...

TASAM Chairman Mr. Süleyman Sensoy and Dr. Ramazan Altinok visited to Taipei with special invitation of Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the coordination of Taiwan Ankara Delegate Mr. Yasir Cheng, between the dates of 24-28 August 2014.

The committee was hosted in high degree, had some related visits that include state, civil society, university and think-tanks. First of all, National Development Council’s General Director Howard Jyan had been negotiated on Taiwan’s future programme. Afterwards, Bilateral and multi-lateral trade relations were mentioned in the conversation with the Vice-Director of Foreign Trade Office in Finance Ministry Lie Hsiung and his committee. İn this context if compared between Turkey and Taiwan trade volume, Taiwan has more advantage than Turkey in 1/8 trade rate. But it could be understood that, despite of 23 millions Taiwan population, 40 thousands of Taiwan tourists just have come to visit Turkey, thinking of these counts that half of tourist number approximately come from all continental China. However it had declared that they are all open to make cooperation with Pacific States, particularly with continental China and also signaled that they have a great capacity in that issue.

Information related with tax management and e-state practitions in that subject were briefed in conversation made with Tony Shieh, Generel Secretary of Fiscal Information Agency in Finance Ministry, and observed to have successful innovative practice on those solutions are very well. In addition to this, there have another meeting with Prof. Dr. Tong Yi Huang, Director of E-Governance Research Center, and his committee in order to make strong cooperation with think-tanks that work in global scale and notice of gain new ideas and views. Also another conversation ensured with Chairman Chen-Dong Tso, one of the most important think-tanks in Taiwan which is called Prospect Foundation, and Vice-Chairman Sun,Jang-Ming and its committee on bilateral, regional and multi-lateral relations. However a detailed presentation occured by high expert of Main Land Relations Council Che Chuan Lee, in their meeting room towards to TASAM’s committee. On the other hand, General Director of Western Asia and African Relations, involving Turkey in these group, Ambassador David C.Y. Wang treating a lunch with respect and honour to committee and Wang and prominent guests had a interactive dialalogue during lunch. At the same time other important meeting had ensured with Prof. Dr. Kaochang Wang, Dean of İnternational Relations Studies in Tamkang University, and Prof. Dr. Jur-Le Jiuan Chen Rabich, responsible from Europe and European Union Studies on the subject of bilateral and multilateral academical cooperations. Once again committee had met to Dr. Warren Chen, Director of Institute for İnformation İndustry Chef Techonology Officer, in order to have detailed and beneficial discussion. Zübeyir Develioğlu, Deputy of Turkish Trade Office Represantation, was also available in two different lunches in honour of committee given in Taipei. Besides this, H.E. Turkish citizen Serdar Gayir, owner of the “Longtable” restaurant in Taipei, hosted to the Committee his restaurant with sincere and close feelings. Also Chih-Tang, Chang, officer of Foreign Affairs Ministry, had assisted to the Committee during visiting in Taiwan with his kindness and respects.

As a final, Taiwan reveals its importance and significant actor that make more export rather than India in a measure of 35 thousands km in Pacific and its trade balance has surplus of 30 billions $ whose total volume of trade is 570 billions $. On the other hand relations between Continental China and Taiwan gain more deepness and strength by signing an agreement has called ECFA in 2010. By virtue of that agreement signed between China and Taiwan has promoted some large volume of trade, likely gain 162 billions $ and Taiwan has more favorable part of these in an measure of 75 billions $. Also hundreds of flights occur in weekly periods  among China and Taiwan. Although all historical problems and reciprocal threat perceptions between China and Taiwan in short and medium term move forward to Hong Kong model. One of the most important observation is that Turkey and Taiwan relations has great opportunities in a bilateral and multilateral aspects which Taiwan could evaluate to Turkey as a entrance of Turkic, Islam World and Balkans. İt is also possible to convert a strong partnership with balanced relationship with China and current political and economical relations. 

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