What Support Political Genius are Economical and Military Powers

Opening Speech

Dear Ministers, Turkic Council Secretary General, Ambassadors, very precious participants who make the scene in Edirne from Turkic World and diasporas, local and foreign diplomats and representatives of missions as an observer, precious doyen academicians from Europe and America, ladies, gentlemen, precious press members, I would like to begin my speech with sharing my gratitude of being together in 3rd World Turkic Forum....

Dear Ministers, Turkic Council Secretary General, Ambassadors, very precious participants who make the scene in Edirne from Turkic World and diasporas, local and foreign diplomats and representatives of missions as an observer, precious doyen academicians from Europe and America, ladies, gentlemen, precious press members, I would like to begin my speech with sharing my gratitude of being together in 3rd World Turkic Forum.

The Forum is held in Edirne by landlordism and close attention of Dear Hasan Duruer (the Governor of Edirne), and in the same time by encouragement and concern of Dear Dr. Mehmet Müezzinoğlu (the Minister of Health). First of all, I offer our gratitude and thanksgiving to them.

Other than this, I offer our gratitude and thanksgiving to many official and civil authorities who are primarily TR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Agency of Eskişehir Turkic World Cultural Capital, TİKA (Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency), Union of Municipalities of Turkey, TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies), TUROB (Turkish Hotels, Touristic Hotels & Investors Association), TOBB (the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey), Trakya Birlik, the Institution of Yunus Emre, Union of Turkish World Municipalities, Trakya University, Directorate General of Press and Information for their cooperation and institutional contributions.

And finally, I offer my thanksgiving to Dr. Almagül İsina (Secretary General of World Turkic Forum), very precious personnel of TASAM and very precious personnel and managers of related institutions providing logistical support.

We are going through very fragile and turbulent period. Like every country and society, Turkic World is also affected by developments and turbulence that we have been living in very different parameters. As you know, a multipolar world began to take a shape with the process of September 11, 2001. This multipolaritiy is tried to be managed for approximately 10-12 years but producing policy and getting results among so many power candidates, who has very similar technological equipments, has become largely impossible for everyone. I do not see any objection to say that the process is largely failed.

We observe that a new polarization is accelerating in the world for 3-4 years. The US and the EU have a new integration move in Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific. I am convinced that we are not aware so much about this subject. If there are people who are especially interested in, please forgive me because of my expressions. But we can be mistaken about recognizing this as only a free trade agreement. This Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific Partnership who is founded among the traditional Western or allied countries in Pacific between the EU and the USA contains largely political, economical and partially military integration. When the process is completed, there will be a structure that controls 73% of the world trade. Till the moment, there is not in question a failure.

And when we have searched who is opposite about this new polarization, we have found new power candidates leading China and Russia. We can relatively count India and Brazil in them. So, we can see that all the regions and countries excluding them are getting shape as a competition field, and that the countries having a management approach which is distant of wisdom is rapidly dragged along a chaos and instability.

There is not a country that stabilizes in the process beginning with the Arab Spring, yet. We all observe that Ukraine who is stuck for a long time between Russia and Western countries is actually separated at this point of today and has almost a domestic war in the east. So, instability of rival countries, which point out an important part of the world as an amount, is inevitable. Two elements as “the wisdom of our management approaches” and “the height of our critical thinking capacity” come to the forefront in the point of ignoring this instability. The height of our critical thinking capacity is an understanding that provides scientifically a permanent, continuous and inexhaustible innovation. So, we should increase our critical thinking capacity more in terms of qualification.

3rd World Turkic Forum has an aim to provide contributions to strengthen critical thinking capacities of Turkic World and Diasporas, to define a common vision, agenda and politics in such a turbulent period. Because there is generally a dead end of studies about the field of identity: and it signs not to go forward of heroism within getting stuck among the rectangle of language, religion, history and geography.

We have experienced this constructional problem both in Turkic World and Islamic World from time to time. So language, religion, history and geography don’t move us further alone. Especially in our century, it is not possible at all. We should deepen those four elements financially and strategically depending on our relations as the basic of “the bilateral dependency” by accepting them as a start point and a historical education.

In this regard, titles and subtitles of 3rd World Turkic Forum have been defined as contributing to the solution of basic problems of Turkic World and to official agenda of Turkic Council, encouraging deepening in the sectorial way and providing a place to discuss and talk about how this deepening will happen. I hope that we will provide an important contribution to this process with participations of experts, academicians, diplomats and precious representatives of local management - civil society and press.

What support political genius are economical and military powers. We also have self-confidence genetically about developing a political mind and being disputed, but I know that what fills inside of this self-confidence and makes us stronger is a sectorial, financial and strategic deepening which creates a “bilateral dependency” in relations. This is valid for both interior politics and economical politics, and the politics that has been maintaining among all the countries.

Here, Diasporas of Turkic World among the whole world have a very important function in this regard, but it is possible for them to gain depth more, to specialize more, to be active more by staying away of ideological discussions and avoiding of reflecting interior political agenda outside more than enough and to provide a great contribution to development of Turkey and Turkic World.

On the other hand, I think that the position of Diasporas of Turkic World or Turkic Identity is important in the point of reference values, institutions and people of Turkic World. Because I suppose that we are Turkic World who have been very proud of our historical references and who haven’t carried maturity enough about how we can share and represent this institutionally and personally.  Please forgive me, but I express this also as a self-criticism. We should comment reference values, institutions and people again as the necessities of the present century, and we should perceive them again institutionally and personally.

The initiative of TASAM is only one step forward, here. Our necessity of a very serious support and interest of all who are participants in here or not as all institutions, all experts and doyens, and academicians still keeps on.

I offer my thanksgiving to the Governorship of Edirne, primarily the Agency of Eskişehir Turkic World Cultural Capital, and all concerned parties and participants. I request you to help correcting the mistakes by accepting yourself a host, if there’s any in such a big organization. I present my respects.


The 3rd World Turkic Forum Opening Speech of Süleyman Şensoy (the Chairman of TASAM) | 29.05.2014, Edirne

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