Artificial Intelligence in Education Workshop - 1 | CONCLUSION REPORT


Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Education, Industrial Training Turkey Deep Learning and Technology Institute (The ES) on cooperation in the September 4, 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey was carried out in Microsoft Office. Moderator the workshop was held by Dr. Sevinç TUNALI; Assoc. Dr. Serkan ÖZEL, Dr. Şebnem ÖZDEMİR, Faik KOÇ, Başak BULUZ, Yavuz KÖMEÇOĞLU, Ayyüce KIZRAK, İbrahim KIVANÇ, Ömer KOÇBİL, Engin KAYA, Barış CEVİZ,...

Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Education, Industrial Training Turkey Deep Learning and Technology Institute (The ES) on cooperation in the September 4, 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey was carried out in Microsoft Office. Moderator the workshop was held by Dr. Sevinç TUNALI; Assoc. Dr. Serkan ÖZEL, Dr. Şebnem ÖZDEMİR, Faik KOÇ, Başak BULUZ, Yavuz KÖMEÇOĞLU, Ayyüce KIZRAK, İbrahim KIVANÇ, Ömer KOÇBİL, Engin KAYA, Barış CEVİZ, Semih KUMLUK, Reşit Yalın GÜÇKIRAN, Yağız NALÇAKAN, Cengiz AKARSU, Furkan ARSLAN, Yigit ERBAS, Burcu BEKTAS, Selahattin HACIOSMANOĞLU and Yunus Emre ÇATALÇAM participated. The findings, evaluations and suggestions that come to the fore in the meeting are summarized below.

Education is one of the most discussed topic in our country in recent years. Millions of students - parents - teacher mass aside, this interest for the Turkish people in general it has become; education issues constitute the main agenda of our country. In this case, the meaning we give to education; for us, it goes beyond teaching only as a corporate, has begun to be perceived as the future of the whole country in terms of economy and administration.

This has led to the rapid transfer of industrial products and concepts to the education sector. The concept of “Industry 4.0 term, self as “Education 4.0 also placed it on the agenda of schools.

What does the school take out of this digital transformation and how the debate on the need to follow a path. Many different ideas on the subject have been shown off without strained. Perhaps the most remarkable point here is the introduction of education programs in the field of informatics. The current developments in the information sector emerged with the idea of ​​adding to the field of education, but many training programs that do not prove useful are the result of this issue.

This is the case with teachers and educational scientists, high technology it is sufficient to mobilize their products not only to be their users, but also to reshape them for their own needs. Theory and practice of education areas have their own processes and needs. The main purpose of the Artificial Intelligence Workshop in Education is; which artificial intelligence applications can be developed to meet educational needs the evaluation was determined as. At the end of the meeting, it was decided to pay particular attention to three points.

1. Data Acquisition

The most basic requirement to create artificial intelligence algorithms is to provide sufficient data. In this process when we talk about education; students, teachers, parents, collect data from many educational stakeholders such as school employees, managers, employers will be the subject.

At the beginning of this process, setting the criteria for each stakeholder is a priority.
For example; For example; recording a child starting school today, he or she starts his or her education life without any information except for his demographic information. Assessments are made over time and are based on teacher observation. There is no mechanism to show how different observations are for each student. For this reason, the data collection from early ages and the teaching of these data in terms of factors that will affect the learning. It is essential to use it as long as you give feedback.

Periodically collected data; It is envisaged that students will be used to determine their readiness, to predict academic achievement and to take measures, and to make a decision in course - field - department choices.

The most important step to be taken to realize this phenomenon is; establishing “data collection policy“ for education stakeholders. This policy; students, teachers, parents, school collecting and processing data from many educational stakeholders such as employees, managers, employers, storage and transfer procedures. Various opinions and expectations of all stakeholders which are considered to have a direct impact on education, ensure that the data is used only for the content, process and evaluation of the training. Students' physical (health, genetic, etc.), emotional (psychology, motivation, perception, attitude, etc.), social (socio-economic environment, family characteristics, etc.) measurements; protection of personal data (KVKK), protection of privacy, the freedom of belief, the right to use effective remedies, should be taken.

Finally, the legislation for the protection of personal data and the relevant technology assume all administrative and technical protection measures required by the nature of the data the institution needs to be determined.

The comprehensive data collected is based on data understanding in a general understanding of educational policies. Artificial intelligence and learning process, as well as the opportunity to make policy the basis of the software will be developed. Besides training in Turkey there is an OECD Online Training Database to improve research quality

This database has been used contains data on the raw data used in the preparation of Education at a Glance reports and indicators on the education system. The aim is that the individual researchers will be able to collect data from a large and detailed data collection. Researchers using this database; country-specific or international students using variables such as age, gender, type of school, age at school, student-to-teacher ratio make inferences.

2. Transformation of Teaching Profession

Teachers do not have their own professions due to artificial intelligence or other high-tech products the need to be relieved. The use of technology in education the main purpose of the dissemination is to support the teacher in the teaching process. Teacher preparation of content in the teaching process, pedagogical maneuvers and evaluation various software and hardware. The aim here is teacher, moving further from the size of the practitioner; to make him a teaching designer.

3. Personalization of the Learning Process

In the last part of the meeting; in education, discussions on “personalized education“ which is one of the potential uses of artificial intelligence were discussed.

Data collection and collection of data on student development for “personalization of education“ The methods used in the process of “Instructional design“, which are shaped by the content, process and determination of the product, are discussed.
13.09.2018, Istanbul
Dr. Sevinç TUNALI
Director of Education, Industry and Technology Institute (ESTEN)
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