4th Turkey - Russia Roundtable Meeting will be organized in Moscow


The 4th Turkey- Russia Roundtable Meeting will be held in Moscow, Russia on 23-24 October 2013. ...

The 4th Turkey- Russia Roundtable Meeting will be held in Moscow, Russia on 23-24 October 2013.

The 4th TASAM Turkey- Russia Roundtable Meeting will be organized with the cooperation of (Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies) and Moscow State University.

The title of the meeting is “New Term Turkey - Russia Relations: Opportunities and Risks” and the meeting will be held at the hall of the Asia and Africa Institute of M. B. Lomonosof Moscow State University. Suleyman Şensoy, the Chairman of TASAM, (R.) Ambassador Murat Bilhan, Vice Chairman of TASAM, Prof Dr. Esra Hatipoğlu, Marmara University and Dr. Almagül İssina, Central Asia Expert, TASAM will attend to the meeting as a TASAM delegation.

“Turkey and Russia in New Global and Regional Competition; Opportunities and Risks in Middle East”, “Middle East issue and the Relations between Turkey-Russia”, “the Overlapping and Labile Interest between Turkey and Russia” and “Turkey and Turkic Countries in the Globalization Environment” will be discussed at the meeting.   

Prof. Dr. Mihail Serafimoviç Meyer, the President of the Asia and Africa Institute of M. B. Lomonosof Moscow State University, Prof. Dr. İgor İşenaliyeviç Abilgaziyev, the Director of Institute of ISAA, Prof. Dr. M.F. Vidyasova, Assoc. Prof. Telman Gadjiyeva, Assoc. Prof. Anar Ahmetbekkızı Gadjiyeva, Prof. Dr. Aleksandr Şaydatoğlu Kadirbayev, Prof. Dr. Taymuraz Musaoğlu Karayev, Prof. Dr. Viktor G. Korgun, Prof. Dr. Natalya S. Kuleşova, Prof. Dr. Tayır Mahamadoviç, Assoc. Prof. Olga A. Maşkina, Prof. Dr. Vitali A. Melyantsev, Prof. Dr. Mihail A. Mikhalov, Prof. Dr. Dmitriy M. Nasilov, Assoc. Prof. Elena A. Oganova,   Assoc. Prof. V.İ. Şlıkov, Prof. Dr. Jibek Syzdykova and Prof. Dr. Leonid A. Fridman will attend to the meeting as a Russian delegation.

Turkish delegation will also attend to the International “GLOBALIZATION-2013” congress which will be organized in the memory of V.İ. Bernadskiy.


Mr. Sensoy, the Chairman of TASAM says that “last developments should be seen in a wider geopolitical perspective.”  

Chairman Sensoy said that “Russian Federation’s intentions about pluralist democracy and market economy have located Turkish and Russian relations in a different ground and different cooperation opportunities and perspectives have been risen. Both countries have started to strengthen the mutual confidence and good neighborhood ground with evaluating the opportunities for improving relations and to deepen cooperation areas through diversification. We have recently had result with these attempts. Both countries signed “Action Plan for Cooperation in Eurasia” under the title of “From Bilateral Cooperation towards Multidimensional Partnership” in November 2001 through carrying the cooperation to the Eurasian region.”  

Süleyman Şensoy, the Chairman of TASAM also added that both countries would develop an effective strategic cooperation in terms of sustainable long term benefits. He specified that last developments should be seen in a wider geopolitical perspective from this point.

Mr. Sensoy also underlined that for carrying the Turkish- Russian relations on an ideal point inside the global multidimensional power systematic, it should not only be headed towards to a system on a political and strategic ground, but also create a mutual depth on each parameters. He also added that they aim to present the opportunities of New Term Turkey - Russia Relations through a strategic point of view and built an institutional and intellectual ground, without ignoring the problem areas thank to the Turkey-Russia Roundtable Meeting which is to be organized on a rotation base since 2008.  


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