Turkey - India Round Table Meeting 2 FINAL REPORT


The Final Report of the 2nd Turkey - India Round Table Meeting organized in cooperation with TASAM and ICWA with the theme of "Changing Global and Regional Dynamics: A Role for India and Turkey” in Istanbul on March 6, 2018 is as follows: ...

The Final Report of the 2nd Turkey - India Round Table Meeting organized in cooperation with TASAM and ICWA with the theme of "Changing Global and Regional Dynamics: A Role for India and Turkey“ in Istanbul on March 6, 2018 is as follows:

Turkey, more than half of its dependencies are in favor of the Western World, is the "Security Regulator" of both East and West and its choices are to affect the balances. India is rapidly consolidating its regional and global determinant role with its socioeconomic, political and military influence. The need for developing the great, undiscovered potential between the two prominent countries, Turkey and India who promise a great potential for the future, on behalf of interdependency with all its dimensions stands as a historical necessity.

The history of Turkey-India relations, has left a great legacy with cultural ties including the Sufi tradition. This legacy must be revived and be formed as the cornerstone of the relationship of Turkey and India.

Turkey and India emerge as rising powers in the changing world. However, the full potential of the relationship between the two countries has not been fully realized. Strategic and long-term relationships must be planned and this must be built through long-term institutional collaborations in order to be able to experience this full potential.

Turkey and India are always perceived as countries that are located in two separate continents, however both countries are in the same continent and much closer than it is thought. It is necessary to change the relationship between the two countries and transform it from a regional relationship to multilateral one. This transformation can be based on culture, academy and science.

The relationship between Turkey and India must be developed, and thus, Turkey should contribute more value to the region. Nevertheless, in the Region; especially such as the Gulf where the energy dependencies of the parties are located, the developments in the should be closely monitored and these developments should be emphasized. The instability of the Gulf is a situation that will drag the whole world into instability and in the light of current developments, this situation does not seem very far away. Therefore, Turkey - India relations must be brought to the level of a global activity that can also be effective in the region.

"Eastern Politics" for India, namely in the east of India, Japan and beyond, regional politics up to the United States are of great importance. In this context, India - China relations are very important both in regional and global sense. On the other hand, Turkey also shows a trend of diversification in its foreign policy towards the East. Both Turkey and India, at the moment, seem to be focused on to produce a multi-dimensional foreign policy. This situation also demonstrates the potential of a foreign policy partnership that can meet in a common ground.

Turkey and India are two major economies and the trade volume of these two major economies is currently around 6 billion dollars; but this trade volume must be raised at least 10 billion dollars in the short term. The development of these economic relations will also increase the efficiency of the two countries in the international arena.

Economic cooperation with India should take place especially in the medical sector, along with information technology, space technology and tourism.

Potential sectors with economic co-operation with India;

- Textile
- Automotive
- Construction
- Energy
- Agriculture and Agricultural Process
- Tourism
- Logistics
- Communication
- Financial Services

The problems encountered in Turkey and India's bilateral trade relations;

- Visas
- Tariffs
- Mutual Lack of Information About Qualifications
- Shipping
- Banking and Finance Systems

Finally, TASAM and ICWA have agreed on focusing and planning/carrying out on the following matters:

1. To ensure effective cooperation between Turkey and India, both institutions will determine the potentials and possibilities to recommend a policy work and share it mutually.

2. Planning and carrying out education/exchange/internship programs in universities and research centers

3. Establishment of common cultural and tourism projects (like common documentary project)

4. As the ultimate goal, sending 10.000 students to study from Turkey to Universities in India notably in the field of information technologies.

5. Establishing a strong network to remove the information gap that emerges as one of the biggest problems in bilateral relations and collaborating on this area
06 March 2018, Istanbul
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