Turkey and India in the New Ecosystem

Opening Speech

I say sincerely "welcome" to ICWA's Vice President and his High Commission, Chiefs of Diplomatic Missions and all...

I say sincerely "welcome" to ICWA's Vice President and his High Commission, Chiefs of Diplomatic Missions and all guests. On this occasion, I took it as my duty to remember to ICWA's generous hospitality and high courtesy during our first Round Table Meeting in New Delhi. I am so sorry, I cannot be among you.
When having looked at the basic trends, the global competition has been developing over “micro-nationalism”, “integration” and “unpredictability” in the new economy age based on the “knowledge and knowledge-based products” following the “earth and machine”; and the challenges determining the new nature of life and state are being formed as basic references as “source and sharing crisis”, unsustainability of the “production-consumption-development” formula, “elimination of middle class” with Chinese leverage, “energy, water and food insecurity”, going to the ‘4th Dimension’ in every field of life, “elimination of human source in labor”, “transforming to soft power from hard power” based on the changing nature of state and expectation management.
Within all of these basic parameters; the transformations in technology tends to change human life and nature entirely by developing, based on artificial intelligence, virtual/refined reality and mobility. It is obvious that “Industry 4.0” and “Society 5.0” concepts, which started to be heard for several years and a new one was added in the recent year, are important titles in terms of managing the transformation of the world.
Another factor is the turbulence that China created by getting effective in the world stage with each passing day. The New Silk Road project “Belt and Road” has been shaping as the global integration project involving 64 countries both from sea and land, and changing the distribution of the financial pie permanently.
Along with all of these developments, "Ecosystem of Security" changes with its law. After now on, we will witness Security - Democracy dilemma much more. Because the survival of democracy is very difficult in countries where the middle class melts and security axis slides on a sophisticated level. I believe that the question should be discussed more: "Will security bring us authoritarian regimes?"   We also should see that authoritarian regimes or chaos lie as two alternatives in the countries which lack middle class. How to make the division of labor in terms of regional and global security and how to share the cost are in line for to be issues of the coming period. We can analyze the development of new security alliances from the risks and initiatives of various countries, especially Turkey.
The content of the concepts “property” and “power” has been changing historically. The future of the EU within the syndrome of “failure in success" will be determined by the results of polarization which is revived in the West after Brexit and similar to pre-World War II.
Turkey, whose two-thirds of dependency in favor of the Western world is the "Security Regulator" of the East and the West and its preferences will affect the balances. India, on the other hand, consolidates its socio-economic, political and military influence and its regional and global determinant role more rapidly. The need of developing untouched great potential between Turkey and India, two-dominant countries who promise great potentials for the future, stands before us as a historical necessity. While hoping that our meeting will make a qualified contribution to these historical needs and quests, I present my gratitude and respects over again.
Süleyman ŞENSOY, Chairman of TASAM
[ Turkey - India Round Table Meeting - 2 (Turkey - India Strategic Dialog Program) | Opening Speech | 06 March 2018, Istanbul ]


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