Global Turkic Vision Will Be Discussed In Istanbul


The Second World Turkic Forum, with main theme “Turkic Diaspora and the Turkic World Vision 2023”, will be held in Istanbul....

The Second World Turkic Forum, with main theme “Turkic Diaspora and the Turkic World Vision 2023”, will be held in Istanbul.

TASAM (Turkic Asian Center for Strategic Studies) organizes for the second time the platform which brings together civil society leaders, academicians, and other opinion holders.

The Second World Turkic Forum organized by TASAM (Turkic Asian Center for Strategic Studies) takes places on 3-5 April 2013 under the main team “Turkic Diaspora and the Turkic World Vision 2023”. The Turkic World Forum was set up by TASAM and institutionalized on 20-22 October 2010 through organizing a forum bearing high international character and participation. Among the participators of the first World Turkic Forum there were opinion holders, influential people, civil society leaders, and think thank representatives from over the 60 countries that either have Turkic language as their official language or accommodate Turkic Diaspora. Furthermore, there were the parliamentary members, state representatives, media representatives of the participating countries, as well as diplomatic mission observers and experts.

The opening speeches of the three days lasting program will be done by the following names: the Deputy Prime Minister Bekir BOZDAĞ, the Minister of Public Administration of the Republic of Kosovo Mahir YAĞCILAR, Governor of Edirne Hasan DURUER, Governor of Eskişehir Dr. Kadir KOÇDEMIR, Secretary-General of TÜRKSOY Ambassador (r.) Halil AKINCI,  Prof. Dr. Düsen KASSEINOV, Secretary-General of TÜRKPA Ramil HASANOV, and TASAM chairman Süleyman ŞENSOY.


Chairman Şensoy: “The goals are like the pole star”

TASAM chairman Şensoy stated that the importance of the vision 2023 project, by now carried out for over the 7 years by TASAM, as a multidimensional and comprehensive project is interesting not only for Turkey but also for the whole Turkic World. The year 2023 will be the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey and therefore it is seen as a milestone by almost all the institutions and organizations. These institutions and organizations work in accordance with each other in order to achieve the goals set by the vision 2023 project. As a result, this brings along a great synergy for the creation of a common culture for the coming concept and administration. The experiences acquired will be shared with other participants during the second edition of the World Turkic Forum.

According to Şensoy, the vision 2023 project has a comparable function to the pole star which has a directive role even in the darkest situation. Şensoy further stated that this project rather sets a symbolic and strategic goal. However, this project is a good possibility to materialize the goals for the coming period. At the same time, this project is not meant as an end in itself, rather it can be seen as a determining factor for even longer term visions. The symbolic date of 2023 is also a meaningful date for the Turkic states which will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their independence. Therefore, the participation of the Turkic World and the Turkic Diaspora will contribute a lot for the whole process since many themes regarding Turkey and regional states will be discussed and analyzed. Besides, the Turkic Diaspora will discuss the vision 2023 taking in consideration the 2015 vision announced by the Armenian Diaspora.


The Wise Persons Council gathers together

At the first day of the second edition of the World Turkic Forum, the Wise Man Council established during the first World Turkic Forum, will gather together for a meeting. The Wise Man Council consists of the following names: Ambassador (e.) Halil Akıncı, Prof. Dr. Ahat ANDICAN, Former Prime Minister of the Turkic Republic of Northern Cyprus Hakkı ATUN, Dr. Veyis GÜNGÖR, Prof. Dr. Hakkı KESKIN, Prof. Dr. Kadırali KONKOBAYEV, Prof. Dr. Onur Bilge KULA, Prof. Dr. Emine GÜRSOY NASKALI, Anar RIZAYEV, Olcas SÜLEYMENOV, Prof. Dr. Vamık VOLKAN, and Prof. Dr. Nadir DEVLET.


Topics which will shape the future will be discussed

During the three days lasting forum the following topics will be discussed during twelve sessions: the 2023 vision of the Turkic World and the Turkic Council, the 2023 vision of the Turkic Diaspora, the vision of the Turkic states at the 30th anniversary of their independence, the 2023 vision of the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities, Vision 2023: the Strategy for the Next Century, in light of the global public diplomacy the vision 2023 of the Turkic Diaspora, the 2015 vision of the Armenian Diaspora and the 2023 vision of the Turkic Diaspora, the overall picture and the search for new paradigms in Turkic - Turkic Republics relations, the process of becoming a diaspora for the Turks abroad and the influence on Turkic foreign politics, and common Turkic cultural heritage.


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