Honorary Doctorate to the Chairman of TASAM


Chairman of TASAM Süleyman Şensoy has been considered worthy for an honorary doctorate title by the the Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies (HASSS),...

Chairman of TASAM Süleyman Şensoy has been considered worthy for an honorary doctorate title by the the Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies (HASSS), which is a higly respectful academy that is training Sudan’s civil and military senior bureaucracy and giving education at master and PhD degrees. With the invitation of the Academy’s Prof. Dr. Shamseldin Zeinel Abdin, chairman of TASAM made a visit to Sudan last month, and realised a series of meetings and intercourses between 14-18 July.

On 16th July 2012, Mr Şensoy and the administrative stuff of the academy realised a meeting with the pressmen and made a speech in the Sudan Media Center. According to the tradition of honorary doctorate, Chairman Şensoy gave a lecture under the heading “New Parameters and Paradigms in the International System” before the graduation ceremony organized by Higher Academy Council in the Friendship Palace. The conference take place with the attendance of President of Sudan, high ranking state officials, academicians and also Academy’s senior officials.

After the conference, chairman of TASAM Süleyman Şensoy received his honorary doctorate title and diploma, which was entrusted by the High Academy Council, from the  Honorable President Omar Hassan al-Bashir. A great number of important persons attended to the ceremony, including the deputy President of the Sudanese Republic, National Education Minister, Interior Minister, the chief of Intelligence apparatus, high ranking bureaucrats and military officers, diplomatic mission representatives and so on.

During his visit, Chairman of TASAM attended to a workshop meeting at SCOVA (the Federation of NGO’s) with the outstanding NGO leaders of the Sudanese Republic. Chairman Şensoy presented information about TASAM’s African studies and the USTKIP (International Development & Cooperation Platform of NGO’s), which is established after a nongovernmental summit which was held in 2008 before the “2008 Turkish – African Cooperation Summit”. Probable executable projects were discussed during the workshop. The most discussed of those was the one that is about providing strategic training for the 20 Sudanese NGO leaders by TASAM.

In addition, in a meeting held at Sudanese Secretariat General of Strategic Planning, at which the senior management of the Institution participated with full squad, the activities of the institution was told in a briefing given to Mr. Şensoy. Chairman Şensoy, on the other hand, presented information about TASAM’s experience regarding the Turkey’s Strategic Vision 2023 Project which has been being conducted under auspices of the President of the Turkish Republic. Reminding the fact that the 2031 is 75th year of the establishment of the Sudanese Republic, Chairman Şensoy suggested that a similar future vision project can be carried out for Sudan, too.

During the visit, two framework agreements have been signed between TASAM and both SCOVA and the Secretariat General of the Sudanese Strategic Planning. A reconciliation was reached in advancing the processes on concrete projects mutually, following the framework agreements.

In the visit program which was performed under the Turkey’s Khartoum Embassy’s high attention, Chargé d'affaires of the Turkish Embassy Mr. Yusuf Küçük attended both at the academic conference and the Honorary PhD ceremony.

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