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1 – “Vocational Education, Industry and High Technology 2023 Congress” was carried out under a constructive and sincere environment on 22-23 March 2012 in Istanbul....


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( 22-23 March 2012, Istanbul )


1 –Vocational Education, Industry and High Technology 2023 Congress” was carried out under a constructive and sincere environment on 22-23 March 2012 in Istanbul.

Congress was organized by TASAM (Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies) and attended by media representatives, many known experts and academicians from various universities, non-governmental organizations and industrial enterprises. Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and Board of Professional Competency were represented at the level of minister representatives and presidential agents. Vocational Education, Industry and High Technology 2023 Congress has made a pro-active contribution to establishment of a common vision on issues of Vocational and Technical Education, Industry and High Technology for our country.

2 - In the congress with the participation of 80 discussants, 6 sessions were carried out and 28 scientific papers were presented. The titles of the 6 sessions were: “Turkish Industrial Technology Structure and Its Transformation Towards 2023”, “Transition Period into Information Economy and Turkish Economy”, “Quality, Prolificacy and Skilled Labor”, “Unemployment among Youths, Vocational Education and Educational Planning”, “Sustainable Development and Vocational-Technical Education” and “Vocational-Technical Education and Life-Long Learning”.

3. Meaning and capacity of vocational education should be opened to discussion. The understanding of “Every education that provides vocational qualification is vocational education” should be institutionalized. “Notional threshold” which is the common perception within the system should be exceeded. The geometrical growth of multi-dimensional world competitiveness; with its short and long term asymmetric effects make this process to be foreseen impossible. In the spotlight of multi-dimensional sophisticated competitiveness; the “quality of human resource” should be a priority in vocational education.      

4. In order to increase the international competitiveness and to support the needs and the priorities of labor market; the standards of professional competence should be developed and Vocational Education should be in accordance with International Education Systems.

5. Within the goals of 2023; in order to sustain competition superiority and support economic growth and provide employment, Turkey should determine a 2023 digital strategy and declare “Informatics” as a strategic sector. “Informatics” as a strategic sector can support the advancement of Nanotechnology and Nuclear Energy and it can play an important role in achieving 2023 goals. Experts and media should be more active and selective on changing the popular opinion about nuclear energy/technology. With the use of atomic molecular level of materials, we should move towards to Nanotechnology and knowledge intensive models

6. With globalization, increase in information and development in communication technology; education system has gone off track. There are more opportunities but also more threats in the universe of information. The main goals in education should be; sustaining economic competition and social justice in society. These two goals put traditional education policies related into question. Methodology should be taken into school curriculums. The development of Life-Long Learning Strategy on informatics sector is crucial.

7. Research and Development” and “human capital” are pre-conditions for sustainable development. Investment on human capital and an increase in share of “Research and Development” should be provided. New institutional incentive tools should be developed for SMEs to carry out research and development activities. Private sector should be encouraged to consider “Research and Development” as a necessity. Employment of foreign specialists and Turkish scientists that are working abroad for “Research and Development” centers should be promoted.

8. Vocational schools and related sectors should come together within the body of the universities. Sectors are expected to open their doors to the educational institutions and vice versa. In Today’s Turkey educational institutions only demand resources from universities. Educational institutions should not only demand resources but also information from universities.  

9. The issues of “Youth” as a power, overflow of the rate of young population, quality and quantity in education and guiding of young people to proper occupations should be dealt with carefully. High unemployment in young population causes social disorder in society. Therefore for internal security; implementation of an efficient employment policy and providing enough personnel for labor market is crucial.

10. Specific Educational Plans should be made according to cyclical changes in parallel with national education policy. There should be cooperation and coordination between public institutions, universities, vocational education institutions, research centers, trade unions, SMEs and private sector.  

11. With the cooperation of state, universities, research centers and private sector; a structural institute as “Turkey’s National and Global Innovation System” should be established. Private technical and strategic centers should be promoted. An institute should be established that can able to resolve the problems of Vocational and Technical Education System academically. Activities and projects in the field of Vocational and Technical education should be carried out with public resources that should be determined through careful strategic planning.

12. Boards of Vocational and Technical Education Schools should consist of: representative of industrial park, chairman of parent-teacher association, representative of labor union and headmaster of the school. Vocational and Technical Education Schools should be established around industrial park.

13. Universities should be established accordance with involving diversity. Universities should be re-designed as divided into research and educational centers. A systemic reform should be implemented in universities; education and research should be divided in a university. The system of academic title should be changed. Technology academies should be established with strong technological infrastructure that educates intermediate staff.

14. The issue of changing the name of Vocational High Schools (VHS) into Vocational Education Colleges should be considered. The popular understanding of “Everybody should graduate from a university” should be transformed into “Everybody should get a job” with various studies and activities. It is crucial for Vocational Education to set curriculum, to plan and manage school systems and to establish small work groups to carry out short and long term development strategies. Vocational education should not be the only option of a certain group in society. Media should inform the people about the necessity and importance of Vocational Education so that prefer ability of Vocational High Schools increases.

15. With legal regulations; vocational high schools (VHS) should be more flexible and should cooperate with industrial enterprises. In order to improve the function of graduates from VHS; the issue of unemployment should be resolved in certain sectors. The good examples from Vocational and Technical Educational should be promoted. The image of these schools should be improved. School and education systems should be improved and education period should be extended. Basic skills should be given to the students at schools. The understanding of “Educated person knows how to learn” should be given to the students and teachers.

16. Students graduating from VHS should be subjected to affirmative action. Exams should be taken place in vocational higher education. These exams should measure professional competency of the students. External Transfer exam which is done for transition from Vocational High Schools to faculties should be taken as a model.

17. Development of the physical structure, education program and quality of teachers are crucially important for VHS. Program evaluations should be carried out by the known experts from the related sectors. 

18. Teaching of foreign languages should be taken into account. The students should benefit from European Union’s student exchange programs. The teachers of VHS who are doing their masters or learning foreign languages should be supported.  

19.  For a more creative and modern education system; Intellectual Skill Development Pyramid (Evaluation, Synthesis, Analysis, Implementation, Knowledge, and Perception) should be taken into account. “Knowledge” is the first step of this pyramid and the other steps are as important as this one. The process of Evaluation should be the main goal and taken into account by higher education institutes and labor market.

20. “Education-Creativity- Innovation” as key strategies: Education should be carried out through real events, cases and objects. In order to improve the creativity of the students Physics and Metaphysics/Philosophy should be promoted. A peer to peer relationship between students and teachers should be established. The importance of handcraftsmanship should be taken into account in education; the role of native language, applied sciences and Mathematics should be increased. A more liberal educational environment should be created.         

21. Vocational Education System should be transformed into a platform where an individual can use his/her potential. An education that nurtures artistic and aesthetic side of students should be given in Vocational and Technical Educational Institutions. Social and personal prestige and employee personal rights of VHS graduates should be improved. Long term credits should be provided for businesses.

22. The system called “Teacher Career Steps” should be functionalized. Experts and Senior Teachers should be given responsibility. A TV channel and an interactive education for teachers should be established by Ministry of National Education.

23. Certification and accreditation are crucially important for vocational education. Vocational education should not be limited into certain occupations; transitions from one department to another should be allowed. The ideas of Business World should be asked while creating curriculum of Vocational High Schools. Expectations of business world are different from the graduates of Vocational Education Institutions; therefore the effect of Business World in Vocational Education is important.

24. Actions should be taken not according to structure but strategy. Managing young people in education is crucial.  Students should not be categorized according to exams. Personal life and learning environment of students should be together and social justice in education should be provided.

25. Universities should be given active duties in order to educate training directors. Directors should be given “Competence Certificate” and A “National Competence System” should be established.

26. The understanding of “qualified production can only be carried out through quality check” should be established.

27. Decrease in saving rate causes in decrease in investment rate and this prevents sustainable development. Therefore in order to increase saving rate; “Political Will” should develop more macro institutional tools. In the past; Information was provided for practical and academic purposes. After the Cold War; information has become a marketable entity that can create opportunity and threat in many parameters. Therefore production of information should be supported through public resources.


23 March 2012, Istanbul

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