Finance, Banking and Development 2023 Congress in Istanbul


Within the scope of “Turkey’s Strategic Vision 2023 Project”, strategic locomotive sectors; Finance, Banking and Development 2023 Congress will be held in Istanbul on 19th and 20th April of 2012 with main sponsorship of Şekerbank.

Turkey regards 2023 as a symbolic year due to its 100th founding year. “Turkey’s Strategic Vision 2023” project is on its second phase which started with the initiative of TASAM, will enlighten the future of Turkey.

Project has been continuing with many known experts and academics for 5 years. In the first phase 6 main themes and 9 strategic locomotive sectors were defined which will lead Turkey to its 2023 goals. These locomotive sectors are; Vocational Education Industry and High Technology 2023; Finance, Banking and Development 2023; Agriculture, Food and Stockbreeding 2023; Security, Defense and Defense Industry 2023; Social Security and Civil Society 2023; Innovation in Public Administration and Human Development 2023; Tourism, Environment and Urbanism 2023; Automotive, Logistics and Transportation 2023.

Activities about Finance, Banking and Development 2023 Congress and related locomotive sectors will be carried out within the main sponsorship of Şekerbank.

Finance, Banking and Development 2023 Congress will be starting on 19th April Thursday in Ortaköy Princess Hotel with the participation of politicians, academics, bureaucrats, diplomats and journalists. After the congress; various scientific studies will be conducted up until the end of 2013.


In his speech Chairman Şensoy explained that although Turkey is determined on its way to become a member of European Union. Turkey has the potential and capacity for gathering and orientation of financial resources of Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Şensoy emphasized that financial opportunities should be managed as well as political risks in this process.

Şensoy mentioned financial and banking sectors are crucially important for Turkey in order to become a regional and global economic power and to provide sustainable development within the context of 2023 goals. Şensoy said that “Turkish Banking system has shown successful performance in concert with Turkish economy and the banking system of Turkey still has growth potential.’’



Şensoy also said “Starting with Finance, Banking and Development 2023 Congress, the purpose of sectoral studies is to start a discussion in the issues of finance, banking and development policies within the frame of sustainable development. Another purpose is to develop pro-active suggestions at national level. With studies of “Finance, Banking and Development” the goal is to establish contact between finance, banking and development in a holistic perspective and influence Turkey’s main policies in this field. With Scientific studies, strategic papers and publications; it is aimed to provide the participation and interaction of all parties at maximum level.


After the opening speech of the congress; six sessions will be held. In the sessions, these issues will be discussed: Relation between Development Process and Financial Sector in Turkish Economy, Finance and Banking Sectors in E.U adjustment process, Effects of Foreign Banks and Financial Institutions on Turkish Financial System, New Tendencies and Approaches in Turkish Banking system and Financial Sector, Result of Global Financial Crisis and their effect on Turkish financial system, Opportunities and Risks in Turkish Financial Sector and Overview on Turkish Financial Market towards 2023.


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