Brazil - Turkey Country Meeting in Rio


The meeting will be held on the date of 8 - 9 of March 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, under the theme of “Turkey and Brazil: Rising Powers in The Changing World Order”...

The meeting will be held on the date of 8 - 9 of March 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, under the theme of “Turkey and Brazil: Rising Powers in The Changing World Order“

Fundaçao Getulio Vargas (FGV), the first of Turkey - Brazil Round Table Meetings is going to be performed under the theme of “Rising Powers in The Changing World Order: Turkey - Brazil“ with the participation of academicians, masters, diplomats and wise men on the date 8 - 9 march 2012 in Rio de Janeiro.

The aim of the meeting which is going to be held by Turkish and Brazilian think tanks is, to describe each country’s role and aim at the current international system, to set communications among the politicians, academicians and analysts from both sides and to produce strategy.

At Turkey - Brazil Round Table Meeting, the discussion topics are “Regional Policies“, “Economy“, “Social Policies“, “Foreign Policy“, “Energy“ and “Global Vision“. First day of the meeting is going to be close to public and at the end of the second day the meeting is going to be open to public and press as a discussing and evaluating session in which all of the participants and the audience could take the floor.


By highlighting Latin America and Caribbean Countries and Turkey are in so different geographies but despite the fact they have so many common points, Suleyman Sensoy the Chairman of TASAM says: “First of all, recent years in LAC countries and in Turkey are likely to be defined as a period in which old anti-democratic experiences are eliminated and the idea of democracy becomes wide spreading while having a collective base. So that, in 2009 there was a big reaction to military coup in Honduras which is one of the LAC countries, and in the region the coup convicted as a serious obstacle for institutionalization of the democracy by the countries of the region.“

In his statement for the meeting, by mentioning that they intend to make civil contribution at rising the relations to strategic cooperation level with Brazil, the strongest actor of LAC region, within the context of Turkey’s initiatives of integration within the economically, politically and culturally globalizing world, Suleyman Sensoy The Chairman of TASAM says that Turkey has to institutionalize and maintain its present relations with Brazil that has a visible developing economical trend and an increasing political global integration.

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