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2nd Turkey-China Forum was organized by the joint cooperation of Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM) and Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ the Chinese...

2nd Turkey-China Forum was organized by the joint cooperation of Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM) and Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ the Chinese International Studies Institute (CIIS) with the main theme "New Period Turkey-China Relations: Opportunities and Risks". It was implemented at Istanbul Wish More Hotel on 22 May 2017.
On behalf of TASAM, its Advisor to the Chairman, Prof. Dr. Sedat Aybar (Istanbul Aydın University, Director of China Research Center), Dr. Savaş Biçer (Advisor to the Chairman, TASAM, Istanbul Esenyurt University), Prof. Dr. Nilüfer Narlı, (Bahçeşehir University) and  on behalf of CIIS  Dr. Dong Manyuan , (Vice-President of CIIS), Dr. Gu Ning (CIIS Researcher), Dr. Wang Zesheng (CIIS Researcher), Dr. Lıu Li (CIIS Researcher) and Academicians, businessmen, members of the media and representatives of NGOs were attended the meeting as the speakers.
At the forum, “sectorial and Financial Deepening", "Security and Defense Industry", "Investment, Trade, Infrastructure and Contracting", "Public Diplomacy", "Energy, Water and Food Security”, "Local Government, Civil Society, Think Tank  Organizations and Media", "Change in State Nature, Expectation Management and Multidimensional Security," "ASEAN Region, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Science-Technology, Academy and Culture "," Middle East, Africa, South and Central Asia " issues were discussed.
In this frame, the summary is as follows; The deepening of cooperation in each area between the two countries, closure of trade deficit that developing against Turkey, facilitation of trade by China, provision of visa facilitation, tourism, language, exchange of academicians and students for the public of the two countries to recognize each other; Mutual enhancement of cultural and artistic activities, stakeholder countries endeavor together for realization  the "One Generation - One Way" project to be involved in constructive work by anticipating risks as well as opportunities and awareness of the importance of Turkey in this project. The deepening of every field including the military and security issues of Turkey-China relations has been emphasized.
2nd Turkey - China Forum "New Period Turkey - China Relations: Opportunities and Risks” emphasized these topics by the speakers;

1.  Turkey and China have a deep historical background and have contributed greatly to the development of humanity with the common directions in the history of Turkey and China. In recent years, both countries have made significant progress in development, politics, technology and culture, and the areas of partnership and cooperation between the two countries are extremely wide.
2.  Turkey’s location is very significant for China. The commercial relationship between Turkey and Europe, Asia and Africa is very important for China. These conditions will expand the scope of the collaboration. Turkey also has a considerable energy potential.
3.  The last visit of the Republic of Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to the People’s Republic of China was welcomed. The family photograph was taken in this visit. It is meaningful and important in terms of Turkish - Chinese relations.
4.  The friendship between Turkey and China is strengthened. There is a serious potential and common interest for cooperation. For both countries, strengthening national economies and ensuring sustainable growth should be on the agenda. This process should be guided by Turkey’s 2023-2053 vision. Turkey - China cooperation can address many different and large areas.
5.  Global terrorist activities threatening world order. Unilateral struggle is not enough to overcome terrorist attacks. As this continues, international security will be threatened. Although countries try to prevent terrorism within their own way, they are not much effective beyond their own borders. The countries that are subject to terrorism need more resources to struggle. The mistakes caused terrorist organizations to become stronger. This issue Turkey and China’s cooperation is very important in this regard. China, like Turkey, whatever the excuse, whichever political case it is based on, is against terrorism. Turkey and China should act together and cooperate as victims of international terrorism.
6.  Cooperation that prevents terrorism may also provide economic deepening; information sharing can be increased between two states. Cyber safety must also be emphasized. Think tanks should share more information and ideas about these issues and make an attempt to produce common knowledge.
7.  There is much possibility of cooperation not competition between Turkey and China. In terms of developing countries, China is "advancing with the principle of co-existence", demanding peace and lasting solutions to world problems.
8.  It should be determined that in which areas Turkey can provide coordination with China. Chinese companies make investments in some areas in Turkey. These areas can be increased and deepened.
9.  The most prominent issue between Turkey and China is the foreign trade, is gradually open for China. In this case, economic and trade relations came into spotlight under the government level. The database should be developed to determine the complementarities of trade. It should be determined how much of Turkey’s imports came from companies producing in China.
10.  In order to reach Turkey-China relations to an ideal point within the multidimensional world power system, it needs to move towards a structure that not only on political and strategic based but also create mutual depth in every parameter. For this, the military and cultural dimension has a separate importance.
11.  The relationship between China and Shenzhen is important for some sectors in Turkey. China has made significant investments in the Shenzhen region. China’s Shenzhen region’s economic enterprises need to be well introduced.
12.  China and Turkey’s establishing a new economic strategy by examining the problems of the two countries mutually and creating an alternative development model and making cooperation in its implementation phase very significant for third countries.
13.  Trade should be facilitated and solutions for visa issues should be introduced between Turkey and China. The issue of insecurity must be overcome. The Turkish and Chinese currencies should be prepared for more availability in trade and other relations.
14.  Turkey has 9 Chinese cultural centers, and dialogues can develop with these centers. Turkish and Chinese’ public dialogues should be developed; projects should be produced, tourism should be developed, the two countries should be able to learn each other's language and be able to speak and create a suitable environment for these efforts.
15.  The news channels of both countries should mention direct news from the first source instead of the western sources, the people from the two countries should better recognize each other.
16.  Exchange of academicians and students should be accelerated between two countries. In terms of the two countries, the textbooks and the information should be updated to the students how the two countries are explained to each other.
17.  Cultural, artistic and tourism activities should be increased between the two countries and people should be better informed about each other.
18.  "One Belt - One Road" project continues to be a hope for many countries. This project will update, modernize and make smart cities and will make friendly investments in the surrounding cities. The project is important as a project to improve cities, new airports, high-speed trains and sea transport. This is a development plan. “One Generation - One Way" project will provide a lot of return to Turkey as it is a key partner.
19.  In the "One Belt - One Road" Project, Turkey located in Western Block so it is a very important partner for China. Countries like Iran and Pakistan do not have the kind of influence that Turkey can provide for being a member of the Western Camp for the project. "One Belt - One Road" is a project that takes risks as much as opportunities. These can be a new hope for the Cyprus issue that is a source of risk.
20.  The project is an exciting project for Asia - Europe, and its scope of different legal, economic, socio-cultural and political structures in different countries; working towards these areas requires a developing of common language. The size of the project and the scope of most of the countries are foreground of finance and resources. China’s allocating resources alone may be difficult in long run, so project partners may need to contribute to financing. It should be studied how financial and legal structures within these issues should be produced around these issues, and which institutional structures and areas of responsible are to be solved.
21.  The 3rd Turkey-China Forum was decided to be held in Beijing in May 2018.
 22 Mayıs 2017, Istanbul
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