3rd Turkey - Iran Forum Van Declaration (DRAFT)


The third Turkey-Iran Forum with the theme focused on “Opportunities 30/50 Million Dollar trade volume” was held on 25-26 April 2017 in Van, in a constructive and...

The third Turkey-Iran Forum with the theme focused on “Opportunities 30/50 Million Dollar trade volume” was held on 25-26 April 2017 in Van, in a constructive and friendly environment. In cooperation with TASAM (Turkish Asian Strategic Research Center) and IPIS (Political and International Research Center of Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) hosted by Governor of Van and DAKA (Eastern Anatolia Development Agency), the Forum is supported by representatives from Turkey and Iran, governors, Leaders of civil society and think tanks, academicians, parliament members, protocol representatives at various levels, observer diplomatic mission representatives and relevant experts and media representatives.
In this frame, “ Trade Barrier and Logistic”, “Strenghten Tourism and  the role of  border provinces,” The Role of the Two Country Medias in the Development of Turkey-Iran Relations", "New Agreement and Investment Potentials in the Field of Energy and Infrastructure", "Public Diplomacy, Language and Education" and "Economy and Dual Relations" are considered as priority sectors.
Previously published Van and Tehran Declarations have been confirmed. In the current stage, a new interpretation of the relations between the two countries has been proposed and envisaged to determine multi-dimensional concrete targets, to develop a medium and long-term framework approach with the institutional inventory to be defined.
1.       Turkey and Iran, two countries that have no colonial history and storm resistant at the region. The two countries whose locations are multidimensional are the indispensable gates for Asia and Europe for each other. However, the deepening of the collaborative environment depends on mutual steps taken. The most important steps to support political and strategic will at this point are those related to "high competition - high cooperation" based financial and strengthening sector
2.       It has been emphasized that the problems of border transportation should be solved promptly, that the transportation corridor between the two countries should be smoothly processed, that trade should be well assessed in time, and that concrete policies should be reflected on the market, and that a new silk road developed by China, .
 4.     Theme and sector oriented workshops were proposed in order to be overcome in prior and significant objects.
  5.    The establishment of mutual research and commissions between two countries was assessed to joint investments.
  6.    Considering the potential of health sector, the planning and implementation of medical congresses between the two countries and the evaluation of opportunities were verbalized
  7.    It is suggested that civilian concept of local diplomatic mechanisms were formed between these illusions within the framework of relations between the two countries by giving more role to the borders.
  8.    It has been stated that tourism and cultural activities should be increased and advertising of the two countries should be carried out widely, and cultural festivals and fairs were emphasized. In this direction, it was proposed that Van Lake and Urmia Lake will be declared as brotherhood lakes.
  9.    It has been pointed out that the joint industrial zone should be made more functional.
10.   Local governments have adopted a platform to exchange information and experience and to manage the organization in this regard
11.   Within the scope of cooperation between universities, it has been stated that congresses should be organized, student exchange programs should be established, academic journal publications and language education should be focused.
12.   The emphasis was on the establishment of inter-regional working committees / mechanisms.
13.  A fund similar to the European Strategic Investment Fund, which is one of the fifteen investment targets, is formed between Iran and Turkey, Economic cooperation and investment steps will contribute significantly to resolving problems related to financial inadequacy. In addition, the development of joint ventures in the banking and insurance fields between the two countries has been firmly confirmed.
14.   The annual forums have been recognized as the roof and the Van Declaration has agreed to support reciprocal authorizations of an active work plan for the implementation of the above listed materials during the year preceding the following Forum.
15.   The three-year institutional accumulation of the Forum, which took place in Van, the second one in Tehran, and the third one also in Van, has been confirmed by the Iranian authorities in the Tabriz,            which was elected as the Islamic World Cultural Capital on 15 - 16January 2018.
26 April 2017, Van
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