World Muslim Youth Summit and Exhibition (POWER 2017) CALL FOR PAPER


World Muslim Youth Summit and Exhibition (POWER 2017) with the main theme “Youth Strategy: Building Power and Justice” will be carried out on 07-09 April 2017...


World Muslim Youth Summit and Exhibition (POWER 2017)
with the main theme Youth Strategy: Building Power and Justice will be carried out on 07-09 April 2017 in Khartoum, Sudan in order to develop fundamental values of Muslim youth through assigning their targets, ensuring cooperation, forming coordination with relating all institution and organization, developing youth programs, determining active and qualified Muslim Youth Strategy.

It is to be noted that the representatives as participants and speakers are being requested to send their abstract within 15th February 2017 basing on the main theme ‘Power 2017’ with following sub themes are being given below. Abstract should be within 150-300 words and sent to this mail address It is also to be mentioned that the final article is to be sent within 15th March 2017 using Arabic, Turkish and English language, 12 font and 5-30 pages (A4).


15 February 2017 Last date of sending abstract
22 February 2017 Announcement of Accepted Participants
15 March 2017 Last date of Article submission
07-09 April 2017 World Muslim Youth Summit and Exhibition


Youngsters; Competition in Good Deeds
Youth in Building Power, Justice and Civilization
New Global Balance, Competition Parameters and Youth
Changing Nature of State, Expectation Management and Youth
Youth as Model Role in Building Human Capital

POLICY/WORKSHOPS’ PROJECT | Youth Perspectives/Policy Advice/Projects for Youth

Education and Science
Business Life and Entrepreneurship
Social Life, Politics and Religion
Health, Social Security and Employment
Technology and Innovation
Defense and Security
Social Policies and Civil Society
Energy, Water and Food
Economy and Finance
Culture and Tourism
Art and Literature
International Development Cooperation
Urban and Local Governance
Thought and Academy
International Diaspora


International Youth and Peace Building Conference 2017
World Conference on Muslim Youth Organizations 2017
World Muslim Youth Culture Festival 2017
World Quran Hour 2017
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