The regional organizations, whose influence is rapidly increasing in the globalization process, constitute an important stage of development of coop-eration through large-scale free trade and economic integration and develop-ment....

The regional organizations, whose influence is rapidly increasing in the globalization process, constitute an important stage of development of coop-eration through large-scale free trade and economic integration and develop-ment.

The strengthening relations between organizations that are incorporated, besides providing positive contributions to global economy, also provide important contributions to the resolution of many existing issues based on a partnership that depends on mutual benefits between member countries.

In this sense, the regional organizations assume important obligations in the establishment of peace and prevention of conflicts. The 52nd article of UN Treaty also clearly refers to the regional organizations concerning the protec-tion of international peace and safety. Regional organizations sustain activities that are at the same time oriented towards supporting United Nations in the area of safety, decreasing the workload of the organization, and overcoming some deficiencies.

Regional organizations that are on the African continent are recently tak-ing important steps in eliminating the previous negative image of Africa as the continent of wars, crisis, and diseases and have attained noteworthy develop-ments and successes in this direction.

Turkey has openly highlighted at Istanbul Declaration, which was accept-ed at the Turkish - African Cooperation Summit, that it is conscious of the roles of primarily African Union as well as other regional organizations in the continent in the matters of preventing conflicts and bringing solutions, and that it welcomes the establishment of Peace and Security Council and African Ready Force within the African Union.

In today's world where rapid changes and developments are experienced in the field of international relations, African countries, while showing efforts to make the integration movements they realize between themselves more effective, also highlight with great insistence the importance of having a say in international arena.

1 - 2 Afrika 'daakk Bölgesel Örgütler/Regional Organizations in Africa

The Cooperation Summits African countries realized with China, EU, India and lastly Turkey are looked upon as an important result of the global policies followed in this direction.

Furthermore, the desire of the people of the continent to participate in this process in a self-confident manner by focusing on new opportunities and as a part of the global change, points to the positive change seen in the living con-ditions in Africa.

The "4th International Turkish-African Congress" project is planned by Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM) African Institute with the purpose of contributing to the establishment of a stable cooperation platform oriented towards following closely the developments surfacing in Africa, ana-lyzing the information gathered, developing a consistent and applicable vision for a common future, easily overcoming troubles that may arise, and benefit-ing in the best possible manner from opportunities that will provide mutual interests.

We wish that the 4th International Turkish-African Congress with the topic "Regional Organizations in Africa, Institutionalization and Cooperation" we realized in istanbul on the dates of 25 - 27 November 2008, will contribute to the development of tolerance, cooperation and communication between Turkish-African civilizations, to the achievement of global peace and stabili-ty, just like the 3rd International Turkish-African Congress realized last year with the main theme "African Union Cooperation and Development".

Yours sincerely...



Süleyman ŞENSOY

Chairman of TASAM

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