Peace Equation For The Arab-Israeli Conflict On The Light Of Egyptian-Israeli Peace


Dr. Taha ABDELALEEM Al-Ahram Foundation, Egypt ...

Following the signing of the Palestinian-Israeli Declaration of Principles, and what it gave rise to in terms of an "eruption of expectations" -Arab, Israeli and Global- a succession of events led to or reflected an "eruption of frustrations".

Among these were Israel's eagerness to lead the region and dictate its vision of peace; Israel's slowness in carrying out its obligations outlined in the Declaration of Principles; stalling negotiations on the Syrian track; the con­vening of the Egyptian-Saudi-Syrian Alexandria Summit to deal with the con­sequence of several Arab countries' haste in normalizing its relations with Israel without the latter's progress on the path of withdrawal and without Arab coordination to contain the interactions of peace in such a way as to guarantee the balance of its equation.

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