Exclusive Turkey Statement


Exclusive Turkey Statement ...


The 1st World Muslim Women Summit and Exhibition titled as “Wise 2016; Peace Meeting” was held with high attendance and high achievement, in cooperation of World Islamic Forum, International Islamic University of Malaysia, Foreign Ministry of Malaysia, Family Ministry of Malaysia, JAKIM - Malaysian Islamic Development Department, Turkey based women NGOs, on September 23rd-25th, 2016 in Kuala Lumpur.
Attended by more than ten thousand, including honorable guests such as Queen of Malaysia, Prime Minister, Ministers, PMs, Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Turkish Deputy Minister of Family and Social Policies, the Summit hosted Muslim women from NGOs, private sector, diplomatic missions, think tanks, monitoring institutions as well as international media from across a range of countries worldwide.
The 2nd Islamic World Istanbul Awards were presented personally by Queen of Malaysia on Friday evening, September 23rd, 2016, the first day of the Summit. The award ceremony was organized by the World Islamic Forum.
All contributing parties, including the government of Malaysia and governmental bodies, and International Islamic University of Malaysia, will be thankfully remembered in the future for their contributions.
In order for the Summit, first time organized in global scale, to institutionalize to gather Muslim women, intellectuals, thinkers, opinion leaders and women NGOs, Summit concluded the following suggestions, opinions and facts:
In the post-traditional era where new developments are underway regarding the status of woman, social, political and cultural position of women needs to be reassessed in the light of Islamic principles. Urbanization, communication, transportation and educational developments require that women, who make up half of world population, take part in all fields of social life in proportion to these developments.
Not equality but parity between woman and man in biological and physical senses is essential. Based on principles of eligibility and merit, it is required that all kinds of discrimination be called off without compromising human dignity and honor. To this end, it is suggested that a council of religious scholars, which will be tasked with researching problems of women, creating solutions, indigenous to Islam but without neglecting “woman’s point of view” in creating responses to today’s difficulties, be formed, also protecting social justice.
Historical and current events prove that, during crises, women suffer most from poverty, sexual violence, rape and slavery; justice, equality and minimum necessities for self-respected life are ignored. In an environment where real politics urges world into an unsustainable climate, the main need appears to be interpreting politics with the feelings of clemency, compassion and altruism.
Sustainability and efficiency of power and justice, coupled with humanly sentiments, depend on acknowledgement of the rights of people including women. It is known that women are sensitive about humanly emotions such as compassion and clemency. Therefore, woman need to be present in all fields of social life. It should be emphasized that woman factor in social and political entirety has the impact to balance and turn different elements into synergy.
Modern ages brought consequential changes in social, political, cultural life. On the other hand, it is not realistic to expect the same processes and same results in every country. Impact of historical and cultural knowledge on change should not be overlooked, every country should be let experience their own change in their specific conditions and natural processes.
In regions where Muslim women live, serious developments take place in and out of law realm and laws fall short in protecting women’s rights. Status of women needs to be empowered in order to revive human centered view of Islam in these countries and fight women discrimination.
The fact that civil law arrangements cause serious problems in practice in various countries of Islamic world cannot be ignored. Civil law texts and practices need to be reviewed without ignoring minors, women, the impoverished.
The main deficiency in adaptation of young Muslim women into new circumstances is the lack of role models. In order to overcome this lack, introduction of pioneers in Islamic world to younger generations and training of new pioneers are essential. Governments and NGOs need to establish national and international new activity fields and platforms to encourage women in this sense.
In our age, impact of non-family elements on education of new generations and belief sphere reached its climax. New religious heresies under the mask of Islam and efforts turning people off religion pose threat to new generations. Given the indisputable role of mother in children education, it is obvious that education of girls – even more than boys - is vital for the future of Islamic world. Therefore, education policies of Islamic world need to be rearranged considering this fact.
It is essential that the interaction of NGOs working on woman issues in Islamic world be increased in order to create synergy. By doing this, NGOs will be informed of global affairs as well as increase their efficiency benefitting from each other’s experiences. Therefore, new platforms are needed to institutionalize and make activities on women sustainable, including World Muslim Women Summit and Exhibition.
One of the major problems of today’s Islamic world, maybe the most important one, is power loss caused by division and fragmentation. Therefore, while women’s problems are being discussed we should not allow for a dichotomy of men and women, and fragmentation of Islamic world across men-women line. Women’s problems need to be handled generally around the concepts “justice” and “equity” and considered as an effort to prevent all unjust practices instead of only women law. Otherwise it is inevitable that all efforts will be wasted as a result of  men-women polarization.
Based on all these measures and Kuala Lumpur declaration, it is honorably accepted that 2017 summit will be held in Turkey with global institutionalization.
World Islamic Forum
September 25th, 2016, Kuala Lumpur
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