Turkey – Russia Round Table Meeting


Turkey – Russia Round Table Meeting will be performed on the 19th of November 2008 in the TASAM Istanbul Center. Main topics of the meeting are; “Russia and Turkey’s Point of View to the Global Issues, Energy, Financial Crisis, Turkey – Russia Bilateral Relations, Turkey and Russia’s Political Approaches in the Context of Middle East and Common Security Problems”. The meeting will be held by the delegates of the two countries.

Those to attend the meeting from the committee of Russia have been declared as: The Professor of the Research Institute for  Eastern Countries of the  Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Research Institute for Asian and African Countries of the Moscow State University Prof. Dr. Aleksandr Akimov,  the Turkey Representative of the Department of Middle East Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Prof. Dr. Zhibek Syzdykova, the Professor of the Department of International Economic Relations of the Moscow State University Prof. Dr. Liana Matyunina and the Expert of the Institute for Asian and African Studies of the Moscow State University Anastasiya Matyunina.

The Turkish delegation of the meeting consists of : The Chairman of TASAM Süleyman Şensoy, The Director of TASAM  Assistant Professor Dr. Engin Selçuk, the Ex-Moscow Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey Volkan Vural, Professor of the Istanbul Trade University Prof. Dr. Nadir Devlet, Professor of the Galatasaray University Prof. Dr. Erhan Büyükakıncı, Professor of the Marmara University Doz. Dr. Esra Hatipoğlu, Member of the Administrative Board of TASAM Dr. Necmi Dayday and Professor of the Fatih University Doz. Dr. Ercan Sancak.


The Chairman of TASAM Süleyman Şensoy says “With the dissolution of USSR, Middle Eastern Republics, Azerbaijan and other countries in the Caucasus that speak Turkish and it’s dialects became subject of the Turkish Foreign Policy’s agenda, hence a discussion on “Turkish World”, from the Adriatic Sea to the Great Wall of China, has started. Besides the power loophole in the region that occurred in the first years caused regional forces, as well as global forces, to enter into the competition environment in that process.  In this context, Russia-oriented and Turkey-oriented Eurasianism discussions became a current issue and Turkey found itself in competition with especially Russia and Iran. On the other side, China and USA’s strategic attitude in the region has influenced the significance of the Asia continent in international relations, and searches for a new balance have started. Russia’s efforts to turn back to the traditional policies have recently been observable in the developments, seen in the Caucasus and thereby a new period for both regional and global balances has started. It shall be considered that mutual respect for Eurasia’s geography, it’s history, ethnicity and culture might be the driving force of a cooperation between Turkey and Russia in Eurasia.  And a more effective decree might be presented in the Turkish Foreign Policy, through putting multidimensionality into a more rational basis.”

The Director of TASAM Dr. Engin Selçuk says “ The development of the economic relations between these two countries is very significant for both of them. Because economic activities can easily be turned into political potentials.  If this potential is properly used, the cooperation between Turkey and Russia will not only be restricted with economic matters, but also political co operations will take place. Rapidly developing economic relations have opened the way for political relations to improve between these countries. In spite of the disagreements between Russia and Turkey, the objective factors such as mutual benefit and close neighborhood will accelerate the development of economic relations. So I would like to state that commercial and economic relations between Turkey and Russia will lead up the way for new expansions in between.”

The aim of the meeting is to develop the existing areas for cooperation by taking into consideration the international conjuncture and global forces in the context of the relations between Russia and Turkey and to present new expansions for the future.





The meeting is going to be held by Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies.

10.00-12.30 First Session:




Russia and Turkey’s Point of View to the Global Issues
Energy Issues
Global Financial Crisis’s Effect on Countries

12.30–13.30 Lunch

13.30–16.00 İkinci Oturum:




Turkey – Russia Bilateral Relations
Turkey and the Middle East: Political Points of View
Turkey and Russia: Common Security Problems

The Meeting Place:

TASAM Central Office
Halıcılar Cad. No:100 Fatih, İstanbul
The Language of the Meeting:   English
Contact:    Pınar Hüseyinoğlu (0212 532 91 33)

* Accreditation is obligatory.

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