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Turkish – Latin American and Carribbean Forum will be held for the first time in our country, with the participation of various statesmen, artists, experts and diplomatic representatives of Latin American and Carribbean countries. Subsequent to its continent-based Africa, Asia and Europe expansions, TASAM brings into life the last circle of its expansions, “Latin America and Caribbean“, with the cooperation of TUKLAD. The theme of “Turkish – Latin American and Caribbean Forum“ to be held with the cooperation and organization of TASAM (Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies) and TUKLAD (Trade Association for Carribbean and Latin America) is determined as “Socio-economic Cooperation and Cultural Interaction“.
The Chairman of TASAM Süleyman Şensoy stated, in his declaration about the aim of the forum which will be held between the dates of 8-11 October 2009 in İstanbul, that “The development of Latin America and Carribbean relations and maintaining these relations at a steady and progressive level as part of the multidimensional foreign policy expansion of Turkey can be achieved by introducing economic, social and cultural potentials mutually and dependent to more intense cooperation, interaction and communication of related civil and official institutions and opinion leaders“.

Declaring that this forum has been planned to meet necessary needs and to accelerate the cooperation process, Chairman Şensoy adds “Our relations with each countries in the LAC region have been improving somehow and our trade ammounts have been increasing as a result. While the amount of our total trade with the region was under 1 million dollars at the beginning of 2000’s, growth for the following years had a stable route and the numbers hit 3.1 in 2006, 4.3 in 2007 and finally 5.6 million dollars in 2008. There exists a real foreign trade potential that could have reached to the range of 40-70 million dollars by 2023, the year of our Republic’s 100th anniversary. There are many strong references between our country and the countries of the region and these references are not only commercial, but also political, social and cultural“.

Chairman of Turkish Brasil Council and TUKLAD (Trade Association for Carribbean and Latin America) which is founded by Honorary Consul Generals and Consuls of 16 countries of the LAC region, Aykut Eken says that many statesmen, artists, businessmen, experts and diplomatic representatives from Latin American and Carribbean contries will attend the Forum. He specifies that they have taken part in many successful works related to the region in the past and they are really pleased to held such a strategic and historical event with the cooperation of TASAM.

The sessions of the Turkish – Latin American and Carribbean Forum that will be held between the dates of 8-11 October in Istanbul Bahçeşehir University, Boğaziçi hall, will include many subjects within the scope of the main themes of “Economical Transformation, Development and Cooperation in LAC region“, “Agriculture and Development“, “Education and Health“, “Culture, Tourism and Environment“, “Media and Communication“ and “Increasing Importance of LAC Region in the International Conjuncture“. Moreover, various activities to introduce Latin music and kitchen to Turkey and a musical show open to the public to be held in Ortaköy Square will be carried out.

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