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Last Friday Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev “went to the grass-work“. During three hours the head of the state, which over the last ten years has been holding the palm of victory in the geopolitically significant region of Central Asia, answered the questions of his compatriots and citizens of some foreign states in a live TV program that was broadcast by state TV and radio channels.

Stating achievements of Kazakhstan, the President paid respects to his people, thanking them for the ethnic peace and accord we have been maintaining in the country for the last 18 years under any circumstances, despite unfavorable external situation. By the way, unprecedented experience in harmonization of ethnic relations in Kazakhstan – home for 140 cultures and 46 confessions – has become a byword worldwide. As an important constituent of the republic’s national unity idea this experience will be in the focus of Kazakhstan’s upcoming chairmanship in the OSCE next year. And it will probably play a crucial part in building new security architecture on the space from Vancouver to Vladivostok.
Kazakhstan’s chairmanship in the OSCE was doomed to be raised on-air a priori. It is remarkable that this question was asked by Yevgeni Primakov, a prominent politician, Russian ex-PM, ex-head of intelligence agency and the-now president of Russian trade-industrial chamber, enjoying the reputation of a patriarch in international political and business circles.
According to N.Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan – corporately nominated for chairing this respectful international organization – is aware of its responsibility in this respect and is working hard to find common ground for interaction between East and West, between Europe and CIS and Central Asian states. “We know how to make all the three OSCE “baskets“ work efficiently“, - N.Nazarbayev underlined.
Here I’d like to note that from the early days of its independence Kazakhstan has been championing regional and global security, nuclear disarmament, reduction of mass destruction arms, effective settlement of Afghanistan problems. Here analysts can say the very fact of the country’s election as the organization’s chairperson is a first step towards renaissance of its potential, a step towards establishing mutual understanding among the structure’s members.
In this context Nazarbayev’s initiative on convening an OSCE summit (the last one was held ten years ago in Istanbul) during Kazakhstan’s chairmanship is worth respecting. Given the current controversies within the structure it will be hard and troublesome. But the very fact of lobbying such a powerful and ambitious impulse for rapprochement proves Nazarbayev to be a global politician with political insight and soundness. Implementation of the idea will unquestionably open a new page in the history of the organization and along with the “spirit of Helsinki“ of 1975 will create the “spirit of Astana“ – the spirit of new architecture of global security in the post-industrialization development period.

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