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2nd Turkish – European Forum will be held in Mardin between the dates of 10-12 December 2009. The Forum, which is organized by the partnership of Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM) and the Governorship of Mardin, will be participated by hundreds of delegations from Europe and Turkey.
The 2nd Turkish – European Forum with the main theme of “European Integration and Turkey” will be attended by the Deputy Chairman of GNAT Nevzat Pakdil; the Minister of National Education Nimet Çubukçu; the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yıldız; State Minister and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bağış, State Minister Cevdet Yılmaz and many other parliamentarians, ambassadors, bureucrats, academicians and journalists.

This Forum, institutionally supported by many civil and official institutions such as the Foreign Ministry, Secretariat General for EU Affairs, Brussels Representative of TÜSİAD, Office of Prime Minister – Directorate General of Press and Information, Southeastern Anatolia Project Regional Development Administration and Turkish Airlines, will be parallel to the EU Leaders Summit to be held in Brussels at the same time. The organization location will be the Atatürk Cultural Center of Mardin. The European participation of the IInd Turkish – European Forum will include Finland Ex Prime Minister and Member of European Parliamentary Anneli Jaatteenmaki, Member of European Commission Alain Servantie, Undersecretary for Political Affairs of European Commission Diego Mellado, State Minister of the Green Party of Germany Özcan Mutlu, State Minister of Social Democrat Party of Germany Bilkay Öney, Members of European Parliamentary Jaroslaw Leszek Walesa (Polland) and Jelko Kacin (Slovenia) and many other ambassadors, bureucrats, academicians and journalists.

The Chairman of TASAM, Süleyman Şensoy indicated about the 2nd Turkish – European Forum that the developments seen during the first ten years of the 21st century have a potential to affect almost the whole century, and the European Union, being aware of this potential, has started a serious discussion process related to its own identity, borders and targets with the “Laeken Declaration for the Future of Europe” written right after the attacks of September 11. Şensoy stated that a sentence of the Declaration which is “At the present situation, whether Europe will stay as a dynamic structure that continues to transfer its own values to the rest of the world, or it will get smaller and be turned into an outdoor museum” has to be underlined.

The Chairman of TASAM, Süleyman Şensoy continued his words as; “Today, there is a clear perception that the European Union has to develop much more tight relations with Turkey in many different aspects so as to be able to have a stronger word in the management of globalization. We share this perception as TASAM. This evaluation makes it impossible for us to stay as a passive audience for the dynamic processes of Europe, which we are somehow a part of it. We believe that Europe is an opportunity area for our country and we have a responsibility for the solution of problems created inevitably by the importance of Europe in the world politics and economy and we expect to contribute to this process. With this consciousness, we aim to discuss the subjects of domestic and foreign policies, security, economy and energy which are all dynamics that redefines Europe by associating each of them with Turkey through European Union. Our starting point is the need to follow carefully European processes and the actors that determine these processes, to analyze them and understand them. We also think that only understanding and analyzing will not be enough so we have to be involved in the creation of the aforementioned processes and their management. We believe that Turkey’s potential role in the reshaping of the “New Europe” has to be put forward, for the benefits of both our country and Europe. This belief is the justification that lays behind the 2nd Turkish – European Forum”.

The first of the forum was held between the dates of 5-6 December 2008 in Sopot, Poland and the address of the second forum will be Mardin this time. It will be held by the partnership of TASAM and the Governorship of Mardin. The forum will cover the topics of “Global Problems and Global – Regional Solutions”, “Changing Europe and Security Requirements”, “Turkey’s Accession Period for EU”, “Human Rights, Law and Democracy”, “Energy and Energy Security”, “Turkey and Europe Against the Global Financial Crisis”, “European Identity Discussions: Micro Nationalism and New Challenges”, “Demographic Movements, Immigration and Refuge”, “Regional Integration Movements: New Opportunities and Risks”, “Transformations in the Internal Politics of European Countries and European Integration”  

Stating that they feel glad to host the guests of the Forum in Mardin, the Governor Hasan Duruer declared that Europe would crown its “Unity” by Turkey. He continued as, “Diversities are not weaknesses for communities, they are indicators of wealth and superiority. The expression of “uniting at differences” emphasized by EU was already actuated by this country hundreds of years ago because Turkey had the consciousness that diversities meant wealth. I find it very meaningful that Mardin will have a very significant contribution to the European Union efforts of Turkey that have been continuing for more than 40 years”. 

Stylist Creator from Ankara Ahmet Özceyhan will present his big fashion collection comprising of cultural motives and having the name of “Mardin & Mardin” at a fashion show on December 11.

The 2nd Turkish – European Forum will also include the concert of Mardin Chorus of Cultures and later Artist Tuluyhan Uğurlu will perform in the concert by signing the song “Güneş Ülke Anadolu” that will be accompanied by a visual presentation that describes the Anatolian culture on December 12. 


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