Opening Speech of The 2nd Turkish-African Congress

Opening Speech

Dear Ministers, Excellencies,

Distinguished Guests from Africa,

Ladies and Gentlemens,

I would like to thank for your participations in Second International Turkish- African Congress.
This year, the main concept of the Second International Turkish- African Congress will be “Investment Opportunities, Development and Cooperation Between Turkey and Sub- Saharan Africa”.
The Congress which is organized by African Institute of TASAM aims to analyze the topics of economic cooperation, development aid, and investment opportunities between Turkey and Sub-Saharan Africa and to provide the necessary knowledge for a closer cooperation and further contribution to the existing solidarity with the region. Besides, the Congress aims to initiate cooperation on matters such as establishment of a suitable environment for cooperation; provision of peace and democracy, and strengthening human rights by facilitating interaction among countries through the participants from various countries to the Congress.

Consequently, Turkey can share its knowledge with Sub- Saharan Africa. The Africa Institute of TASAM, which was established in late 2005, is a research institute under TASAM organizational structure with a focus on African studies.

Our country thinks that more projects need to be produced in many more areas such as politics, economy, international relations, education, art, and sports, so as the world will a free and peaceful environment in the 21st century, and acts in a consistent manner with such. There is no doubt that one of the bigger expansions in this aspect will be cooperation under mutual and equal conditions with African countries that are open to such terms. As long as studies directed to future development of vision are commenced immediately, and as long as the common conclusion formed as a result of such, are put into implementation boldly and without delay.
In today’s world, where extremely fast paced developments are being experienced in international relations, African countries, while showing efforts to make the integration movements among themselves more effective, are also emphasizing the importance of their having a say in intercontinental interactions. It is already possible to see these developments at the basis of the steps taken for mutual multidimensional relations in the last few years.

The 21st century that we live in is an era where not only the relations between countries, but also the intercontinental interactions will reach a dimension that defies any boundaries. In such an important period, Africa whose internal dynamics were destroyed under certain negative circumstances during the last two centuries, find satisfaction from the fact that its power is recognized. The diplomatic corpse of African countries, who work with great self-sacrifice in order to prevent the recurrence of the process previously experienced, desire to train the new generations that will have the same experiences as their colleagues in different regions of the world and want to be active in this process.

African countries, in order not to be left under the direct interaction of developed countries in some vital subjects, are in the process of performing calculations to properly evaluate the 21st century. And the first thing to be done for this is to solve the education dilemma the continent faces. Within this context, by providing equal education opportunities to everybody, and by establishing the infrastructure for such, to discover youth with superior intelligence from all corners of the continent, and their specific education for the good of the continent.

Superpowers that have the desire to sustain the economic expansions they have realized in our day see Africa, as they did in the past and probably will continue to see in the future, as a cheap raw materials depot. However, by better evaluating the raw material sources with their being processed at location and thus leading to production, and as such having them valued at their true worth in international markets shall relieve the future of the continent. In this sense, the integration movements that make cooperation with organizations from outside the continent and which function under economy or development topics are vested a major role.

Strengthening the social structure in African countries, which have not lost their commitment to human values in socio-cultural field, shall be an important gain for the future. The crisis faced by the world societies that break away from their values are a matter of serious concern for all. In order for African nations not to live the same process, while the self values of the continent’s peoples should be preserved, the changing world order should be closely followed and opportunities for profiting from the positive directions should be researched. While some gains obtained from abroad are being evaluated for the development of the continent, the self-values should also be duly promoted to other societies with the thought that such may be beneficial to them.

Our country does not have competent experts on Africa and it has not given the due importance to the African countries. The First International Turkish-African Congress was a good start to compensate that negligence. Through new meetings and studies regarding specific issues and areas with the participation of experts, Turkish society shall have the chance to get acquainted with Sub-Saharan countries. Moreover, the peoples of the region shall see us as a reliable and friendly nation in their quest for new partnerships for the future. Consequently, proposals for better development of Sub-Saharan countries shall be put forward and a ground shall be prepared to ensure the usage of international aid in line with the desired end. The expert researchers on various topics such as technology, industry, education, health, economy, tourism, agriculture, livestock, fisheries, and forestry shall share their knowledge and expertise with those interested and the Turkish public.

The Africa Institute of TASAM aims to organize Turkish- African Congress each year traditionally, and to convert into on the level of Heads of State in the medium and over the long term.
I would like to thank you once again for your participations, I expect that the International Congress contributes powerfull and equitable a world. I present my gratitudes for listening to me.

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