The Great Istanbul Meeting Of Turcs In The World


TASAM, the Turkish Asian Center For Strategic Studies iş getting together the academics, thought and opinion leaders of the Turkish world and diaspora in nearly sixty countries.

The participants from all over the world will meet in Istanbul in order to attend to the “WORLD TURKISH FORUM“ which will be held on October 21st- 22nd, 2010 with the theme of “Turkish Counsil, Turkish Diaspora and Socio-economic Cooperation“.

Süleyman Şensoy, the President of TASAM in the declaration he has made regarding the issue has said that the Turkish Word is one of the most essential opportunities which transform the globalization to the possibility by removing to be a risk as regard of our country. He said that the concept of “Turkish World“ that they use covers the people with Turkish origin as geography and culture, that it means an expression more large than the Central Asia and Turkestan. Şensoy said that “The Turkish World covers Turkey, Europe, Caucasia, China and the Turkish Regions in Russian Federation and the Turkish Diaspora in additon to Central Asia. The Concept means at the same time all the Turkish Republics and autonomous Turkish Republics and communities“.


Şensoy who has expressed that they have the aim to contribute by building a civil, intellectual and institutional process to the initiatives taken on the level of State or States said “We wish to carry out the problems of all Turkish Diasporas in the world into the agenda, to take a role in the reinforcement of their communications and interactions with Turkey, to contribute that the process has to be interested by the intellectual society, media and political decision takers. We will search a brillant future which will be sensititive towards social, economical and cultural needs by taking the existing real politic into consideration“.

Süleyman Şensoy, the President of TASAM, has mentioned that they have aimed a continuous, healthy intellectual institutionalization at the end of the first meeting.

The opening speeches of the World Turkish Forum which will be held at Grand Cevahir Hotel will be pronounced by Süleyman ŞENSOY, the president of TASAM, Halil AKINCI, Ambassador, Secretary General of Turkish Council, Ramil HASANOV, Secretary General of TÜRKPA, Hasan DURUER, the Governor of Mardin, Baghdad AMREYEV, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Ankara, Prof Dr. Mustafa İSEN, the Secretary General of the Presidency, Şenol BAL, the Deputy of İzmir of behalf of Dr. Devlet BAHÇELİ, the Chairman of MHP, Hüseyin PAZARCI, the deputy of balıkesir on behalf of Mr. Kemal KILIÇDAROĞLU, the Chairman of CHP, Prof. Dr. Yusuf Ziya İRBEÇ, Vice President of EU Harmony Commission of TBMM.

Murat MERTCAN, the President of the Commission of Foreign Affairs of TBMM, Prof. Dr. Dussanbay KASSEINNOV, the Secretary General of TÜRKSOY, Mahir YAĞCILAR, the Minister of Environment of Kosova Republic and Nazım İBRAHİMOV, the Minister of DIASPORA of Azerbaijan.


On October 21st, the first day of the forum; the “The reflection of the Global and Regional problems to the Turkish World“ will be put on the table during the first two sessions, the “ STK’s (Non Governmental Societies) in the Turkish World and the Problems in Front of the Development of the Non Governmental Society“ will be put on the table during the third and fourth sessions and the “Cooperation on the Fields of Education-Science- Culture and the Role of the Turkish STK’s“ will be put on the table during the fifth sessions.

During the sixth sessions of the forum on October 22nd the issue of “Xenophobia, Social Marginalization and Turkish Diaspora“, during the seventh sessions the issue of “Constitutional Elements of Turkish Cullture: Do We Have An Universal Values Project For All Humanity?“, during the eighth sessions the issue of “ Turkish Culture Area: From Cultural Difference To Intercultural Dialogue 1“, during the nineth sessisons the issue of “So-called Genocide; Turkish Diaspora and Cooperation“, whereas during the tenth sessions the issue of “Turkish Culture Area: From Cultural Difference To Intercultural Dialogue 2- Exemple of Mardin“ will be dicussed.

The World Turkish Forum which will be held at Grand Cevahir Hotel’s Ball Room 1 and Ball Room 2 will be ended by the eleventh sessisons with the title “The Exısting Situation on The Issue of Socio Economic Cooperation, the New Cooperation Areas and Institutionalizing“ which will be administrated by Süleyman Şensoy, the President of TASAM.

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