The World Turkic Forum Is Held In Istanbul


The Turkic Asian Center of Strategic Studies, TASAM has got together in Istanbul the academics, thought and opinion leaders in around sixty countries of Turkic World and diasporas. The participants from all over the world have met on the first day of the forum in order to participate to the WORLD TURKIC FORUM with the main theme of “Turkic Council, Turkic Diaspora and Socio Economic Cooperation”....

The Turkic Asian Center of Strategic Studies, TASAM has got together in Istanbul the academics, thought and opinion leaders in around sixty countries of Turkic World and diasporas.

The participants from all over the world have met on the first day of the forum in order to participate to the WORLD TURKIC FORUM with the main theme of “Turkic Council, Turkic Diaspora and Socio Economic Cooperation“.

The opening speeches of World Turkic Forum which has been started at Grand Hotel Cevahir have been pronounced by Süleyman ŞENSOY, the President of TASAM, Ambassador Halil AKINCI, Secretary General of Turkic Council, Ramil HASANOV, Secretary General of TÜRKPA, Hasan DURUER, the governor of Mardin, Baghdad AMREYEV, the ambassador of Kazakhstan Republic in Ankara, Şenol BAL, Deputy of İzmir in TBMM on behalf of Dr. Devlet Bahçeli, the President of MHP, Hüseyin Pazarcı, Deputy of Balikesir in TBMM on behalf of Kemal KILIÇDAROĞLU, THE President of CHP, Prof.Dr. Yusuf Ziya İRBEÇ, the Vice-Chairman of EU Harmony Commission of TBMM, Prof. Dr. Dussanbay KASSEINOV, the Secretary General of TÜRKSOY, Mahir YAĞCILAR, the Minister of Environment of Kosova Republic and Nazım İBRAHİMOV, the Minister of Diaspora of Azerbaijan.


Süleyman Şensoy, the President of TASAM, telling about the works of the center of which he is the resident in his speech in the opening of the Forum, said that they are continuing their works with one main and 12 auxiliary sites on the internet ambience besides many academic publications, that the institutional site of TASAM is among the first fifteen sites in the world in its field as regard of track and efficiency, whereas it is in the first rank in Turkey. Şensoy who has accentuated that they know that the work of only one center directed to a comprehensive field like
Turkic World may not be sufficient, that they are in cooperation with sister institutions who are active in this fiels, has mentioned that the establishment of the “Council of Cooperation of Countries Talking the Turkish Language“ is important as regard of contribution to the works. “Here the desire of the State is very important but the main element of these associations to be successful is related with how much the relations will be developped between the communities.“ has said Şensoy. Şensoy who has also talked about the Turkic diaspora, has stated that the members of the diaspora have to be the most respectable persons and institutions in the countries where they are, the force of Turkey will be increased equally witht he same proportion in case they will be respected.

Süleyman Şensoy, the President of TASAM, has stated that they are aimed a sustainable, healthy intellectual institutionalization at the end of the “World Turkic Forum“ meeting.


Whereas the Ambassador Halil Akıncı, the Secretary General of
Turkic Council, has stated in his speech that he has pronounced in the opening of the Forum that Ankatra is the Capital of Turkey, but Istanbul is the greatest city of the Turcs and is accepted as as the cultural capital in the Turkic World.

The Ambassador Akıncı has said that the problem on the issue of Turkic World from the past until today is “too much partisanship“. Akıncı who has underlined the TÜRKSOY is the first association established between the Turkic Countries in the history, has said that the association inter universities of YÖK which covers the universities in the Turkic countries, the Turkic World Business Council conducted by TOBB and the academical association which covers all the Turkic academics all over the world follow it.

The ambassador Akıncı who said that the international benefit of all these works is to ast together has explained that the Turkic Cooperation Council which has been estblished in September and of which he has been appointed as the secretary general, has not been yet institutionalized but is aimed to join all the Turkic communities.

Yusuf Ziya İrbeç, the Vice-Chairman of EU Harmony Commission of TBMM, has said that the population of the Turkic communities having not too much difference on their language and culture between them has exeeded 250 million and started to be effective. İrbeç who has pointed out that the most important quality of the relation between Turkey and the Turkic Countries is the shared common values, has said as follows: “I believe that the Turkic World, being inspired from the own civilization based on the tolerance and humanitarianism, will all together, contribute to the peace on this geography, that also the Assembly of Parliament of Countries Talking the Turkish Language will find the solution to the common problems, that it will be effective on becoming closer and on reinforcement of ties of love between the countries. The Turkic countries and the countries talking in Turkish are approaching with the same sensitivity to the problems in Avrasia. The world enters into a new period. The positive-negative developments on the political field affects all the countries. Therefore we need especially to increase our cooperation and discussions.“


Nazım İbrahimov, the State Minister of Azerbaijan Republic in Charge of Diaspora by expressing also that Azerbaijan and all Azerbeijanis are paying importance to the association of the Turkic world has said “We are putting all possibilities that we have for joining all Turcs in the world“.

İbrahimov who has pointed out that the meetings with large scope have been realized in Azerbaijan, has said that “2 states, one nation“ is an expression said between the State People of Turkey and Azebaijan. He said that “Similar with this expression, we continue our attempts all around the world in order to be the diaspora of only one nation and the activities that we performe to announce the voice of the Turkic World are successful.“

The guest Minister has said that they will support in material manner as well as in moral manner the realization of the next activity will be decided to be performed in a city in Azerbaijan.

Şenol Bal, the Deputy of İzmir who has participated to the meeting on behalf of Devlet Bahçeli, the Chairman of MHP has explained that the regional association have hgained importance for democracy, that the Turkic world willo become a healthy and strong association in case of providing a togetherness in the economical, cultural and strategical fields.
Hüseyin Pazarcı, the Deputy of Balıkesir who has participated to the meeting on behalf of Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of CHP, has said that his party is interesting will all Turcs all over the world, that providing to live in security of all Turcs living in Balkans and in the other regions of the world under the equal conditions with the citizens of the countries where they live is among their targets.


Hasan Duruer, the Governor of Mardin who has pronounced a speech in the opening of the World Turkic Forum has said that they wished to realize the Forum in Mardin, the old Turkish city of Anatolia, but this has be taken to İstanbul, because of some technical reasons.

Duruer, the Governor, who has stated that a sessions under title of “Turkic Culture Field; From Cultural Variety to Intercultural Dialogue 2; Example of Mardin“ will be realized on the second day of the Forum, has said that Mardin is a“Capital of Tolerance“. Duruer has ended his speeches with the verse of Yunus Emre “Come on let’s be friend, let’s make things easy, the world remains to nobody“.


Prof. Faruk Şen, the President of TAVAK, who has spoken in the meeting with the title the “Problems of the Non Governmental Societies in the Turkic World“ realized within the frame of the conference of World Turkic Forum has said the return to the country of the Turcs living abroad will be accelerated starting from 2011 because of the economies which become smaller and the unemployment which increases in Europe. Prof. Şen has expressed that Turkey who has sent immigrants of 6,5 million to the various countries of the world during the last 50 years is the country who sent immigrants to the world after China and India. Şen who has attracted attention that 3 percent of the population of China and 1.8 percent of the population of India are immigrants, has accentuated that 9 percent of the population of Turkey live abroad as immigrant.


Şen who has stated that the Turcs living abroad have the problem not be organized under the same roof, has talked as follows: “There are 11 different Islamic Turkic Federations in Germany. But all the Jewishes are organized under the same roof. The Turcs have a problem to not be organized under the same roof and this come in front of to be effective“.
Prof. Şen who said that the Islamic phobia has reinforced every day in Europe where 17 million Muslims live and that this has been transformed into the Turkic phobia by te time, has pointed out that the racist parties have been reinforced every day, that the conservative parties have developped expressions which encourage the xenophobia with the poltical anxieties. Şen who has determined that the ennemy perception in the press has been changed to Islam from Communism following the destroy of Soviets, has defended that against Germany of which the growing speed has remained on the level of 4-5 between 2002-2007, Turkey has been growth 40 percent, that it will welcome not only the Turcs living abroad but also the immigrants from other copuntries too.

Dr Ata Erim, the former President of Turkish American Associations who has talked in the meeting has said that the one of the most difficulties of the Turcs living in America is the financial difficulties on the association life. Erim who gave information about the organization and history of the Turkish associations, has stated that the first priority of the Turkish associations is to keep the Turkish Society together. Erim, who has reminded that he was on top of the team who has started thre Turkish Day’s March as TADF, has pronounced that the march is growing every year, that it has been realized in a fest atmosphere.

Günay Övünç, the President of the Turkish American Associations’ Assembly, who was the second speaker of the meeting has compared in his speech the Turkish Society in America with the Greeks and Armenians and said “The Greeks and Armenians are in America since many years. The Church is very important on both of these two societies. The politic is made there. There is no such understanding in our Islamic culture. To hear the same message every week is an interior lobbying. We do not define ourselves with a bed event. Armenians are in a position to identify themselves with 1915. We don’t have such a culture.

Övünç has underlined that Armenians are spending yearly 40 million dollar for American lobby, whereas Turcs are spending yearly 4 million dollars only. He has mentioned that the Turkish State has spent 2.5 million dollar and 1 million through the associaitons for the lobby company.

Övünç who has stated that Turcs living in America have helped 1.7 million dollar in 2009 for the elections, has talked as “It is not enough to be only in the right but it is necessary to convince too. As Turcs, we don’t say only that we are right, we also use the money for conviction too.“

Abdullah Akyüz, the representative of TÜSİAD in USA who has taken speech in the meeting has defended that Turcs who have been growth under a structure that waits everything from the State, have no the culture to announce their voice. Akyüz who has also expressed that the approach to the STK of the country where you are in is also important, has pointed out that the STKs have a great importance in their culture in USA. Akyüz who has mentioned that as much as the integration is increased there is the inclination of STK which is increased or decreased which is a contraversial issue, has said that the STKs have to undertake an important role between the country and the motherland apart of the problems of the people lib-ving in that country only.

Dr. Demir Fıtrat Önger, who is the President of Paris Anatolian Culture Center established in 1984 in France has given explanations related to the Turcs living in France. He has defended that 90 percent of the associations in France are the religious associations and that this causes the Turcs to be autistic. He has reminded that the immigarnts are obliged to be integrated during five years by the law put down by President Sarkozy. Dr Önger who works as cardiologue in Paris since 45 years, has expressed that the Turkish- French relations have a tradition in the world of idea and art. Önger has said as“ By coming out of one’s shell and being saved from isoltion, the dialogue policy has to be developped in all fields, with all institutions“.


The “Reflections of the Global and Regional Problems to the Turkic World “ have been put on the table on the first two sessisons of the first day of the forum, the “Problems in Front of the Development of the STKs and the Civil Society in the Turkic World“ “ have been put on the table on the thirth and fourth, the “Cooperation on the Field of Education-Science-Culture and the Role of the Turkic STK’s.“ “ have been put on the table on the fifth sessions.


The issues of “Xenophobia, Social Marginalization and Turkic Diaspora“ have been discussed in the sixth sessions of the Forum on the date of October 22nd, the “Institutional Elements of the Turkic Culture: Do We Have an Universaal Values Project for all Humanity?“ have been discussed in the seventh sessions, the “Turkic Culture Field“: From the Cultural Variety to the Inter Cultural Dialogue 1“ have been discussed in the eighth sessions, the “So-called genocide, Tuırkish Diaspora and Cooperation“ have been discussed in the nineth sessions, the “Turkic Culture Field“: From the Cultural Variety to the Inter Cultural Dialogue 2-Example of Mardin“ have been discussed in the tenth sessions.

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