The Middle East Congress With Iraqi Agenda In Hatay


The International Middle East Congress will be held in Hatay between November 10-12, 2010 with the agenda of “IRAQ“ in cooperation with TASAM and Governorship of Hatay.

The Statesmen, top level administrators working in the public institutions, experts related to the issues of the meeting and academics and members of media from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen, Oman, Palestine, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, United States of America, Russia, India, China, Europe Union, Islam Conference Organization, Arab Union and United Nations will attend to the congress.

During the International Middle East Congress which will continue during three days, the issues of “ ‘Iraq’ As An International Security Problematic“, the “Iraqi Constitution, Iraq type of Federalism and Politic Stability“, the “Politic Actors in Iraq: Collision and Cooperation“, the “Regional and Global Cooperation for the stability of Iraq“, “Turkey on the Socio Economic Reconstruction of Iraq“ will be discussed on six sessions.

The congress of which the opening speeches will be pronounced by Süleyman Şensoy, the President of TASAM, m. Celalettin Lekesiz, the Governor of Hatay, Sadullah ERGİN, the Minister of Justice and Deputy of Hatay and Prof. Dr. Ahmet Davutoğlu, the Minister of Foreign Affaires will be realized in Hatay at the Ottoman Palace Hotel.


Süleyman Şensoy, the President of TASAM, who said in the statement he has made that the time is coming where the peace and stability have to be dominant but not the endless wars in the geography of Middle East, the spirit of the time has dictated this to us, has said that the “Future of Iraq is our future, is the future of all the region’s countries“.

Şensoy has continued his speeches as follows “This determination has to be outlined for the future of the Middle East; While the instability of Iraq includes important risks for all parties in the region, the people of Iraq being on top of the list, the stability of the country will bring big opportunities along with it for the Middle East countries, first of all Iraq being on top of the list again. This situation renders tangible the strategy of the issue to be “Iraq“ on the International Middle East Congress of which we will organize the first one in Hatay.

One of the most important stages of determination of the priorities on the issue of Iraq and of the period of formation of the long term politics is the determination on which frame of parameters that Turkey and the countries of the region are necessary to approach to Iraq. Following this, it is necessary that the risks and opportunities that Turkey and the countries of the region are faced with on the parameters in question have to be clearly discussed with the purpose of contribution to the decision takers; that a clear agreement has to be provided related how a politic will be followed on these points and has to be shared with the public opinion. In the same context, listening to the views of the civil representatives of the countries in the region and the actors shoving effectiveness will provide an important advantage to the Turkey’s strong initiative public diplomacy and to the reciprocal interaction.“

The President Şensoy has said that “To start the second of the initiative to carry the international relations culture to Anatolia in Hatay which is a region city following the institution of Balkan Congress in Tekirdağ which is a Balkan city again is a big honor for us“.


Whereas M. Celaleddin Lekesiz, the Governor of Hatay, who said that Hatay is one of the gates with geo-strategic importance of Mesopotamia which is opened on the land as well as on the sea to Asia and Europe also said that the city is not only one of the passage ways from Şattül Arap to Mediterranean of the richness of the region but is also includes in its structure also the culture of the region.

Lekesiz who has stated that the organization of the Congress which will be made in Hatay by this direction has a different importance, has said “There are historical ties between the people of Turkey and Iraq. I believe that we will increase our relations with this country which is our border neighbour as well as our friend and brother during the coming process. We can reinforce our relations by evaluation the projects which will be made in cultural and commercial meaning. We will all gain from this. Our purpose is the growth of our country as well as the development and growth of Iraq in peace and stability.

Prof. Dr. Gökhan Çetinsaya, the Rector of Istanbul City University, Prof. Dr. (R) Ambassador Ali Engin Oba, the Representative of TASAM in Ankara, Prof. Dr. John R. Ballard from the National University in the USA, the Ambassador Fathy EL Shazli, from Foreign Relations Council of Egypt, Yaşar Yakış, the Member of TBMM and former Minister of Foreign Affairs will undertake the sessions presidencies in the Congress.

The other names who will participate to the Congress are as follows: Prof. Dr. İbrahim Aoude, from Hawai University in USA, Prof. Dr. Fawaz Gerges, from the London Economy School in England, Lect. Dr. Gülden Ayman, from Marmara University, Dr. Jean-Sylvestre Mongrenier, from Thomas More Institute,

Ambassador Jamal Kalantari, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Sheik Salal Alhafeed, from Registor of Musul Vilayat Project in Iraq, Prof. Dr. Lenore Martin, from Emmanuel College and Harvard University, Dr. Ali Merza, from the International Center of Iraq Works in England, Assistant Professor Dr.İbrahim Mazlum, from Marmara University, Dr. Azmy Khalifa from Egypt, Assistant Professor Dr. M. Yusuf Alptekin, from Black Sea Technical University, Muharrem Hilmi Özev, Expert of Middle East of TASAM, Firas İbrahim, from Iraqi Academics Institution, Ashraf Kishk, from Egypt Diplomacy Center, Husamuddin Gaber Salem, from Bahrain, Prof. Dr. George Jabbour, from University of Aleppo in Syria, Prof. Dr. Masoud Daher, from Lebanon University, Prof. Dr. Samir SALHA, from Kocaeli University, Dr. Bansidhar Pradhan, from Jawaharlal Nehru University in India, Dr. Engin SELÇUK, D,irector of TASAM, Assistant Professor Dr. Serhat Erkmen, from ORSAM and Ahi Evran University, Jabbar Mohammed from Iraq, Makki Hassan Alekri, from Akhbar el Khaleec Newspaper published in Bahrain, Dr. Mahmoud F. Alquraan, from Al-Hussein Bin Talal University in Jordan, Elyas Najmah, from Syria, Prof. Kamil Mehdi, from Exeter University in England, Dr. Bülent Alirıza, CSIS Turkey Program Director in the USA, Dr. Ariel Cohen, from Heritage Foundation in the USA, Dr. Sultan Aaldaihani, from the University of Kuwait, Jawad El Hamad, from Center of Middle East Studies in Jordan, Fayyaz Shah, from Pakistan, Dr. Didem Danış, from Galatasaray University, Abdulqwi Alshameri, from Yemen, Ramazan Altınok, President of E- State Group of Prime Ministry, William Park, from London University Kings College, Prof. Dr. (R) Ambassador Ali Engin ODA, Representative of TASAM in Ankara, Prof. Alon Ben Meir, from Global Researches Center of New York University in the USA, Assistant Professor Dr. Mesut Özcan, from Global Researches Center of Istanbul Trade University, Dr. Şemsettin Küzeci, from Kerkük Newspaper, Murat Sofuoğlu, from Ekopolitik.

* To be confirmed.

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