Hatay Declaration Of International Middle East Congress (Temporary Declaration Of The Presidency)


1 – The “1st International Middle east Congress” has been held in Hatay between November 10th -12th, 2010 in a creative and sincere ambience. In the Congress organized by Turkish Asian Strategic Studies Center (TASAM) in cooperation with the Governorship of Hatay, it has been focused on the main theme of “Iraq”. The state men,...

1 – The “1st International Middle east Congress” has been held in Hatay between November 10th -12th, 2010 in a creative and sincere ambience. 

In the Congress organized by Turkish Asian Strategic Studies Center (TASAM) in cooperation with the Governorship of Hatay, it has been focused on the main theme of “Iraq”. The state men, representatives of diplomatic mission, academics and representatives of media from the neighbor countries of Iraq, USA, European countries, India, UN and Arab Union have participated to the meeting. During the congress the problems related to the existing situation in Iraq have been explicated in detail.  

Within this frame; the issues of “‘Iraq’ as an International Security Problematic”, “The Political Actors in Iraq: conflict and cooperation”, “Federalism in Iraqi Type: Democratization and Political Stability”, “Regional and Global cooperation for the stability of Iraq”, “Iraq as a Multidimensional Element in Turkish Foreign Policy” have been handled and the exchange of views related to the fields where cooperation between the countries and institutions in question has been realized.

2 – During the congress, the importance of selecting Hatay as the activity location has been accentuated and it has been decided to accentuate that the actors related with Iraq have to be obliged to be in cooperation on the political, economical, cultural and strategic fields for the peace of the region and the world, that taking the territorial integrity of Iraq under security has to be determined as the target in priority. It has unanimously been decided that this decision will be presented to the related parties.

3 – The territorial integrity of Iraq has a strategic importance for all the neighboring countries. Realization of the national integrity in the country will provide big contribution to the solution of the conflicts between the neighboring countries and decreasing of the tension, therefore to the regional and world peace. The identity politics applied in the region by USA and accepted by certain regional actors form a serious obstacle in front of the integrity of Iraq and the regional peace.

4 – The solution of the problems in the Middle East can be possible by activating the cultural and human sources of the region itself. Iraq in this transition period needs help and support of the regional countries and the interference of the external actors has to be decreased to a minimum.
The rise of Iraq again in the region is an inevitable necessity for the entire region and for the peace of the World. Iraq Neighboring Countries Initiative must be strengthened and sustained and the efficiency of the organizations such as the Organization of Islamic Conference and the League of Arab States on Iraqi and regional levels has to be increased.

5 – Looming large of the religious and ethnical identities in Iraq is the most important obstacle towards the realization of the integrity of her country. The arrangement of the newly formed institutions as per the ethnic and sectarian fundaments is a serious source of instability. The most important actor position has to belong to Iraqi State as a whole. A secured Iraq can be possible with fully democrat institutions. The preparation within a prudent and sufficient period, being discussed enough by the related parties of a constitution which considers the principles “to live together”, “national sovereignty” and “Individual freedoms” in which all components forming the nation of Iraq are represented, is an inevitable obligation. It has been proposed in the Congress that a public management reform needed during the transition period has to be taken into consideration.   

6 – Providing the facilities of visa between the countries of the region, opening the healthy communication channels will provide a great contribution to the regional peace. The cost of the lack of confidence has to be eliminated.

7 – The dependence to the Iraqi energy sources threats the energy security of the entire world. In addition to this, because of instability, of inability to prevent the terrorist activities and of the other reasons, Iraq is perceived as a threat by the world public opinion, the western countries being on top of the list. It is necessary to provide the correct introduction of the country by running “public diplomacy” on sufficient level, to explain that the security problems are mainly from external sources and Iraq is the real injured party from these problems.

8 – By the departure of the USA, also due to not drawing a complete necessary legal frame, the neighbor countries find possibility to interfere more to Iraq on this late situation raised. In spite that the benefits of all actors are in the direction to provide stability in Iraq, it is observed that there are serious dissidences on the point how the stability will be realized. At this point, in order that the related actors find the way to explain themselves in a healthy manner, it is necessary that the healthy communication channels have to be kept open and to be unsparing in self sacrifice when needed for the reconciliation. The neighboring countries have to encourage the elements within Iraq, with which they have close relations, in the direction to provide and protect the unity of Iraq.

9 – The information pollution with Middle East in general and with Iraq in particular, has to be eliminated. The unique way to do this is that the information has to be produced personally by the elements in the region.
November 12th, 2010, Hatay  


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