6th International Turkish – African Congress Civil Society Will Be Discussing The Millennium Development Goals


The 6th International Turkish – African Congress will be held in Istanbul, between December 16 – 17 of 2010. Various statesmen, representatives from think tank organizations and civil society organizations, academicians, businessmen, experts and diplomatic representatives will be attending the Congress.

The sub heading of this Congress, to be organized by Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies TASAM African Institute in Istanbul, is determined as “Millenium Development Goals (MDG): The Role of Civil Society Organization in African Development and Global Cooperation.“

The opening statements of the Congress will be presented by the Chairman of TASAM Süleyman Şensoy, Former President of the African Union Commission and Former President of the Republic of Mali Prof. Dr. Alpha Oumar Konare and State Minister Faruk Çelik*.

The Congress, to be organized in the Cevahir Congress Center, will be held within the framework of UN 2010 Development Year by the participation of Turkish and African CSOs that are member of the International Civil Society Organizations Development and Cooperation Platform USTKIP Commission Meetings.

In his statement about the Congress, Chairman of TASAM Süleyman Şensoy said “the proceedings and acquisitions, that we have gained under these international African Congresses that were first started six years ago with the aim of contributing to the multidimensional expansion of Turkey by a civil understanding and a civil initiative, are seriously important but they are not enough.“

And he added “In the last 20 years both national and international civil society organizations have been going to through a significant transformation and development process. They are a vital complementary to the process of ground and capacity building for the foreign policy.“

“The importance of CSOs on the way to achieve the Millennium Development Goals is highlighted in the 57th Ordinary Session of the UN General Council and in the United Nations Millennium Declaration. These partnerships are extremely vital for determining the necessities in the right way and to implement the right policies in national programs, especially those that are about the reduction of poverty. The decisions adopted in summits are spreaded to the public and better implemented by the help of CSOs. Moreover a powerful civil society means a more stable political environment for foreign investors and trade.“

“All the actors have to work together and become a part of the process in order to reach to the goals until 2015. What we need is a global cooperation, a strong partnership and a good coordination.“

The titles of the seven sessions of the Congress are as follows: “The Role of Civil Society in Social Development“, “The Role of Civil Society in Economic Development“, “The Role of Civil Society in Political Development“, “The Role of Civil Society in Cultural Development“, “The Cooperation of Government and Civil Society in Reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)“, “The Programs of International and Regional Organizations and Expertise Institutions in Reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)“ and “Private Sector Cooperation“.

Prior to the “Turkey – Africa Summit“ that was hosted by the Presidency in August 2008, the “Turkish – African CSOs Forum“ was held by the participation of 45 African countries and TASAM African Institute. And at the end of the Forum, “International Civil Society Organizations Development and Cooperation Platform“ (USTKIP) was established by a common declaration. A process to develop the cooperation and communication between different SCOs that operate in various fields and provide an environment to share their experiences with each other was started and the internet portal of the platform that was published in four languages was broadcasted in the web address of www.ustkip.org. In this Congress, the second of these commission meetings will also be held.

*Waiting for confirmation.

For detailed information: http://www.tasam.org/index.php?sagblok=120
Çağla KURNAZ – 0212 635 61 51 / bilgi@tasam.org

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