As a Nation We Need “Mind of Government”


The explanation given by Süleyman Şensoy, President of TASAM, for Anatolian Agency.

The place where “mind of government“ embodies in the foreign policy is our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a nation, having maturity and ability to act with “mind of government“, is going to destroy all the dangers and provocations at the beginning. So, I think, our Ministry of Foreign Affairs manages this process quite successfully with the Prime Minister, the Prime Ministry, then with junior and senior institutions. I watch highly emotionally the performance of Mr. Davutoğlu. I believe that the studies done to confirm the value of our blood and lives, have a historical mission in past 200 years.

Let’s Not Take “Unproportional Risk“, Turkey is Intended to be Slower

Certainly the basic case in here is that we should get under control our anger and excitement. If we can’t do that, we do not need any other enemies. Let’s not take unproportional risk. This crisis should be managed by taking care of the importance of the time on strategy. I think, protecting earnings of our country is so essential. Just like the sensitivity of a mother who covers the weapons with her child’s blanket in the Independence War, we should pay the same attention about the earnings of our country for our today and tomorrow. Especially the Middle East which closely affects us thru our Southeast Anatolian area, is a crisis area which is wired up by multi-unknown equations and holly paradigms. We should see that terror increases its violence and it is a threat for our unity from now on. By all means we can turn this process to a view in which important results are taken for our advantage if we can use our power truly without taking unproportional risks and without acting with anger and excitement.

Israel Couldn’t Understand “Multipolar World“

Israel does not understand the multipolar power systematic of the world which is appeared especially in the latest decade. Because the politics it follows have no signs that it understands this matter. The politics of Israel and its approach style are such that, world is managed by only one super power and it gives support to Israel without a doubt. But a multipolar power systematic is settling on the world and new regional equilibriums are getting set. I believe that Israel should review its approaches in foreign policy and its behaviors.

Our biggest weapon against such a country profile which is senseless, hopeless and so far to obey the international law, is strengthening the call to rules and institutions of the international law, by inspiring the tradition our government great nation.

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