Our Choices Made The First Twenty Years of The 21st Century will Determine Where We will Be in


Our Choices Made The First Twenty Years of The 21st Century will Determine Where We will Be in The Rest of The Century


In his declaration made to an AA reporter, Chairman of TASAM Şensoy evaluated the EU process of Turkey and the “Turkish-European Forum” organized for the second time in Mardin. He indicated that the public diplomacy understanding of the world has started to develop and the international roles of states have decreased, thus states just got into the position of decision makers.  
Şensoy stated that the implementability of state decisions depends on the efficiency and powerfulness of the related country’s universities, civil society organizations and think tank organizations in their regions.
Following the question of why the "IInd Turkish-European Forum” was held in Mardin,  Şensoy stated that organizations regarding international relations in Turkey are generally arranged in Istanbul, but this time they wanted to create a model by changing the location of this habit to the Anatolia.

Şensoy continued to say that there are many international organizations held in Anatolia, but these organizations generally focus on more technical matters. To him, a strategic subject’s, that interests both Turkey and Europe, being discussed in Mardin has a great significance.

Stating that the guests that had come from the Europe found the socioeconomic facts of the province very suitable, Şensoy later assessed the city’s characteristic of letting many different cultures to live together in peace in the province as “a micro model of the Europe project”.

Şensoy stated that "Turkey’s EU process will be shaped by the EU from now on. EU has somehow closed its doors to the outside following the global financial crisis, that has started to show its effects two years ago, and Turkey will be waiting for EU to get over this depression mode”.

Mentioning about Turkey’s hopes for the EU to keep this period of decision making not too long, Şensoy went on his speech as “Both parties will get negative conclusions if this decision making process gets any longer. The choices that we are about to make in the first twenty years of the 21st century will determine where we will be in the rest of the century. Turkey shall not declare it fully that it is such an appropriate candidate for EU, but the parties should get this appreciation on a mutual basis and dialogue.

On his answer to the question of whether the recent diplomatic attempts of Turkey in the Middle East and the zero problem policy with neighbour countries shall have an effect on the EU process of Turkey, Şensoy indicated that “some EU countries will consider this subject ideologically and not be able to control their anger and sentimentallity against Turkey. But Turkey is uncomfortable with the multidimensional interest on it”.

Şensoy stated that some EU countries approaching to the recent foreign policies of Turkey in a good common sense do understand the Turkish foreign policy and continued his speech as: “No country has a luxury to make a unidimensional policy in this multipolar world systematic. This would be equivalent to committing a suicide. Turkey’s following an EU centered foreign policy would mean the end of it in long or middle term. No country can take this risk.”

“Turkey has lost a huge volume of trade and export order from developed countries at this time of global financial crisis. There is no alternative way better than exportation activities in expanding the economic growth and capital of Turkey. Therefore, Turkey needs to grow bigger economically in these alternative regions”.

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