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The proposal to arrange International Muslim Women Summit was first put forward to in a discussion during UNAOC Global Forum held in Bali - Indonesia as the date...


“Muslim Women: Soft as Silk, Strong as Iron”
( 23 - 25 September 2016 - Putra World Trade Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia )
The proposal to arrange International Muslim Women Summit was first put forward to in a discussion during UNAOC Global Forum held in Bali - Indonesia as the date of August in 2014, was also presented to the Board Members during the World Islamic Forum held in Istanbul. Afterwards, this proposal was agreed upon as an accepted sense during the World Islamic Forum which was organized by the attendance of the president of Pakistan in Islamabad last year.
Responsibility of organization and coordination of 2016 Summit is assumed by JAKIM, which is also the secretariat for Steering Panel Committee of Current İssues of Muslim Women (PISWI) in its 7th Board of Meeting. Later on, Secretariat of Panel has received an official letter inviting to Malaysia to be host country from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The said invitation to Malaysia as totally recognition to championing the efforts of empowering and enhancing women roles and their great contributions.
The Summit whose main theme signaled “Muslim Woman: Silk as Soft, Strong as Iron” will strongly emphasized that Muslim Women are gentle individuals with high level of modesty while are still upholding the Fundamentals of Islam. In actual fact that, Muslim Women has incomparable inner and outer beauty. The Summit is attempt to organized a platform with the intention to gather Muslim Women in order to share their ideas and experiences.
It will have also predict to create huge synergy and wide networks among the woman based NGOs around the World. Eventually, The Summit has significant importance to strengthening the role of women competencies especially the Muslim Women in Malaysia as a role model.
The Summit is expected to serve as a catalyst for other Muslim Countries to continuously uphold and strengthen the roles of women and their contributions and also aims to uplift the statue of Muslim Women in accordance with the principles of Quran and Malaysian Constitution.
In addition, more brilliant ideas to be generated and assertive resolution to be produced as a source of formulating policies and programmes for the OIC member countries which eventually give benefit to the women at large and towards world peace in that Summit. Main objectives of the Summit are as follows; to gather all Muslim women leaders around the world in the quest of strengthening the unification and humanity, to produce the next generation of women leaders according to the Islamic principles and to establish a synergy and networking among the women based NGOs from all over the world which endeavor on global prosperity and peace. Main purpose of that Summit is to create a platform consisting the intellectual contribution to global woman governship and Islamic world’s soft power/public diplomacy construction perspective.
The Muslim Women Summit will be performed as strong and effective organization in the framework of World Islamic Forum has planned to uplifting the statue of Muslim Woman as a role model discussing the problems they have to challenge in modern era and be offered solution, which wide ranging participants all over the World by seeking universal solution for universal troubles and expected to create effective reactions.
The opening ceremony will be officiated by the Prime Minister H.E. Necip Rezak and Tan Sri. General Secretariat of OIC, Dr. Iyad Madani, is expect to attend and deliver a keynote address during the Summit. DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong (Her Majesty the Queen) will also attend a dinner ceremony in conjunction with the summit. A total of 5,000 participants from local and abroad are targeted for this summit.
The preparatory meeting of the Summit in which we are in dialogue with the relevant public authorities was held on the 9th December 2015 in Kuala Lumpur. Moreover, the Summit day is expected to be announced as "World Muslim Women's Day".
Main Theme
Muslim Women: Soft as Silk, Strong as Iron
Sub Themes
Women and Entrepreneurship
Women and Peace Building
Young Muslim Women; Power that shapes the future
Young Woman Leaders
Empowerment of Women with Education
The Role of Women in Peace Building, Forging a Common Humanity
Women and Management of Mosques: Problems and Solutions
Modern Muslim Woman: A’ishah vs Cinderella
World Islamic Forum
The first Think Tanks Forum of the Islamic Countries under the main topic “Peace, Civilization and Cooperation” was conducted by OIC Organization of Islamic Cooperation in cooperation with TASAM Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies on 28-30 January 2010 In Istanbul. With the “Istanbul Declaration” accepted at the end of the Forum, Think Tanks Platform of the Islamic Countries (ISTTP) was established to bring together knowledge and experiences of think tanks of the Islamic Countries to activate joint communication and cooperation opportunities. Each year under the various topics Forum was held in Istanbul, Baku, Cairo, Bagdad and Islamabad. With Islamabad Declaration adopted at the end of the 6th Forum which was conducted in 6-8 March 2015 in Islamabad and hosted by TASAM and Pakistan Senate Defense Committee, it has been decided to change activity’s title to World Islamic Forum (WIF) to make it more inclusive.
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