4th Middle East Congress Hatay Declaration is Published


4th Middle East Congress Hatay Declaration is Published...


“Sectoral and Financal Deepening for Mutual Interdependence“

4th International Middle East Congress was held in Hatay whose under main theme “Turkish - Arab Relations : Multi-Dimensional Security Building“in cooperation with Governance of Hatay, Metropolitan Municipality of Hatay, Mustafa Kemal University and TASAM as the date of 28-29th April in 2016 within the scope of Civil Global 2016 Summit in ultra constructive, sincere athmosphere.

So many participants from Turkey, Middle Eastern countries and USA, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh notably, formal, civil and special representative from other countries, a large number of NGOs, the League of Arab States, World Turkic Forum, World Islamic Forum, so many representatives from international organizations, public and sectoral security institutions, diplomatical missions representatives, academicians, experts, think-tanks, national and international press representatives will provide high level of participation to the Congress.

The Congress will be coordinated for academical contributions toward common awareness on the subject of mutual deepening, good management of changing defence and power parameters between Turkey and Arab countries in Middle East held in sessions were named; “Multi-Dimensional Security Building: Political, Strategical and Economical Fundamentals“, “Defence and Aerospace Industry: Opportunities, Risks“, Soft Power Building and Expectation Management: Experiences, Gains“, “Cyber Security Cooperation (Cyber Army Competition)“, Multi-Dimensional and Supplementary Security Cooperation (Environment, Terrorism, Smuggling, Energy, Food and Water Security, Population, Health, Climate, Urban Planning, Technology, etc.)

1. All declarations were confirmed at the end of three events which named International Middle East Congress.

2. Even 19th century is era for empires as 20th century is era for nation states, 21st century is not just ethnical and religious disintegration, nor move along a micro-natonalism era that every kind of discrepancy cause a disadvantage. On the other hand, integration tendency take model on European Union gather momentum. Technological, political and sociological asymetrical developments wipe the sound judgements toward future out. It will be possible to protect nations’ existence by virtue of multi-dimensional mind and wisdom in such a World.

3. İt is clear that the formula of valid production - consumption - growth is unsustainable in preexisting condition. Middle class is liquidated with China leverage. The nations whose resolved of middle classes are expected to have great problems and chaos.

4. Ecological problems strengthen the energy, water and food insecurity.

5. In every aspects of life to transtion to the 4th dimension does not only mean to have inter-connecting with machines, also threat to social and human systems in cause of increasing the robot using, will move human resources away substantially from business life. By the reason of education and institutional infrastructure inability of three quarters of the World are forced to harmonise to this new World, it will come across to the new problems in next ten years. It is also threatened to the future of countries where do not have sophisticated new technology started to be used in security, defence and communication areas.

6. Turkish - Arab relations have great potential to ensure the future of Islamic World. Improvement of relations between Turkey and Arab countries are not just important for Region or Islamic World, is also so important for all whole world’s peace. Because of the reason, concentration of activity in aspects of civil diplomacy and sectoral diplomacy is required. Positive reaction of factors alike religion, language, history and geography in notably depends on the mutual interdependence of different sectors like in defence and security.

7. Middle Eastern countries have to perceive the dangers and improve their taking precautions on time. Relations between public and administrations should be strenghten, should be composed a strong state tradition, should also be ensured real interest with long term strategy and in accordance with should gain suitable friends, should also be researched the assessment capabilities of natural resources in Region and be stayed of output in Region, should also consisted strong political frames that will be protected of unification and weak structure.

8. Terrorism is not just a problem of Islamic World, is not also a problem that Islamic World would be able to overcome themselves. In regards of solution, when politics are not succesful, military spendings are on the increase, but this is not offered a solution for terror. New technologies have opportunities to allow for some countries terrorize to other countries.

9. Injustice and unfairness is main reason of terrorism. Turkey and Arab countries have to consist consultation mechanism that all parts have equal facilities in order to stop terror and to have consolidation of political legitimacy of administration and be annihilated of social injustice in Region. One of the main conditions of ensuring security is abolishing feeling of insecurity.

10. Construction of the multi-dimensional security building is possible to provide peace in positive way. Citizenship belonging should be strengthen in areas like business, education, health, food, urban security and human security sub-construction should also be strenghten and abstained from some secterians or ethnical centered implementations basis that will be provided.

11. Improvements of qualifications alike specialization, loyalty, science, wisdom in Region’s local community and in order to be abolishing of poverty should also be showed a maximum efforts.

12. Construction of sub-security infrastructure that will be consisted in Middle East has kindly deepened on meaningful balance between regional requirements and interests and politics of exterritorial actors. Efforts of security construction should not be allowed to have new conflicts and insecure area. Because of the facts as geopolitical concern, energy security, future of the State of Israel and some similar reasons, there will not come to the conclusion of global actors like USA, EU, Russia and China’s interests to the Region. Different alternatives should be developed in order to be solve secure problems and should also be ready for the most negative scenario.

13. Efforts of the institutionalization of “Islamic Army“ as Islamic Cooperation Organization’s peace power for counter terrorism should be accelerated and should also take steps toward economical, social and political aspects for integration. Especially, common steps take into the defence industry and enhancing bartering trade will expedite economical and social integration process. Establishing of Istanbul centered police settlement that is offered by Turkey within the scope of OIC urgently will take important contributions in regards of sharing experience in regional security and education.

14. Fight against cybercrime in Region and cooperation opportunities between Turkey and Arab countries should be investigated and bolstered up judicial substructure. Besides all these sectors, transportation, intelligence, nearby countering strategical attacks on social media has also fostered cooperation facilities.

15. The countries in the region need to be more careful than ever about using soft-power. Because in such circumstances the efforts aiming to get favourable results by soft-power are useless unless soft-power and hard-power are being meaningfully joined together or there is a common discourse in approach of internal and external political environments challenged by soft-power. The political instruments and discourses originated from soft-power are deepening the intra-regional disunity as they’re monopolized by only one country. Regional and global powers react non-proportionally when soft-power schedule is really engaged. What’s worse is that the ideological soft-power factors turn into vulnerable points of any country depending on middle and long term affairs. It’s already become inevitable to be developed a language, which has not only a universal and diplomatic style but also an egalitarian style at a regional and global scale.

16. International Middle East Congress, which has been held once a year and hosted by Hatay city, should be deepened and extended to the future activities following each year’s event. More specific sectoral and financial topics need to be brought forefront and focused on the themes such as “Re-building of Syria“. Hatay, which is also one of the ten developed cities of Turkey, has a powerful capacity, especially when it’s time to take responsibility, thanks to its multi-cultural, bilingual and multi-religious background as well as its traditional daily-life experiences that can be described as a source of inspiration.

17. It’s more an issue of institutionalising and broadening the scope of future activities titled “Hatay Initiative“ or “Hatay Platform“ in a way to include the city’s periphery, with the contributions of all local public or civil authorities and institutions, especially Governorship of Hatay, Hatay Metropolitan Municipality, Mustafa Kemal University, Eastern Mediterranean Development Agency. What’s more important strategically is that being engaged in a dialogue with the support and co-operation of Turkey -in particular- and the national authorities of related countries and international organisations such as Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Arab League and Gulf Cooperation Council.

18. From May 2016 on, the sectors that are planned to be studied in this regard, for sectoral and financial deepening based on interdependencies between Turkey and Middle Eastern countries, are as follows:

Public Diplomacy, Education and Language
Culture and Tourism (Common History and Anthropology)
Construction Industry, Building Contractors and Infrastructure
Health and Health Tourism
Energy, Petro-chemistry and Investments
Logistics, Transportation and Communication
Banking and Finance
Economy and Trade
Media and Communication
Science and Technology
Brand Cities and Technology
Defence and Aerospace Industry

The planned activities until the 5th International Middle East Congress, which will be held late April 2017, were outlined as follows:

Press Conferences
Committee of Wise-men and Committee’s Activities/Meetings
Sectoral Workshops
Media Workshop
Middle East Film Days/Festival
Strategic Reports (Region’s Think-Tanks)
Briefing Meetings for Policy Makers
“EXPO Hatay“ or “EXPO Eastern Mediterranean“ Fair (Each year with a different theme)
Research Projects and Final Reports (Region’s Universities)
TV Programs/Media Conferences
29 April 2016, Hatay
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