Turkey 'Will Respond' to Russian Signals for Normalization


Turkey 'Will Respond' to Russian Signals for Normalization ...

Turkey will not leave recent signals that Russia seeks a normalization in relations unanswered, a Turkish foreign policy expert told Sputnik.
Russia has sent multiple signals to Turkey in recent weeks that it is ready to normalize relations, from lifting sanctions against Turkish companies in Russia to talk of renewing the frozen Turkish Stream pipeline.
According to Süleyman Şensoy, head of the Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies think tank, Turkey likely understands the significance of the signals, and may soon respond.
"In my opinion, not only the future of the region, but also the fate of the planet depends on the state of Russian-Turkish relations. We deeply regret the unfortunate incident with the downed Russian plane, after which relations have entered a crisis phase between the two countries" Şensoy told Sputnik Turkiye.
He added that as an expert, he believes that Turkey understands the importance that it has for Russia and will not leave the signals unanswered.
"For a few months, Turkey did not respond to Russia's economic sanctions against Turkish companies, products and services. This, in my opinion, is an indication that Turkey cherishes its ties with Russia and does not want to escalate the current crisis" Şensoy told Sputnik Turkiye.
He also added that while heads of state and foreign ministers will continue defining foreign policy, it is important to rely on various channels for public diplomacy, such as cooperation between the two countries' think tanks.
( TASAM Chair Süleyman Şensoy Reportage | 30.03.2016 | Sputnik Radio | sputniknews.com )

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