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G-20 China 2016 ...

Power and Justice Building for Global Security and Prosperity

G20 is a basic global economic platform that represents nearly 90% of global output; 80% of trade and two thirds of population. China has taken its place in G20 Troika since December, 2014; and also it has taken on the term presidency since December, 2015.
It was decided to establish a non-official consultant mechanism for the dialogue with important countries according to the global economic system with a Common Declaration which was pressed in the end of G-7 Cologne Summit dated of June 18, 1999; and then G20 was established. G-7 countries have found benefit in the establishment of a new consultant mechanism for defining the policies intended for the problems of raising market economies who are different from themselves according to their problems and expectations; and which have caused turbulences in world financial markets when they have been in economic and financial crisis.
G20, who seems as one of the efficient international cooperation groups in the period after Cold War; is consisted of Turkey, the USA, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Public Republic of China, Indonesia, France, South Africa, South Korea, India, England, Italy, Japan, Canada, Mexico, the Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia. Besides, EU Term Presidency, the Director of IMF, the President of World Bank, IMF International Money and Finance Committee, Presidents of World Bank Development Committee and Spain have also participated to the meetings of G20. G20 members have been gathering once in a year in the level of Economy Ministers and Presidents of Central Bank; and twice in a year in the level of Deputy Ministers.
The main agenda titles of G20 meetings have been global economic conditions and problems based on globalization; the activities of World Trade Organization; problems faced by national economies; exchange rate and money policies; international, financial, economic rules and standards; continuity of international financial system; economic cooperation and unification activities; raising the life standards; income inequality and battle with poverty; situations of poor countries and foreign debt load; water, energy and nourishment security; environmental problems and environment security; employment and battle with malpractice.
However, subjects such as trade of human, drug, gun and organ etc. are important titles of G20 meetings besides the subjects such as political conflicts, domestic wars, terrorist group activities, financial sources of these groups etc. in various places of the world.
Importance of G20 Term Presidency of China

China is a country who has privileged relations with its location in the middle of Europe, the Russian Federation, Caucasia, and Middle Asia. Although it has been affected by the global economic and financial crisis for 5 years; its success, sustainable qualification of its economic growth and its commercial and financial integration with global markets have strengthened its importance. China has been evaluating that G20 is an efficient platform according to global economic cooperation and coordination and then it has been providing an active contribution to the studies of G20. Besides the Leaders’ Summit, China has been attending actively and regularly to all of the meetings and activities held in different formats and levels in the frame of G20. After the global crisis, the rise of the profile of G20, which is the only forum that gathers the biggest politic and economic powers of the world in the level of Heads of State/Government, has been important also according to China, who is a member of this foundation.
So G20 Term Presidency has been an important responsibility for China in terms of being ready for taking on as a country and being able to overcome. China, who gives importance to the protection of the activity of G20, has been supporting to strengthen the role of G20 according to developing global economic management. In this context, G20 term presidency is an important opportunity according to positive contribution which China can provide for group consultations and active global management. Also this opportunity has a potential to provide an additional politic efficiency to China because of the mission that will be taken on by itself.
Privileged Subjects for China

China has been supporting G20 to be lead in the first place such as development closely related with global economy, trade, energy, climate change, nourishment security, battle with poverty and malpractice. As you know, analyzing important international problems under the UN’s umbrella and creating the results have been difficult more and more because of the reasons such as cumbrous structure of the organization, legal difficulties experienced during the solution processes, the crowded member capacity etc. So, China should produce new models that it is necessary to protect its flexible structure based on clear and sincere dialogues; to increase its persuasiveness and efficiency; and to protect the capacity to product.
According to China, it has been important for G20 to study focused on the result, to have concrete and measurable promises, to include an action set defined well including the aimed dates.
As the basic platform of global economic cooperation, G20 can weaken the messages of technical details of each subject besides analyzing them. So, we believe that main role of G20 is to create a strategic vision that shapes the international public. Thanks to non-official structure that gives an opportunity to clear dialogue in the level of leaders, G20 can take rapid and efficient steps against crises.
China has important opinions such as G20 is supposed to protect its qualification of mainly global economic crisis management and global economic cooperation platform; as the main forum of global economic cooperation, G20 should continue to provide strategic leadership against recent global trials like nourishment security, development, green growth, climate change, prevention about being protective in commerce, battle with malpractice etc.; and G20 should contribute institutionalized binding suggestions on simplifying the solutions at probable occlusions and on finding a globally compromise at difficult issues.
Target of China ?
2016 G20 Leaders’ Summit will be held in China. China should afford maximum to provide closer cooperation and coordination around the G20 agenda among the member countries during its term presidency. There are some important subjects for China such as; providing global economic and financial continuity, shaping global economic system according to today’s actuals, reflecting increasing weights of raising economies to the system and development.
China has been targeting G20 to focus these subjects and to produce concrete results during its Term Presidency. Also, China has been aiming to strengthen the relations of G20 with the Region countries and international foundations during its Term Presidency.
China has been in a search of preferring reform in global system by institutions and defining new approaches in the frame of present direct links between global policies and economy. Moreover, China, who has promised to provide the contribution every year to the least developed countries, should take efficient steps for creating wider responsibility space including political, social and humanitarian subjects besides economic subjects; and to establish a common mechanism that gathers G20 and The Least Developed Countries, in the context of G20 presidency.
China, who is the 2nd big economy in the World, should evaluate G20, which gathers developed countries and raising economies, as the most appropriate platform at analyzing international financial and economic problems and at providing coordination of solution efforts against crisis in a global level. And China should keep on providing an active contribution in every level to the studies of G20.
Troika management and the term presidency process of China, should forecasting the development of a civil diplomacy that supports difference of China with activities and studies that are influential in gathering special academic environments and think tanks in political and economic fields with its China G20 2016 studies centered of “Development of Power and Justice for Global Prosperity”.
Privileged Themes

Active Foreign Policy and G20 Term Presidency
Economic Evolution and G20 Term Presidency
Global Problems, China and G20
- Protecting Environment and Biological Variety and Precautions against Climate Change
- Water, Energy and Nourishment Security
- Nuclear Proliferation and Precautions
- Preventing Poverty and Malpractice
- Migration and Refugee Problems
- Preventing Terrorism and Radical Activities
- Micro Nationality, Integration and Unpredictability and Local Reflections
- Democratization and Superiority of Law
- Human Rights, the Statue of Women and Children
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