2. Turkey - Iran Forum Tehran Declaration ( Draft ) Publicated


1. The 2. Turkey - Iran Forum was held in Tehran between December 26th and 27th, 2015 in a constructive and sincere atmosphere....

Opportunities for Sectoral and Financial Consolidation

1. The 2. Turkey - Iran Forum was held in Tehran between December 26th and 27th, 2015 in a constructive and sincere atmosphere. The event, which was jointly organized by IPIS (Iran Foreign Ministry  Institute of Political and International Studies) and TASAM (Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Research) in strategic partnership of DAKA (Development Agency of Eastern) as well as with the support of Turkish Foreign Ministry, focused on the issue “Opportunities for Sectoral and Financial Consolidation”  Business people, governors, opinion leaders, executives of NGOs and think tanks, academics, parliament members, protocol members at various levels, observer members of diplomatic missions, experts and press members  both from Iran and Turkey gathered during the meeting. The conference dealt with the issues “Latest Int'l and Regional Developments”, “Perspectives for Cooperation: Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals”, “Cooperation in Post- Sanctions Era: Finance, Trade, Banking & Investment”, “Cooperation on Science, Technology & Education”, “Perspectives for Cooperation: Environment, Culture and Tourism”, “Terrorism & Extremism: Current Regional Trends & Aftermath”, “Perspectives for Provincial Cooperation”, “Public Diplomacy”, “Perspectives for Cooperation: Infrastructure and Industries”, “Perspectives for Future”.

During the forum, the resolution of the Turkey – Iran Van Forum was confirmed and it was decided that the institutionalized structure be enhanced, preserved and maintained.  Additionally, it has been emphasized that public authorities and NGOs active in international community participate in and support the process, and the both countries increase their civic interaction in order to resolve conflicts with ease.

3. Turkey and Iran represent two countries with no imperial past and strong stance against storms. They both stand as passages to Asia and Europe with their multilayered geopolitical position. The high competition between the two neighboring countries lets no one to lose in the middle and long run, let's think about cooperation and coordination which has been prevailing trend between our two countries. Therefore, there is no plausible reason for both countries, in their indispensible relationship, to feel threatened by each other.  However, formation of conditions for cooperation depends on mutual action. In this context, in addition to strategic and political steps, financial and sectoral consolidation is required.

4. The turmoil in the region is a result of actions of countries outside the region and it deeply affects Turkey and Iran. In this context, sectarianism constitutes the main problem for Islamic World. The micro-nationalism which becomes ever more widespread not only for Turkey and Iran, but also for Middle East, North Africa, Russia and South Asia, represents a serious threat. Both sides agreed jointly for the political settlement of the regional crises, such as the one in Syria. It is needed that the two highly esteemed countries in Islamic world fight strategic threats by adopting a common rhetoric and increase cooperation opportunities at OIC, ECO and D-8.

5. The relationship of the two countries is determined by the official statements to a large extent. The fact that media in the both countries emphasize negative statements but ignore positive remarks undermines the development of positive relations between peoples and governments of the two countries.

6. Turkey’s economic activity is concentrated in its western part and this increases the transportation costs between Turkey and Iran. Therefore, it is urgent that the transportation infrastructure – above all railway - be improved.  

7. It is urgent that cooperation between local governments and relevant actors should be achieved for building “Smart Brand Cities” with their all dimensions.

8. Turkey and Iran have achieved success in defense and space technologies.  Exchange of present technology knowledge would be useful for the both countries.  Cooperation opportunities in defense industry should be investigated and developed.

9. Formation of a fund similar to European Strategic Investment Fund, which has an investment aim of one fifteenth, will be conducive to solving the problems regarding finance shortage in investment.  Besides, it is expected that the two countries develop joint initiatives in banking and insurance.

10. Once the sanctions on Iran abolished, the opportunity of deep cooperation between Turkey and Iran appeared. It is possible that the two countries cooperate in technological knowledge exchange, jointly operating a refinery as well as development of Caspian resources.

11. It has become ever more urgent that the countries cooperate in health, health tourism, tourism and environment. Barriers and imbalances in tourism need to be rearranged around common interests. It has been suggested that the border trade centers be reopened in order to develop tourism. Common tours should be launched in order to increase the number of incoming tourist from third countries. Exchange of knowledge and technology in health would be for good of both Turkey and Iran. Environmental challenges went beyond borders.  Possibility of water transfer between Lake Van and Lake Urmia, for example, needs to be investigated.

12. Another significant instrument for the solution of regional problems is cooperation in science, technology and education. Thus, it is needed that cooperation between Turkish and Iranian universities be improved, accreditation problems be addressed and number of common events be increased.

13. The impact of soft power on relations should not be underestimated. In this context, it is significant to improve cultural relations, emphasize similarities between Turkish and Iranian people, reinvigorate instruments of common activities at regional level and in Islamic world.

14. The call for a free trade agreement, ratified in the 2014 Van Declaration was insistently re-expressed.

15. Consequently, the event has been beneficial and efficient, and provided a medium for expression of expectations frankly. It has been decided that Tehran Declaration be submitted to civic and public authorities of the both countries.
December 27th, 2015 Tehran
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