Istanbul Security Conference Istanbul Declaration (DRAFT)


Istanbul Security Conference whose theme “UN in the 70th Year and Global Governship” was held in Istanbul Titanic Business Bayrampaşa Hotel between the dates of 04-05 December 2015 with constructive and sincere atmosphere. ...


Istanbul Security Conference whose theme “UN in the 70th Year and Global Governship” was held in Istanbul Titanic Business Bayrampaşa Hotel between the dates of 04-05 December 2015 with constructive and sincere atmosphere. 
Meeting of the Istanbul Security Conference 2015 was arranged by TASAM ( Turkish Asian Center for Research Studies) National Defence and Security Institute and Marmara University and some important institutions alike SASAD and Turkish National Police Academy as strategic partners were provided huge and active participation from defence and security actors from global scale, domestic and international academicians, policy-makers, sector representatives, experts and related think-tanks. Presidency of General Staff, General Directorate of Security Affairs, General Secretariat of National Security Council and Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources from Turkey being in the first place related all civil and formal authorities were represented acutely. 
In that framework, Structure and general mechanism of the United Nations, reform process of UN and some topics alike crisis management was analysed first main theme of the Conference; changes of international system and global governship, strategies and some preferences of developing and medium-scaled states as second theme of the Conference. In addition to these two themes, some workhops were held within the scope of Istanbul Security Conference 2015 in order to develop gains alike in Munich, Berlin and Ceneva of “brand conferences” and obtain reference from Turkey centered competitive new perspective; these workshops were called as follows, Changes of State Nature Workshop whose theme “Management of Expectation and Security”, G-20 Turkey 2015 Workshop whose theme “Global Security and Power and Justice Construction for Welfare”, Climate Modification Technology Workshop whose theme “Atmospherical Manipulation; Opportunities and Risks”, Energy Security Workshop whose theme “Turkey Nuclear Power Programme 2030”, Turkish - Arab Relations Workshop whose theme”Multi-dimensional Security Building” and International Jerusalem Workshop whose theme “Arab Peace Initiative and Perspectives for Permanent Peace” and last one were called Marmara University Workshop whose theme “New International Order’s Statue and Policy of Rising and Middle Scaled Powers” 
In consequence of the Conference, following determinations and suggestions have been made, be agreed on presenting to the attention all related authorities and public opinion. 
1 - One of the biggest risks on regards of security topic is; the world is like a human while eating other organ in order to keep alive of his body by pointed out the formula of “production, consumption and growth”, if these situation were proceed neither catching up with this momentum of the world nor adjusting humanity of this system could not be able to possible. 
2 - Liquidation of middle class, climate changes and problems of values, life sphere transform into the fourth dimension and formula of “production, consumption and growth” as called global challange were expressed against to new world system shaped with micro-nationalism, integration and unpredictability competiton parameters. 
3 - That was emphasized to necessity of how constructing the state has vital importance encounter to global challange and require to sustain of the states’ nonvisible immune system too powerful. 
4 - Prescription was pointed out as follows, “adoptation to changes of state nature”, “success of expectation management”, construction of soft power, relocate energy, water and food security to central Office”, macro-harmonization between political, economical and sectoral objectives”, supporting of religious, linguistic, historical and geographical advantages with qualified human source and strong economy” and “necessity of re-interpreting of security with strategical communication concept”. 
5 - Beside the point with martial security, so many security sub-titles like energy, water and food security come into increasingly prominence. This kind of security areas are just not intended to regarding of people’s great needs, also put into the words that be in importance for sustainability of state authority and global governship. 
6 - On a global scale signaled that are drive great wedge between poor and rich social groups and nations in an alarming way, also expressed to effect negatively states’ economical activities by fading away of middle classes. 
7 - Peace without development, development without peace will not be able to ensure, also be emphasized not to mention nor peace and development without disrespect to human rights. 
8 - Increasing of negative affects of climate changes by leaps and bounds, some important part of natural disaster and desertation ensuing of misbehaving human attitude toward nature, mismanage of natural sources cause to have conflicts particular in poor countries, on that point one of the most important enemy of human is human that is reality was require to expressed. 
9 - Nowadays as far as economical problems, states or group of states could not be able to cope with these kind of problems like terror, environment issues, drugs and human smuggling and is impossible to challange with these issues by themselves. 
10 - These follows are highly indicated that improvement of information technology, internet and social media is not just become prominent for regarding domestic political aspects, is also so important for international relations, not has purpose to damage the enemies’ ammunition and institution, is also starting to use physcological instrument for operation and propaganda, as well as an active using of social media regarding of strategic purpose transforming into effective gun on interstate conflict, controversy and confrontation. 
11 - Underlining the relations between terror and religious attitude, radicalism has draw great attention to cause that ruling out the elements like between terror and poverty, social abasement, political isolatement, lack of democracy, wrong identity policy. 
12 - The important points are signaled that along with the changes on consumption culture, all moral values are seriously suffer from erosion, not able to tendering proportional moral values with economical activity to the world of rising powers alike China, ensuring to have serious  imbalance between parameteres “production” -  “consumption” – “economical growth”, regards to the surveys of present growth and consumption conditions, the world’s renovation by himself in quick is not be able to possible. 
13 - The points are laid stres on that demonstrating of technological improvements to “4th Industrial Revolution”, in case of Turkey scale countries could not catch this revolution cause to be sentenced to unthaw of industry sector, accordingly face into the countries within this group regards to have losing risks in modernization competition once more, besides all, these fall backwards and loses will also effect negatively in defence and defence industry. 
14 - The notices are attract that the great majority of world countries do not have information, awareness or human source related with energize of soft power and its usage, some of countries are becoming so isolated to bring some elements of soft power so much into the forefront in international arena, as well in case of losing the persuasiveness of soft power with not support to  hard power. 
15 - The followings figure out that United Nations do not have enough sources in order to use for international aids, these aids could not be used in cause of United Nations’ aid system is performing in paternalistic and hierarchical structure, as well in case of human aids activities just focusing on specific indication make cause in deactivation of scarce source in entirely and also be ensured to as is United Nations’ current situation have not a place for human aids activities’ future. 
16 - These points are highligted that United Nations’ legitimacy weaken by the reason of inadequacy to crisis management and current crisis intervention regarding international peace. However, the remarks are underlined that United Nations should have effective decision making and operational mechanism especially in the fields of international security, terrorism, ethnical conflicts, nuclear disarmament, foreign warriors. 
17 - International illegal immigration case become a global issue that involve all countries. United Nations and all related actors should fulfil their responsibilities in the matter of protect the immigrants right to life and management of immigration topic and should also provide their institutional transformation accordingly. 
18 - There mentioned about that informal platforms should use more effective by rising powers as it were in G-20 in order to clear the blockage that United Nations’ formal diplomacy caused and those rising powers that could enlarge the room for maneuver on international system.  
19 - The ways are underscored that international society and international organizations made also mistakes in regards of the intervention to domestic issues and internal conflicts, not just directly for related states and conflicted groups made mistake, those situations decrease the probability for solution and conflicts becoming too chronic, on that framework one of the most gross mistake is ignoring the necessity and sensitiveness of local residents. 

20 - The attentions are catched that failure state become a strong menace for both instability and reason for conflict as well serious danger for global peace, also mentioned that prohibition of failure state is pre-condition for indispensable peace, however be in a basis to state’s service to public and consolidation of those with the visionary and prudent policies. 
21 - The lines are signaled that mobilizing of soft power in regards of protection the values have vital importance, for that purpose convenient strategies and improvement of policies in order to building up capacity become compulsory. 
22 - Some ways are stressed that geopolitical and regional power balances in order to use soft power elements should observe in agreeable, also mentioned that the countries be in statue as ally or enemy should avoid alienate from each other.     
23 - There also be articulated that a summit meeting should arrange in order to facilitate coordination for human aid activities and on that point a human aid summit could be arranged in Turkey. 
24 - The points are formulated that countries alike Turkey and Indonesia play important roles in behalf of less developed countries’ demands on global governship to somehow platforms as in G-20. 
25 - The objectives are accentuated that United Nations, have limited capacity on military and accomplishment, should be seen irreplaceable organization in international system, but while ensuring those purpose just depend on empowering these limited capacity of UN. 
26 - Items are proposed for the agenda that current reform packages and which countries support the what reform studies within the scope of United Nations Security Council Reform Studies and accordingly stated that Turkey’s which reform studies support for. In principally, instead of the numbers of veto rights countries and permanent members of Security Council increase, should propose to be composed a Security Council that be based upon an extensive representation, democratic, effective and full of accountability. Security Council Settlement that will be in such as those qualification will be able to realized increasing the number of exclusive non-permanent membership category. 
27 - The ways are underlined that international society should be re-identified around the morality, justice and cosmopolitanism. 
28 - 2nd Istanbul Security Conference predict to be held in the dates of 26-28 October in 2016. 
5 December 2015, Istanbul


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