10th International Turkish-African Congress in Dakar


Africa: “As China 30 years ago, as India 20 years ago” ...

Africa: “As China 30 years ago, as India 20 years ago” 
With the main theme of “Trade, Investment and Competition in Africa: New Opportunities”, the 10th International Turkish - African Congress, organized by TASAM Africa Institute will be held in Dakar-Senegal on the 20-21 November 2015 with joint efforts of Senegal Government & Foreign Ministry and West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA).

The 10th International Turkish - African Congress, which with the sub-themes of “Africa’s Economic Outlook”, “Trade in Africa”“Africa’s Investment Map and Sectorial Distribution”, “Africa’s Competitive Outlook” and  “Turkey - Africa Relations: Opportunities and Expectations” will take three days. Senegal Foreign Minister Mankeur Ndiaye; Minister of Economy and Finance of Senegal Amadou BA; Minister of Investment Promotion, Partnerships and Development of state-TV services of the Republic of Senegal Khoudia MBAYE, Ambassador of Turkey in Dakar Nilgün ERDEM ARI (Reresenting Feridun SİNİRLİOĞLU Foreign Minister of The Republic of Turkey) and Ambassador of Guinea in Turkey Daouda BANGOURA  will also attend to the Congress.

In 21st century, Africa, as described, “as China 30 years ago, as India 20 years ago” by the authorities and  “rising continent” comes in sight as an outstanding competitive landscape based on some  factors such as its prospering economic performance, investing activities and strategic partnerships. In this context, the 10th International Turkish - African Congress with the theme of “Trade, Investment and Competition in Africa: New Opportunities” aims to bring a large number of experts together, and become a platform for exchanging views and cooperation on opportunities in Africa.

Within the congress’ sessions to take two days with the sub-theme of “Africa’s Economic Outlook”, “Trade in Africa”,  “Africa’s Investment Map and Sectorial Distribution”, “Africa’s Competitive Outlook” and  “Turkey - Africa Relations: Opportunities and Expectations” will be handled.

Representants of institutions and organisasitons, such as Ambassadors of African countries in Ankara, African Union (AU), West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA), Economic, Social and Cultural Council (African Union ECOSOCC), West African Monetary Agency (WAMAO), Center for Research and Technology Development (RESTECH), Southern African Development Community (SADC), Kenya Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA), African Union African Diaspora Forum (AUDAF), Center for Middle East and African Studies (USAK), Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK), African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS), African Union High Level Panel (AUHIP), United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) and Turkish Eximbank will attend to the Congress.   

Chairman Şensoy says “Africa is not an option but an obligation”
Chairman of TASAM, congress’ organizer, Süleyman Şensoy stated that they aimed to serve to a rooted and permanent institutionilisation in the continent with the 10th International Turkish - African Congress, which one of them held in Sudan's capital city Khartoum (2012), one in Ghana’s capital city Accra (2013) and the others in Istanbul, as enhancing the co-operation and communication between Turkey and African countries. 

TASAM’s Chairman Şensoy reminded that Turkey launched a plan, in 1998, called "Opening to Africa Action Plan" and supported many projects as part of it, as humanitarian aids as well as development aids; these efforts making  the African countries to see Turkey as a friendly country that does not have a political agenda for them.

President Şensoy’s words were supported as follow ‘‘The Republic of Turkey, thanks to the remarkable comprehensive African expansion this time around, the Politics with the African continent, economic and cultural relations were reinforced, and Africa has become an important dimension of globalization in foreign policy for Turkey. The increase in the number of mutual diplomatic representation, visit of high-level traffic, development of the transportation system, positive course of trade and investment, are the main issues prominent in these relations. The Republic of Turkey, being an African Union's strategic partner and member of the African Development Bank, aims at the maturation and development of future established multilateral relationships. Studies conducted show that, management reforms in African countries, as well as work carried out by the regional economic communities are also playing a decisive role in the development of the continent. These communities, create larger markets and calls for private entrepreneurs engaged in investment by implementing incentive policies and and detailed sectoral investment reports. Particularly we have communities like COMESA, EAC, SADC and ECOWAS which create large-scale markets, making it more attractive to foreign direct investments.  Also, Africa50 Fund, which is constituted by the African Development Bank, will finance 100 billion dollars projects for infrastructure investment with 10 billion dollars initial capital. In the past, depending on more government help to encourage foreign investors operating in Africa, today they can implement their own decisions bravely. For example, today there are 341 Turkish companies in Ethiopia, while there was just one Turkish company in 2005.

Final Report and Books

A Final Report and a congress book will be published from the information revealed in the course of the 10th International Turkish - African Congress , in order to bring data and evaluation to permanent status. As in previous congresses, publications will be shared with the different official institutions and authorities involved.   
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