Iran-the U.S. Nuclear Deal and What Can It Change


Iran’s nuclear programme has been in the world’s agenda since beginning of the millennium....

Iran’s nuclear programme has been in the world’s agenda since beginning of the millennium. International community (the US, EU, Australia, Canada, South Korea, China etc.) pressured to Iran to end her nuclear enrichment programme while Iran argued that her programme is for peaceful purposes (Eke, 2014: 39). In 2003 Iran started to negotiate in regards to her nuclear programme with European countries (France, Germany and the UK) but in 2005 the US, Russia and China joined them and created P5+1 countries. The talks were not productive at the beginning and not so many step could have taken in order to come to a conclusion. Furthermore, US-led international community increased economic sanctions on Iran during the 2000’s and mutual political tension continued (Benerjee, 2014: 4, Yegin and Kanat, 2015: 8). On November 2013 sides came to an agreement for first time and they signed a “temporary deal” which called Joint Plan Action (JPA). According to that agreement Iran agreed that she will never seek to acquire nuclear weapons in any circumstance. That agreement was valid for 6 months (Benerjee, 2014:4).
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