The Armenian Question and Suggestions in its 100th Anniversary


The Armenian Question and Suggestions in its 100th Anniversary...

Armenia and Armenian lobby persistently accepted the relocation events in 1915 as a genocide and have been trying to impose that to the World Public for a century.

Wrong, fake and distorted claims and proofs have been showed in these activities that include all-purpose propaganda. By this aim, there are used countless books, lots of movies, theatre plays and other ways. It has been trying to affect politicians, parliaments, artists, culture makers of a lot of countries at every opportunity and even also they have been affected.

Turkey has been passive and has followed highly wrong strategy with the lightest words about the so-called genocide claims for 100 years and the all-purpose studies related to that. For a long time, there were taken steps on the hypothesis which is being forgotten of the issue without going over that. The Armenian lobby has created a kind of continuous working area that provides an economical field for the thousands of diasporic Armenians by holding “the Armenian identity“ together. But, this fact could be understood just in the recent years.

Turkey couldn’t evaluate the documents and information in its hands, which can invalidate these genocide claims, because of its wrong approach; so, the agitation area was used unilaterally by Armenian lobbies.

The invader England, who had all the power in its hands in the Ottoman Empire, started to move with all its institutions for the research of the events called as “the mistreatment to prisoners of war and the Armenian Massacre“ and the justification of the criminals from January 3, 1919 to August 10, 1921. The Ottoman Archives are in the hands of the occupation forces. The Union and Progress committee authoritative 147 people, who were arrested with the claim of mistreatment to prisoners of war and making a genocide to Armenians in Turkey and Caucasus, were brought to the Malta Island for being justified in May, 1919. British Royal Prosecutor General’s Office reported to British Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs that “the documents and information gathered won’t have a value of proof for the accusations in the court of law, so it will be impossible to punish anyone in front of the court of law“ (Uluç Gürkan, understanding of the Armenian Question, Istanbul, 2011, P.78). All prisoners, who were brought to Malta, were brought back to Turkey in October 31, 1921; namely it happened after the imprisonment for 29 months.

What should be urgently done
The claims of the Armenian Genocide will make Turkey busy for many years more. So, I suggest that the following studies should be done.

1. The decision of Malta is a highly important proof of the fact that the relocation events in 1915 were not a genocide. There can’t be such document more important than a nolle prosequi which was given by British Royal Prosecutor General’s Office, who was documenting the Malta lawsuit of Turkey against the so-called genocide claims, which are in its 100th years now, and the fact that there wasn’t done “a genocide“ against Armenians in the international area and the World Public for Turkey. Turkey should decisively, strongly and persistently move that Malta investigation and justification to the World Public.

2. The decision of Perinçek in 17.12.2013 of European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) will be discussed at the superior court in January 28. ECHR expressed by underlining a very important fact in its decision that; “Historical researches are naturally open to discuss and don’t give a possibility to the final results or objective and absolute truth claims“. Turkey should be closely interested with the lawsuit of Doğu Perinçek, which is highly important, with all of its legal facilities. And there should be provided readiness of Doğu Perinçek in this lawsuit.

3. Turkey should persistently and decisively request in front of the World Public that so-called genocide claims should be researched by being used of all archives by a mutual historians committee. In the committee there should be equality about taking the mission among the Turks, Armenians and historians, who have an international popularity; and after a certain process, there should be requested the result of that research to be shared with the World public and to be connective for everyone. This suggestion, which Armenia didn’t take up seriously, is highly credible and effective argument for Turkey. So, Turkey should persistently and continuously demand this suggestion.

4. The baselessness of the genocide claims should be proved with scientific studies by researching the archives of Turkey, Germany, France, England, the USA and Russia; and the doctoral studies in universities. In this field, e.g. Prof. Musa Qasımlı and Dr. Mehmet Perinçek gave sample studies by analyzing the Soviet and Russian archives.

5. The scientific studies that will be done in the Universities of Turkey should be a response for the countries that accept the so-called Armenian genocide in their parliaments. The massacres and the slaughters in the colonies of the countries in which were invaded by countries leading the USA, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany etc. should be put forth with the scientific studies. If necessary; there should be responses given in the way those countries understand by organizing the panels and TV broadcasts. The same eye point and the same methods should be used in the discussions that will be done in this field.

6. Turkey should give the necessary support to the nongovernmental organizations who are working or volunteer to work on this field especially in the countries of West Europe and the USA. There will be instant answers to unreal explanations and publications made by diasporic Armenian lobby in those countries.

7. One of the important reasons of moving so-called genocide claims of Armenia to the World Public in recent years; is keeping Nagorno-Karabakh, which was invaded by being used of heavy Soviet weapons 23 years ago, and 5 regions around there; and the Khojaly massacre away from the world agenda. It is necessary that: leading Turkey, also Turkic Republics should be actively stand by the side of Azerbaijan in this field; they should be strongly interested with this issue; and Armenia should urgently quit the Azerbaijani lands by obeying the rules of the United Nations.

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