Turkey and Terrorist Attacks in Somali


Turkey and Terrorist Attacks in Somali...

Somali, which was abandoned to its fate because of the domestic war between 1991-2011 and is remembered with its multidimensional security problems leading the terrorism, is on the agenda again with a new terrorist action.

According to the first explanations after the attempt of a bomb attack intended for the hotel in which Turkish council has been in Mogadishu; it is claimed that five people (two out of five were attackers) have lost their lives. The Foreign Ministry gave an information share in the direction of the fact that there was not any loss of life in the Turkish side; the attack was taken on by El Sebab (Mujahideen Youth Movement) who is qualified as Al Qaeda of Africa.

Even El Sebab, who had taken the control of the majority of country till 2011, was forced to quit the capital Mogadishu in the result of the efforts of allied forces leading the African Union; signed countless terrorist actions after that date. The Presidential Palace, EU Council, Turkish Embassy and Qatari Aid Committee have been only a part of the targets in mind. Also, neighbor countries such as Kenya and Uganda have got their share from these attacks.

While Turkey was hosting various conferences in Istanbul in 2010 and 2012 by the aim of supporting the reconstruction of Somali; the peace mission in the country gave a financial support to AMISOM and placed its navy in the Gulf of Aden in which the marine piracy was widespread. Besides all, the visit of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Prime Minister of that period, with a crowded committee to Mogadishu in August 19, 2011; the opening of an Embassy here; the beginning of the direct voyages to Mogadishu by Turkish Airlines; humanitarian aids; the government in Mogadishu and autonomous region Somaliland; the mediation role between two countries; and the feeling of increasing effects of Turkish companies in the country don’t escape from the lens of El Sebab who is a terrorist organization.

Thus, one of police officers in our Special Operations lost his life in the suicide attack that was organized with a car bomb to the additional building of our Embassy in Mogadishu in July 27, 2013; again a Turkish security chef lost his life in an attack that was organized to a car in which the workers of Turkish Airlines were in May 27, 2014; and El Sebab, the terrorist organization, was taken on these attacks. In this context; also while the attack, which was organized today, is possible to be evaluated as the attacks that have been a part of daily life in Mogadishu; the happening of this event just the day before of the Somali visit of the President Erdoğan who has been in Ethiopia, is not a coincidence with high probability.
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