4th Turkey - Europe Forum

  • “New Era of Turkey - EU Perspective, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: Opportunities and Risks”

The USA and EU countries which have only ten percent of world population have almost half of gross national product of the world and have one third of global commerce run. So Transatlantic trade and economic relations shape the top point of the world economy. In addition, to be signed of a free trade agreement between EU and the USA will be an important development which can create significant commercial and legal results according to Turkey. Both of EU and Turkey should spend more Energy for Turkey’s adoption and full membership to EU. But there is some disruption on this process cause of the reasons like economic depression. Therefore, the current situation of Turkey – EU relationship in economic, political and social aspect should be reassessed and lost time and energy should be compensated.

At this stage, EU and USA’s co-creation of a new international economic order, Turkey’s place in the order and the future developments of relationship with EU in the new era will be discussed at 4. Turkey Europe Forum.

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